Hot Pink Zebra & Leopard Print Comforter and Bedding Sets

Hot Pink Zebra and Leopard Bedding: 7-Pce Budget-Wise Comforter Set

Hot Pink Zebra & Animal Print Bedding

Decorating in these hot pink and zebra comforters and bedding sets can transform your girl's so-so bedroom to oh-so- cool without breaking your decor budget.
Tween and teen girls have entered a new realm of coolness~ where everything has to be funky, awesome and drama~filled. And their bedroom is no exception. Creating that one~of~a~kind pink and zebra print retreat doesn't have to break your budget from here to next year.
These fun and funky hot pink and zebra stripe comforter sets for girls have it all: total coolness and with a price tag cheaper than you'd imagine. I'm a stickler for going the economical route; you could say it's my mission as a mom: save without sacrifice.
Scroll down for a sneak peek at some really cool hot pink and zebra print bedding along with a few basic decorating ideas you and your girl will agree on. And I'll show you how to great from point A to Z-ebra in not time.


Beginning Your Palette: Creating a Focal Point with Your Zebra & Leopard Print Bedding

Hot Pink Animal Print Bedding: Polka Dot & Cheetah Print Comforter Set


Catching the Eye with Animal Prints

Hot Pink Zebra Print Bedding: Comforter & Accent Pillow Set

Beginning a successful pink and zebra or leopard print base for your girl's bedroom can be a bit daunting when you consider the finished product: a really cool, ideally appointed tween-to-teen bedroom. There's layering to think about, colors, textures, shapes and theme.
Hot Pink and Zebra & Leopard Print Pillow & Comforter Set
But really, I recommend decorating in steps beginning with your room's biggest piece (usually the bed). Themed zebra striped and pink comforter sets like the one will 'set the stage' announcing your room's personality and defining its pink and zebra theme. While there's plenty of matching pink and zebra accessories I don't recommend using too many like pieces; doing so dilutes the effect of your main element: the comforter.
The model room here illustrates the 'dilution' I'm referring to. See how the matching accessories mirror the bedding? It's the 'seen one, seen 'em all' effect. There's nothing unique about the wall art, window valance and accessories. Ideally, each piece should stand uniquely on its own and lend to the room's total look, not compete with it.
Zebra stripes are the strong element you need to make a big statement and capture the eye without a lot of fuss; just make up the bed ~ easy peasy!

**More zebra print bed sets further down.

Using Accessories That Add~Not Compete~with Your Zebra Bedding

Wall-Size Zebra Theme Decals Like This Work Well for Balance in Your Theme Bedroom

 Girls' Twin Size Hot Pink Zebra Stripe Bedding Sets

4-Pce. Hot Pink Zebra Print Twin Size Comforter Set
Accessories are a fun way to add to your room's decor, define your theme and add that finished look you're after.
But going overboard with a zebra prints will result in a dizzying array of 'stripes gone wild'. Resist the urge to splurge on all those cute 'gotta have' zebra stripes. Corral the cluttered look from the start of any addition that upsets the balance in your space. You do want to layer 'like-minded' pieces but do so with caution.
here's the definition of the process: Layering is the process of adding related pieces that work well together and lead the eye pleasingly around the room.
Remember, using too many stripes will result in a hypnotic, spell~like look and feel. Not soothing.
These pieces will work well to support your theme without creating a cluttered bedroom vibe. Look for decor with zebra stripes that are used sparingly, like solid window panels like those below for best results. Less is more!

Hot Pink Zebra Stripe & Skull Comforter Set for Tween to Teen Girls

Going Plain Can Be a Good Thing!

Hot Pink Sheer Panels Are a Good Match

Two Solid Sheer Window Panels in Many Colors ~ Under $10

As I've been going a bit overboard in my 'overdone' warning, I'll be brief (if that's at all possible):
These hot pink window panels have the solid look you need to create harmony and avoid an overkill of zebra stripes. They're great for allowing filtered sunlight to stream into your room and striking enough to catch the eye. PLUS, they're downright cheap ~ as in low cost at under $10 for the pair!
Too, the panels are available in tons of tween and teen-friendly colors (just click on the image). Using large-sized solids to balance your printed pieces makes great sense and will lead to a successful, cohesive look you're after.


The Planning Phase: Balancing Pattern & Plain with Zebra Print & Hot Pink Panels and Comforter Sets

Twin Size Pink Zebra & Peace Sign Comforter Set

Being Successful in decorating is achieved with balance. Really, it's not as complicated as some algebra problems teens have to solve, rather just being careful with zebra prints and solid pinks will do the trick.
The model room here on the left is a prime example of balancing busy, themed pieces and nondescript decor.                                                                     

Hot Pink Faux Silk Curtain Panels Under $20 Pair

These window panels are solid pink and take their color from the comforter. The result is a smooth transition for the eye to follow and 'digest'. Use busy pieces on opposing walls instead of side~by~side. 

Experiment on paper or take a picture of the wall with a helper holding up wall art before you commence to drilling holes.
A little forethought goes a long way in decorating.


Grounding Your Space - Dramatic Hot Pink & Zebra Bedding Set

Consider floors and ceilings when decorating for a total, pulled~together pink and zebra ambiance. Bare floors can be warmed up easily with area rugs 'grounding' your space.
Remember, don't overwhelm your bedroom with too many zebra stripes. A larger room can support a bit more of the zebra influence but I recommend the solid pink rugs so your bedding shines.

Hot Pink Zebra Stripe Bedding: 7-Pce. Comforter Set

The darker comforter set here is ideal for teen girls. The richer pink hue is more dramatic rather than cute. If you're planning to use the hot pink and zebra theme for a few years, I recommend this set over the more juvenile bedding.
Pink is one of the easiest colors to work with; you can pile on the pink in any number of shades without worry of being ghastly. Pink is also a very forgiving color and you're wise to use it liberally in your tween or teen's bedroom.
I suggest bathing walls in the same pink shade you've pulled from the bedding. Or decide how light or dark you want your walls and go with it.


30-Piece Zebra Print & Pink Dorm Room or Bedroom Decor and Bedding Set

Complete Dorm Room Pink & Zebra Print Bedding Window Decor Set


Now, About Those Walls - Hot Pink Zebra Print Comforter Set

Since pink is such an easy and forgiving color to decorate with, its many hues work in harmony, each tone complimenting the other.
If you're like me, 'easy' is such a good thing, these days. If you're decorating for a tween or teen, you can still keep the princess pink walls and go total cool with hot pinks and black.Who knew?

Aside from the wan white, pink is the next best thing to versatility, so, go as bold as and wild as you please!

Which zebra print bedding set did you find most fabulous? Leave me a comment; I'd love to hear from you!


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