Black, White and Turquoise Bedding Sets

Black, White and Turquoise Bedding: Comforter & Pillow Set

White, Black and Turquoise Bedding Sets: A Celebration of Purity and Drama 

These budget-friendly turquoise, white and black comforter and bedding sets in twin, double, queen and both king sizes are the perfect way to add the pure essence turquoise blues and white bring to your bedroom's color palette, while adding the drama of black you or your teen girl loves.

Along with lots of comforter ideas, I've added some fabulous decorating ideas to keep your space balanced and your efforts a success.

Let's get started! 

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Getting Started with Your Turquoise, Black and White                                  Palette: Your Bedding's Personality

Black White and turquoise Bedding: 11-Pce Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter, Pillows & Sheet Set

Your Bedding and Defining Your Bedroom's Personality

Turquoise Black and White Bedding: 6-Pce Comforter Set
Turquoise White and Black Bedding: 7-Pce. Comforter Set

What's In a Bed Set?

Obviously, you've chosen a turquoise, white and black color trio, but it's your bedding design that will betray its vibe.

I've included lots of bedding sets, and even despite the similar design, even still, they have their own look.

So what's a girl (or guy; I'm impartial) to do?
Well, I would begin by scrolling down to see what--if anything--grabs the eye, as this eye-grabbing is the life blood of the bedding's job description.

Indeed, a fabulous bed set should first grab and hold the eye, then it should shout, "I'm a fan-tab-u-lous modern, or cool . . . or funky comforter," before setting the admirer's eye free to look at the rest of your bedroom's decor.

I often say that's quite the job description, especially for budget-friendly comforter and duvet sets, but something in the space has to do it! Suffice it to say, see what style grabs you or your girl's eye.

  Modern Turquoise Black and White Bedding Sets: Keeping Busy                                Patterns In Check    

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Chevron Duvet Cover by DENY

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Uber-Cheap Duvet Set

Busy patterns can be a stunning way to add instant WOW to your bedroom space,  and the chevron (zig-zag) duvet above is a perfect illustration.

But just as it is quite the stunner, you want to keep it 'stunning' in the right direction and not be a dizzying array of jagged lines that leave you holding on for dear life and asking for sea-sickness remedies.

It's true.

Turquoise Black and White Bedding: Uber-Cheap 5-Pce Comforter Set
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   For strong patterns, I strongly suggest you keep your pattern relegated to the bed and maybe one supporting piece, like an accent pillow on the bedroom's wall opposite the bed. This way, you let your bedding do all the talking--as it should--and have pieces of wall art in your turquoise, white and black palette.

Black White and Turquoise Animal Print Bedding

Turquoise Black and White Bedding: Budget-Wise 4 Pce. Leopard Animal Print Comforter & Pillow Set

Supporting Your Animal Print Bedding

Turquoise Blue, Black and White Bedding: 5-7 Pce Comforter Set

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Zebra Print Comforter Set
Isn't the model room above smashing? There's one thing I'd like you to take away from that space, and it's what I preached about earlier: let the bed do the talking, and allow the rest to balance out your turquoise, black and white color scheme.

Doesn't it look amazing?

The otherwise 'boring white' sheer window panels (which are uber-cheap, by the way) allow light into the space, and the night stand is quiet, yet oh-so-cool.

Black White and Turquoise Zebra/Leopard Print Comforter Set

Now, the disaster model room here at left is the quintessential do-not-at-all-costs type of arrangement you want to avoid!

I'm guessing the distributor must have used one of those software programs to design their own model room, but floating beds in Dad's man cave doesn't cut it.

Not one bit.

So, we have to be creative and use our own bedroom to envision the comforter set at work.

The zebra print turquoise, black and white set is a prime example of zebra stripes aplenty with WAY too many look alike pieces. As a matter of fact, I'd say the space is a major fail with the bedding lost in the stampede.


At left here, is a great space: great walls, night table, mirror and sheer window panels, but the bedding appears to have suffered a major episode of morning sickness, having thrown up on the 'white' rug.

Obviously, I'm just kidding.

The rug should either be a white shag at best, or turquoise sans the zebra stripes, please. Please!

This is one fabulous bedding set. Allow it to take center stage without the over-processed look of nearby competitors stealing the show.

Indeed, less is more.


     More Sophisticated Turquoise Black and White Bedding

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: 7-Pce. Comforter & Pillow Set

White Turquoise and Black Bedding: 4-Pce Comforter Set

Enduring Patterns In Turquoise, Black                    and White

You've got the cool colors, but if you're decorating for a tween or early teenager, you might find yourself redecorating if you opted for the fun and funky print on your girl's bedding.

Kids do grow out of phases and if you want your efforts to last, a more mature style bedding like these two may be just your answer.



Wait, Where's the . . . ?

                        Getting That Missing Color

Turquoise and White Zebra Print Bedding: Comforter & Sheet Set

Finding turquoise, black and white together and in the style you find irresistible is downright a task in itself--never mind the rest of your bedroom space.

Trust me, I've given it my best shot putting this page's collection together. 

But just as scarce color schemes might be to find, filling in that allusive hue gets tricky in the grand scheme called balance.

Hmm . . .

Black White and Turquoise Bedding Set: 7-Pce Damask Comforter

Accent pillows and bed sheets in that lost color are an easy~peasy way to get your bedding into focus with your decor.

The damask comforter set here at left is defined as turquoise and clearly has the black, but a white sheet set turned down with the comforter may meet the trio requirement.

It's all in what you're willing to compromise and how much of a given hue you can do with or without.

It's your space: live it!

Turquoise and White Bedding: Uber-Cheap 3-Pce Comforter Set

Accessories & Extras for Your Black, White and Turquoise                                                  Bedding

Black White and Turquoise Bedding: Turquoise Blue Bed Sheet Set

Turquoise Window Panels Under $10 pair
Turquoise Black and White Bedding: Chevron Pillow Cover

White Sheet Set From Under $5

Turquoise Black & White Eiffel Tower Wall Art Poster

Which is your favorite bedding set? i'd love to see your comment and thanks for stopping by!



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