White Metal Frame Daybed with Trundle: Roll Out & Pop Up Trundles

White Metal Daybed with Trundle: Metal Scroll Frame

Opulent White Metal Daybeds with Trundles: Grandeur & Grid Iron

These budget-wise, white trundle daybeds have a convenient trundle underneath for comfort. Each bed has a fabulous white metal frame that will betray your love of a number of decor genres like traditional, cozy cottage feel  to modern with its clean, straight lines and cool metal.

White metal daybed frames are a great start to your opulent space.

Who knew?


Getting Started with Your Room's Decor: white metal daybeds as a focal point


White Iron-Style Metal Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle Bed Underneath

Your daybed will be your bedroom's focal point, where the eye falls--or focuses upon entering the space. White is so 'fabulous' because you pretty much have free rein with your daybed's dress. 

With white, you can go with bold hues for modern and kids rooms, or solids and geometrics for modern spaces. White just turned very interesting, didn't it?

This white metal Daybed has a pop-up trundle that pops up, but it's hidden behind a bedskirt. Note the daybed's bedding: it has a country charm design that melds well with the bed frame and other country pieces.

To see the specs on each daybed, just click the link on the bottom of each image.

White Metal Daybed with Pop Up Trundle Bed Underneath

The trundle daybed above has the pop up bed underneath and it's included (with free shipping as of this writing). I prefer to have my furniture pieces delivered to my home rather than renting a truck--or a friend's time energy, gas, etc. The bed, the pop-up trundle and shipping is under $480. A very good bargain when you consider it all!


Traditional & Contemporary Daybeds: same white metal frame with trundle underneath, but . . .

White Metal Iron-Style Daybed Frame with Roll-Out Trundle
This white metal daybed has a nice roll-out trundle for impromptu sleepovers and unplanned, overnight company.

The framework here has a simpler, more straight-lined, (linear) scrolling on its arms and the daybed's backrest that works well with kids,' traditional and contemporary decor, like the plaid work in this daybed's image.

You can opt for the cottage bedding like with the daybed above and have your trundle bed (underneath) hidden with a bed skirt or keep a coordinating sheet on the bottom. Cover the trundle's sheet with a flat sheet, leaving its visible side untucked and draped. You might have to play with what works best for your taste.

A Word On White

White Metal Frame Daybed with Trundle Underneath

Uber-Budget-Friendly White Metal Cottage Daybed with Trundle Underneath

So, we've gone from country cottage style ornate metal framed daybeds to this more straight line piece of art . . . er . . . white daybed.

Can you tell it's my fave?

There's just enough on the daybed's metal framework to make it charming . . . or . . . ornate . . . or. . . . Having white accessories like in the model bedroom here, won't take away from your bed. And a great way of decorating around your trundle daybed is easy-peasy--and uber-cheap, too! Simply paint some old picture frames, vases, even lamp shades with white spray or cheaper white craft paint. Then add a spritz of hot color: yellow, lime green, orange or whatever. Instant art. Viola! 


Uber-Cheap White Framed Metal Daybed with Optional Rolling/Pull Out Trundle Bed


Optional White Metal Rolling Pullout Trundle

The Optional Trundle

I'm one who thinks outside the box for ways to save, and finding this rolling trundle bed has it all: it's cheap, white, metal, and will work with just about any daybed frame.

 Did I mention it was budget-wise?

The daybed image above, features this trundle bed and as you can see how well it works if you want to decorate on a budget like I do.

NOTE: You can also find separate pop-up daybed trundles at the link, here but I just wanted to include this one to illustrate the possibilities.


Under $100 Modern White Metal Daybed for Optional Trundle

Modern & Budget-Friendly White Metal Daybed

I LOVE this daybed! The modern style, white metal frame. The circles will lend to a mid-century modern element or a just a fun vibe for kids' rooms. Tuck a colorful area rug under the bed's front legs, or on the diagonal if you want your space to look larger (a little trick decorator's use).


Greek Keynote White Metal Daybed Ready for Optional Trundle


Your White Metal Daybed & Decorating on the Cheap

The daybeds I've featured on this page are among the more budget-wise, white metal ilk, and in keeping with your (and my) tendency to keep thrift a virtue, here's some fabulous ideas for decorating on the cheap.

Black Chandeliers Look Great w/ White Metal Trundle Beds

mini chandeliers = budget-wise overhead lighting & beauty

I chose this mini black chandelier for its value as a nice contrast to your white daybed, its ease of use: plug-in vs. hard wire. You can always wire the fixture yourself, but if you're not so inclined, there is help in the name of its nice little plug!

Mini chandeliers mean ditto on the price tag, too. These chandeliers come in a host of colors; just follow the link.

Still not feeling the Under $50 this chandelier costs?

Here's a great option:


Vinyl Wall Decals Are Super-Easy Super-Cheap

Your Day Bed & Wall Decals: a match made in . . .

Here's a great answer if you don't need lighting: wall decals peel off and reapply if you don't get it right the first time.

This is a set of three, but there's TONS of colors, subjects and sizes, so you can spend all day looking for the perfect decal for your white daybed and space.

If you need lighting over your daybed but want to save more, consider painting an old chandelier you may have taken down from a kitchen or dining room. It's a fun project, and you can find a plethora of idea on Pinterest, or Google "recycling chandeliers" to see a host of images. You can simply paint your old one or rework it with beads left over from Christmas. There's a host of possibilities.

I hope you found the daybed for your space. Please leave me a comment about your ideas and what worked for you and your space; I'd love to hear them!


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