Bedding with Birds On It

Bird Comforter, Duvet & Bedding Sets: Design to Love

Bird Print Bedding: 7-pce & Sheet Set with Birds On It
These budget-wise bird themed comforter, duvet, quilts and other bedding sets have birds on them, promising to be a favorite feature among your bedroom decor.

Bird design bedding can support several decor genres from traditional to modern, so you won't need to throw the whole bedroom away to suit your new passion for feathery friends  . . . er . . . birds.

Scroll down to see the collection of fabulous bird print bedding that will for sure be among your fave

American Country Comforter Set 

 Bird Print Queen Quilt Set 3Pcs

Getting Started with Your Bird-Theme Bedding


  Bird Print Queen Quilt Set 3Pcs


Bedding with Bird Design: 3-Pce Bird Themed/Motif Comforter Set

A Flock or a Few: How Many Birds On Your Bedding?

Large Image Of Bird Design

Pleasant Abode or Pesky Critter Aviary?

Keeping your bird design in check is a must. You don't want your efforts at decorating to take flight (a bit of pun), leaving you with a flock of pesky critters, and drowning the beauty in these bird-themed bedding sets. If you already have tons of bird accessories, consider opting for the comforter set above this one, where a few birds on the pillow works to balance your bird art and/or other, related pieces. Let your comforter or duvet be the room's starring attraction; then add bits of birds until you feel your bedroom is finished. 

Bird Design Bedding & Your Space's Natural Light

Not all of us have a fabulous splash of morning light streaming into our bedroom come the first crow of the rooster. If your bedroom is less than ideal, and shadowy corners abound, opting for birds designed against a white or bright bedding background just makes sense. I love this bird-themed duvet and sheet set; its second theme--I like to say, 'co-star' is the cherry blossom. Note the wall art in the bedding set's model room, below. If your bedroom lacks essential lighting, get bright bedding where light is magnified. Easy-Peasy.

7 piece full queen or king quilt set includes a reversible quilt (92 x 88 inches), 2 shams (20 x 26 inches), 2 pillow cases (20” x 26” + 1” flange), an oblong decorative pillow (12 x 18 inches) and a square pillow (16 x 16 inches).


    Bird Design Quilt Set 


    Getting More Light to Enliven Your Bird-Themed Bedding

    Bird Design Bedding: 3-Pce. Quilt Set with Mockingbird Print

    Isn't this model bedroom striking? The floor-to-ceiling windows are fant-tab-u-lous! But most architecture is limited, and we're stuck with what we have.

    Not to worry, though; there are a few easy ways other than windows and a brightly-hued bird print bedding to boost light and brighten your morning mood--although these quilts are prime fodder for a great start.


    Mirrors bring in light from every angle, while adding the illusion of more space: infinite depth.
    Note the painting in this brightly-colored quilt set. Because the flora in the quilt is so alive, fresh, the wall art falls woefully flat, kind of . . . well . . . dead. Be sure you keep colors on the same plane.

    This quilt has amazing birds that lift one's mood. While the bedding won't add light per se, but its image heightens the mood, and one feels like the space is quite bright and airy.

    The white walls adds light, and pairing the paint with sheer window panels allow natural light to filter in all day long. Sheer panels are uber-cheap, so you can get them extra long for very little investment. If you have mid-century architecture, where window sills are chin high, hang your panels above the window just below ceiling high and let them touch the floor. Let that 'light' in!

    Hmm . . . Accessorizing Your Traditional Bird Design Bedding

    Bird Themed Bedding: 3-Pce. Bird Print/Motif Quilt Bedspread Set

    Bird Design Bedding: 4-Pce. Quilt Set with Bird

    Traditional Bird-Themed Quilt Sets

    Traditional style quilts with flowers and/or birds on them need birds-of-a-feather kind of support (I know, I know). What I mean is it's best if your bedding's bird design is paired with natural elements.

    Think natural grasses. Pieces like wicker baskets or a wicker rocking chair will look fabulous. Not into rockers? Opt for an accent chair with a woven seat, then place a large woven basket on the floor next to it.

    Look for easy-care potted plants. A nice ficus tree looks fabulous along side your bedding. See this arrangement next to those super-budget-wise white sheer window panels?

    Note the light that makes it through the panels despite them being gathered. These panels are available in both regular and extra long, and work well hanging well above the window as these are.

    Please don't hang your wall art as shown here, on the right; I call this, the 'postage stamp' syndrome, where a teeny picture gets lost in a sea of wall area. If your frame isn't commensurate with the wall, use another size piece. If you'll need magnifiers to see the image inside the frame, go bigger. 


    What bird-themed bedding set suits you best? Leave me a note; I'd love to hear from you!


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