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Mustache-Theme: 3-Pce. Comforter Bedding Set for Girls

Mustache-Themed Bedding Sets

These budget-wise mustache comforter and other bedding sets are a fabulous way to add fun while adding to the mustache theme in your bedroom. Mustaches have been a part of comedy predating Groucho Marx and others of his ilk who made the world laugh. What better way to continue our love of laughter and our penchant for fun than to decorate our bedrooms in mustaches?

Scroll down to see some great ideas to begin your girl, tween, or teen's bedroom mustache theme, starting with your focal point--the bed and working your way outward, toward a successful result. Together with fabulous mustache comforters, duvets and sheets along with several DIY ideas, you can have the moustache pad of your dreams--literally.

Let's get started on 'growing' that mustache theme.

Getting Started with Your Mustache-Themed Focal Point


Pink Mustache Comforter with Polka Dots: 4-Piece Bedding Set for Girls Bedroom

Mustache-Theme Bedding: Duvet & Sheet Set

Your Mustache Theme & the Oh-So-Important First Impression

It's often said, "There's no second chances for making that first impression." And with decorating, the old adage couldn't be truer.I'm talking about that all-important focal point that, ideally begins with visually-appealing comforters and bed sets like these eye-catching, mustache themed duvet sets. The bold mustaches emblazoned on the outer bedding and further complemented with matching mustache sheets and pillowcases make for standout focal pieces worth remembering.With any decor, it's best to start with your spaces largest asset (the bed, here),then work outward in less-noteworthy, mustache accessories and artwork.Leave your bed to be your room's showstopper with great bedding and the rest is easy.Don't these bedding sets scream F-U-N?!


Fun Mustache Bedding for Girls, Tweens & Teens

Kids' Mustache Bedding Set: 4-Pce. Duvet & Sheet Set for Boys & Girls

Mustache Bedding for Girls' Duvet & Sheet Set

Mustaches & Polka Dot Bedding

It's the polka dots and striking hues we see here in these mustache theme bedding sets that's high-energy. And fun bedding like this all-girls set seems to jump from the bedroom's wall. There's no guesswork on this most obvious of focal pieces; it's exactly the attention-getting result you need for introducing the room's 


Same Mustache Design, Different Effect: Color and Its Influence on Your Space

Mustache-Themed Bedding: Girls' 4-Pce. Duvet & Sheet Set

Color works wonders on influencing our mood, so it's no wonder that given lighter/darker hues can change the face of your whole bedroom, rendering it warmer, sunnier, more or less playful.

Determine what pieces you'll be working with and opt for the bedding set that best supports your intentions while fitting in with the other, existing pieces.
While still betraying a playful vibe, this mustache theme bedding set above might be a better fit if you're looking to warm up your girl's or boy's bedroom or a gender-neutral guest room.


Cool Black & Grey Mustache Bedding: a gender neutral bedroom for teens

Twin Size Grey/Black Mustache-Theme Comforter Set for Teen Girls or Boys Rooms

Mustache Bedding for Teens: (Don't) Pass the Black, Please

Mustache Shape Floor Mat: Hang on Wall Too!

Cool Mustache Shaped Pillow
Tween and teen girls love the mysticism of black--much to the chagrin of us moms and dads who refuse to cloak their room in black at every corner.
A great way to satisfy their urge for drudgery-a-la-paint-roller, bedding like this fun black and grey mustache twin comforter set, fit the bill on 'cool.'
I was pleased to see the model room, as it serves as a great visual on how splashes of color can really make the space POP! in pleasant surprise. Here, they've done a fabulous job adding red as an accent color, keeping the strong black and grey in the bedding from weighing the space down in doom and gloom.
Other successful color choices to pair with this mustache comforter set are: yellow, orange/yellow, white and hot pink.
Be careful with your secondary color, as too many colors in one space create a cluttered, chaotic space you can liken to a floor full of wayward, every-color-of-the-rainbow socks. NOT good.
Go with the 'less is more' mantra and let this cool mustache comforter set serve as the star attraction it was meant to be.
Dontcha just love it?


That All Important Layering Thing - Cute Mustache Pillowcases/Covers for Girls' & Teens' Room

Cute Teal Mustache Pillow Cover
Budget-Wise Mustache Pillow Case Set

You may have heard the term 'layering' referred to in decorating magazines, blogs and TV shows.

But what is layering all about?
Just as the term implies, layering is the practice of adding related pieces to warm a space, add texture and ground your largest elements, like adding a fluffy rug underfoot a smooth leather chair. Or a throw atop a sofa.
Mustache pillows like these are a great way to add dimension to linear pieces like your bed. Too, pillows can tie two distinct pieces together, like your bed and a nearby chaise.
This mustache pillow case pair is too cute; they're quite alike while having contrasting hues, that will add a touch of whimsy and fun to the most serious accent chair or bed.
I love the large mustache pillow with its complementary, fun quotes, don't you?


Too Cute Mustache Bedding: mix it with a Paris Theme!

3-Pce Teal/Pink Mustache Duvet & Sheet Set

Budget-Wise Mustache Wall Decal Chalkboard
Mustache Wall Decal For Girls' Room

Add Punches of Color the Easy Way

And you'll have easy work of finding those punches of color I mentioned earlier and with this next tip, I'm sure you can relate.

We all have seen those gawd-awful dressers of yore that sport a host of paint layers that represent a color per decade--much like the rings of a tree.

 Scrape that bureau or chest of drawers and you're sure to agree.

But I suggest you add yet another coat of paint using two contrasting colors. And yes, I'm sane (I think). 

Paint the outer part black and the drawer fronts in a high-contrast hue like the red, yellow or white. You'll love the results!


Mustache Wall Art Ideas for Girls' Rooms: Getting the Most From Poster Art

Budget-Friendly Mustache Themed Wall Art Poster

I've often repeated something I must have read or heard: "Put a frame around it and you have art!"
And it's so true; even mustaches can become art when framed. Posters make great budget-friendly wall art and are available in a host of sizes, though I recommend the more standard sizes like 24" x 36" or 11" x 17". The standard size poster frames give the best return on your investment, as you can simple pop out one poster and replace it with the new one without having to buy frames.
I get my poster frames at big box craft stores using a weekly coupon I download on my cell phone.
I love these funny mustache posters for their visual appeal alone but the price sure makes them extra special.

Budget-Friendly Pink/purple Mustache Themed Wall Art Poster

If you prefer a DIY project, draw one side of a mustache on a used poster board, then use an Exacto knife to cut out the mustache side. Use the cut out piece to trace around it on your wall, then flip it to the reverse to create the other 
side of the mustache.
Or, you can use the poster with the mustache hole cut out of it. Hang the poster on the wall with masking tape and paint inside the template. Flip it to create the other side of the mustache. By using just one mustache side, you'll have identical measurements. Be sure when you get to the inside edges of the mustache cutout, you use a tiny bit of paint on a sponge and tamp it in. This way, you won't have paint leaking outside your margins.
Practice on newspaper, first.

Don't be afraid to go wild with a spray can or three. There's tons of fun colors and all you need is your vivid imagination. After all, mustache themes are fun, so it's quite expected to garner a giggle. So, have at it!


I must~ache you: which is your fave? Please leave me a note!




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