Outdoor & Indoor Climbing Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Will That Be Plastic or Metal? Toddler & Kids' Climbing Structures

These indoor and outdoor climbing frames and toy structures provide not only entertainment but have countless benefits for kids of all ages.

As parents and caregivers, we want our kids to succeed in all their endeavors and explore uncharted territories; climbing can help children get there. It makes sense to provide our children with the tools to succeed from large foam blocks to kids' climbing structures like outdoor dome frames and indoor climbing walls. Scroll down to 'scale' the best in indoor climbing toys and their outdoor structure cousins: dome frames and rock walls, along with their benefits and safety tips.

 Toddler & Kids' Outdoor/Indoor Molded Plastic Climbing Structures 

ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Pirate Play Boat for Kids

Little Tikes Hide and Seek Climber with Slide and Beginner Rock Wall

  • Slide height from ground to top of slide is 19.75 inches     
  • platform height from ground to top of platform 18.00 inches 
  •  Climbing wall 12.50 inches high and slide length 28.25 inches length

 Step2 Panda Climber   Indoor/Outdoor Toddler Activity   Playset, Tan/Red/Yellow/Blue

  •  crawl-through tunnel
  • archway 
  • fun slide 
  • large platform
  • Budget friendly

Step2 All-Star Sports Climber

Best Selling Budget-Friendly Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Toy

Toddler Climber and Swing Set | 3 in 1 Kids Play Climber Slide Playset Indoor Outdoor Playground Toy with Basketball Hoops Activity Center 

Inflatable Bounce House Climber with Slide

Costzon Inflatable Bounce House, 6 in 1 Mighty Balloon Double Slide Bouncer  

  • Basketball Hoop 
  • Climbing Wall 
  • Large Jumping Area


& Kids' Outdoor/Indoor Dome Frame Climbing Structures 

These dome-shaped climbing structures are well-lauded by parents of kids toddler age to nine years old. The plastic climbing toy (below) is a bit flexible and is a bit safer for younger kids to aged 6 with its tight-fitting PVC type tubing. Many parents have a play space in their basement for indoor use but if space doesn't allow, you can take the fun outside; just tie or take the unit down.

Dome Climbing Structures: Plastic or Metal                    Keeping Safe on These Climbing Structures

Kids' Indoor / Outdoor Space Dome Climber Monkey Bar Toy
he larger, metal (steel) climbing structure here, is great for outdoor use with its fabulous primary-color finish that offers UV protection for fade resistance. Older kids will enjoy this climbing toy, too, so if you’ve more than one child, this climber will last you some time. Parents report this dome-framed toy is a fave with their kids, well constructed, easy to assemble and attractive. The manufacturer states the toy is good up to age ten but parental reviews say kids as young as age nine may be too tall to fully appreciate it.

Climbing toys like these dome structures are just plain fun to look at, let alone keeping kids toddler age and up entertained and benefit ting from all the climbing they're bound to do. But all that fun can lead to a misstep and a boo-boo if you're not careful to go over safety measures, 


Dome Climber, Decagonal Geo Jungle Gym Supports 735 lbs. with 2-Year Warranty

Toddlers' & Kids' Plastic Summit Climbing Wall Toy

Toddlers and older kids can quite the monkeys and often find footholds in the darndest places. If you've climbers like I did with an older sibling, this Step2 Skyward Summit rock climbing wall structure is ideal.

Kids from age two to ten can climb, sit inside and play in and on as high as they can go without being in the way of the other. This climber is pretty large and you'll need two adults to assemble it but once it's assembled, it's not going anywhere. Parents report this play structure survived gale-force winds that toppled trees. If you need a climbing toy and have two or more climbers, this 'rock castle' is for you.

A Step at a Time Toward the Top: Baby & Toddler Indoor Plastic Climbing Toys with Slide

Climbing Safety & Things to Think About
What NOT to Wear When Kids Climb

Ironically, the model image of the climbing structure dome (above this toy) is a prime example of what kids should not be wearing while climbing these plastic and metal bars.
I'm referring to the little girl in the long dress and smooth-bottom shoes. A long dress or skirt is a safety hazard, as kids can step on its hem whilst in an awkward 'body-fold' like the image shows, preventing movement, posture correction and balance.
Toddlers' Molded Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Climber with Slide
Too, other kids might step on the skirt area, causing the child to take a nasty tumble. Loose shoestrings are another important consideration.
Keep clothing close-fitting like pants and shorts versus flowing skirts and dresses and short jackets versus long coats.
Also, even long hair can get caught in another child's grasp. A quick once-over of every child is all that's needed to keep kids safe.

Molded Plastic Pirate Ship Climber for Indoor/Outdoor Use

Pirate Ship Molded Plastic Climbing Toy for Toddlers & Kids

Climbing Off All That Excess Energy

Indoor/outdoor plastic climbing structures for toddlers were always a fave for my two rambunctious twin boys.
I like the climbing toys with slides like these for the sole reason that my kids would do all the more climbing on their way to the top of the slide, getting in tons of healthy exercise.
And all that expended energy meant they'd rest better--imagine that.


Kids Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Structure with Wall & Slide

Toddler & Kids' Tree House Climbing Playset with Climbing Wall & Slide

If I could give a trophy for best climbing toy design for both toddlers and preschoolers, this tree house/climber structure would be my pick.
Not only will kids benefit from those perks I mentioned above, but its bottom half is quite impressive with its cute bench where several kids can stop for a quick juice break or with a quick change out you can convert it to a sand pit! There's a substantial, wavy slide and plenty of climbing structures with the ladder and darling-as-ever 'apple tree' hand holds and foot hold cutouts.
Too, kids can wait their turn on the slide at the top 'roost.'
How neat is that?
There's a helpful video where you'll see how easy this toy climber is to assemble and watch kids in action as they illustrate this structure's many parts and nooks.


Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse Fort

Plastic Indoor/Outdoor Climber Toy Structures with Slide for Several Kids to Play

Kids' Clubhouse Climber by Step2: Plastic Climbing Toy

Plastic Climbing 'Playgrounds' with Slides for Toddlers & Kids

Climbing Toy with Slide Little Tikes 8-in-1 Adjustable Playgroud

One-year-old babies to preschool kids have so much to learn and so much growing to do it's no wonder we parents seem to be in a perpetual state of head scratching.
One year olds and toddlers are still learning cause and effect, where if they 'turn this wheel' then 'this happens.' It's toys like these playsets that help little ones develop these concepts with several activities to engage their curiosity.
And while our toddlers are busy learning concepts, their bodies are growing by leaps and bounds, so we'll need to provide the tools to help develop their agility, balance, concentration and strength.
Indoor/outdoor molded plastic climbing toys are a big boon--times two.
Kids' Plastic Dome Castle Top Mountain Climber/Climbing Toy

And when we consider all this growing and learning and doing, finding toys to satisfy their cognitive and physical development is frankly, daunting.
It's climbing toys like these climbing gym playsets that fit the bill with plenty to do; add playmates and your toddler develops crucial social skills like sharing, communication, team playing and taking turns (I'm exhausted just broaching the subject).


            Kids and Climbing: Benefits of Rock Climbing

Kids' Climbing Cargo Net
Cargo Net Climber Toy for Kids
100 Climbing Holds for Rock Wall

Unlike other kids' games and sports, rock climbing isn't a fast-paced, competitive activity. But what it lacks in peer competition, rock climbing makes up in an intellectual way, employing mind and body, requiring they work in tandem to figure out the next step, the next strategy.
Ladder Cargo Net Climbing Toy Indoor/Outdoor
Rock climbing is about limits and pushing those personal and physical boundaries just a bit further. One could say kids that climb are in competition with their last success on their way to the top. Rock climbing is the most personal of challenges and those lessons and subsequent mastery promise to have real value in real life.
What better way to prepare kids for those personal challenges we all face than engaging them in a mind-body exercise like rock climbing?
You can buy DIY rock wall kits like these; they're great for getting kids started in the sport of climbing. With these kits you can space the handholds according to kids' skill level and age moving and working them outward as they grow. The wall, above includes a DIY booklet and the web has a plethora of how-tos to get you started.


What's Your Climbing Story?

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