Kids' Outdoor Play Kitchens and Toy Grills

Kids' Outdoor Grill Kitchen: Little Tikes Cook 'n Play BBQ

Outdoor Kitchen Playsets for Boys & Girls   

It's outdoor grilling time, and these play kitchens and grill playsets have lots of features your toddler to little girl or boy can learn by, while having fun safely in your backyard. 

I only included the best-rated kitchens and grills, then grouped each playset by its features and appropriate age group. While most are appropriate for toddlers, several kitchens will last into the little-kid (preschooler) phase--although, I see several kitchens and grills where I wouldn't mind playing master chef!

Seriously, I want to say, "Kudos to you for making a healthy decision in peeling you kid from the static of the television and blinding glare of the computer." Outfitting your backyard with an outdoor play kitchen or toy grill is a smart way to keep your boy or girl outside in the fresh air and healthy sunshine. Imagine that?

Let's get cooking!

To see more about each grill or kitchen playset, click on the caption under each image.


Kids' & Toddlers' Outdoor BBQ Grill Playsets

Kids' Molded Plastic Outdoor Grill/Kitchen Playset for Boys & Girls

Little Tikes Cook 'n Play Outdoor Molded Plastic Grill & Kitchen Playset

Ages 24 mos. & up

Here's the top view of the grill I show above, and yes, it even includes the kitchen sink! 

I like this outdoor grill, combo kitchen playset. It includes the pots and pans and play food, and has everything a 'big people' outdoor grill has. Budget-friendly and promises years of play from toddler on up to kid size.

  • Working oven and fridge doors; Molded plastic pegs to hang kitchen utensils and pans
  • Clicking knobs 
  • Molded-inside sink and cook top 
  • Extended counter space 
  • Dual-level grill


Budget-Friendly, Yet Complete Outdoor Grill Toy Kitchens

Great for Small Backyards & Patios

Boys & Girls' Outdoor Play Kitchen Grill for Toddlers & Kids: Step2 Fixin' Fun Grill

Molded plastic play grill kitchens are a safe way to cater to small children from toddlers (18 months) to little kids. The smooth plastic construct means no sharp corners; so, if you have a small backyard or patio with tight space, kids can brush past the grill without getting a painful jab. This toy play grill includes:

  • 26" High X 24" W X 10" D
  • 10-Piece Stack 'n Stay Hot Dog Set
  • Oven door opens for storage
  • Durable molded plastic
  • Kitchen sink
  • Oven knobs turn and click (no batteries required)


Little Tikes Play Food for Under $15

Add Play Food for More Role Play Experience

I like that the play kitchens and grills include starter food and some kitchen implements, but there's a plethora of fun, toy food items reasonably priced. As of this writing, I found this cute play BBQ food set for under $14.
Kids can 'clean up' by placing the kitchen tools inside the toy oven. If your kids were like my toddlers, you'll need to remind them that real ovens aren't used for storage, lest you might find everything under the sun inside your smoldering oven. Indeed, always look inside your own oven for toys and what-nots.


Role Play: Will It Be a Charcoal or Gas Grill?

Kids' & Toddlers' Outdoor Play Charcoal Grill & Food Set

Little Tikes Sizzle & Serve Outdoor Toy Grill Set

for kids & toddler boys and girls ages 18 mos. to 5 years

This cute BBQ grill looks just like a 'big people' grill. Obviously, if space is uber-tight, the slim-line of this charcoal toy grill is a great option if your 'outdoors' or backyard is limited to a patio: I know I've been there.

A big bonus is, this toy grill has wheels. So, if your toddler decides she must have a BBQ on the rainiest day of the year, this grill stands at the ready. The grill includes a twelve-piece accessory set.

Adding to the grill's great design, there  are two height settings. For Under $25 (at time of this writing), including the food and accessories, this outdoor play grill by Little Tikes is a fabulous value, and makes a great birthday gift for toddlers and little kids.

Pretend outdoor grills: play toy today for toddlers, but skills for a lifetime.

Kids' Outdoor Toy Kitchen/ Grill: Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow BBQ Grill

Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow BBQ Grill for 

My kids loved 'cooking' in my kitchen while they watched me stir and bake, fry and saute. It's those times, I'm convinced, their love of cooking was born.

These outdoor grills and kitchens may be toys for today, but they'll have lessons learned for a lifetime by watching you cook and listening to you narrate your own cooking show; that's what I did and it's total fun!

This play gas grill includes:

  • kitchen sink
  • clicking grill knobs
  • grill doors open for storage
  • accessory kit includes: 1 pair of tongs, 1 spatula, 1 hamburger and bun, 1 hot dog and bun, 1 bottle of ketchup

NOTE: The image of this Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow Play Grill looks wider than it most likely is. There are several other images at the link under the image that more closely illustrate the grill's width.


Little Tikes Backyard Get Out 'n Grill Barbeque: Play Kitchen

Kids' & Toddlers' Play/Pretend Outdoor Play Grill/Kitchen with Sink & Storage for Play Food and Utensils

This 8-Pce. Food Set is Included

Open Top of the Get Out 'n Grill Play BBQ as Shown Above

It's a hard job finding over-views of these toy grills that illustrates the unique kitchen features aside from the standard grill. 

This image at left gives us a fabulous (I know; hyperbole x 2, here) view of how the sinks are configured at the grill's side counter/extension, along with the pretend kitchen-style burners. 

I like how this 'gas grill' has a nice pretend warming shelf (see the hot dog at left). This is one stylin' outdoor grill, I tell ya! Aside from the individual features of this toy grill, most Little Tikes brand have nearly similar layouts.


Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Outdoor Playhouse for Toddlers & Little Kids 

Toddlers' to Kids' Outdoor Play Kitchen & BBQ Grill for Girls & Boys: Step2 Gather & Grill Playhouse

This fun playhouse has it all for more than one toddler or little kids to play house with its kitchen on the inside and BBQ grill on the outside. Kids can create any number of play meals with this best rated, sturdy molded plastic playhouse. I love how well this playhouse is designed for both aesthetic appeal and realistic amenities. I say, this playhouse is one of the best outdoor kitchen and grill units combined. Here's its most notable features:

  • Outdoor patio area with built-in grill and bench for two
  • Dutch door and large windows
  • Built-in kitchen with sink and fun decals
  • Electronic doorbell with realistic chime
  • 5 piece accessory set included


Why I Prefer to Have My Large Items Shipped To Me & a Money-Saving Tip

Aside from the convenience of ordering my stuff online, several sites like Amazon offer free shipping on orders over $49 (be sure you are choosing free shipping at checkout). Too, the playhouse and some of the larger play grills and kitchens can be downright bulky and heavy to the point of soliciting a friend . . . er, acquaintance . . . er, creepy guy with the van on the corner. Maybe? It can be tricky getting big box items down and around the back gate and up the neighbor's side yard. Well, you get the idea. It just makes sense to have big stuff delivered to your door. And for free. 

Now, about the stuff that's less than $49: If you don't want to buy the play food or toy accessories for the grill or kitchen, consider ordering something you would otherwise buy in a store until you reach the free shipping amount; this is what I do. Things like shampoo, pet items, diapers, etc. Often they wind up being cheaper! My main 'extras' are vitamins. It's easy to overspend, so be disciplined. 


I hope you found the perfect grill and/or kitchen for your toddler or little-big kid. Leave me a comment and let me know which one!

Playing outside is just plain healthy, and children either don't get enough fun-in-the-sun, or we're using too high SPF sunscreen and blocking out vitamin-D-making sun rays. Did you know that up to 85% of the U.S. population is deficient in Vitamin D? The diseases attributed to not enough vitamin D are plenty scary for us parents. If you have children in your care, this article: is rife with information you can't afford to dismiss.


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