Orange and Grey Bedding Sets

Grey and Orange Comforters & Bedding Sets: the sunrise to sunset duo

Striped Orange and Grey/Gray/White Bedding: 3-pc. Comforter

Orange and grey comforters and bedding sets like these meld opposites nicely, betraying a look of two powerful forces--sun and steel--for a highly visual result in your bedroom.

Contrast is key in any interior design and the color wheel can be likened to an abacus if you're not decorating savvy.

Really, you're off to a great start choosing orange and gray as your bedroom's main attraction, i.e. focal point. The two hues are polar opposites and it's this 'conflict' that makes for a fabulous first impression to your overall scheme, be it modern or classic design.

Scroll down for a look at several great options in grey and orange comforters and bedding sets along with a few 'Decorating 101' basics that'll work at creating an amazing result you'll love.


Getting Started with Your Theme: Mid-Century & Modern Design Grey and Orange Comforter Sets

Under $50 Mid-Century Modern Block Design Orange and Grey/Gray Bedding: 3-Pce. Comforter Set


Getting Your Orange and Gray Bedroom Started

Decorating can seem overwhelming when considering the grand scheme of things but if you take each element a piece at a time, things become more focused and manageable.
One thing does stand as a constant no matter the room or genre: your focal point is a must; it's critical to your decor's success.

Under $50 Grey/Gray and Orange Striped Comforter Set

Your Grey and Orange Bedding Has Quite the Job

Linear Grey and Orange Comforter Bedding Set

Bedding is most often your bedroom's biggest contributor of style and color. Ideally, you want your comforter or bed set to capture the eye, introduce the space's theme or style and serve as your bedroom's 'welcome mat.'
That's quite a job description, so you'll want to do it up as big as you're feasibly able. By 'big' I'm not referring to monetary investment, per se; rather I'm talking about appearance: your bedding should stand out from its co-stars and take the leading role.
Further down, I'll talk about how you can manipulate color to get the ideal palette you've been long pining for.


Grey and Orange Bedding: 3-Pc. under $50 Teens' Comforter Set

Grey and Orange Have the Visual Energy to Make a Great First Impression

Tan Bedding with Contrasting White, Orange and Grey Stripes

Any of these orange and grey bedding sets have the visual energy to satisfy all the requirements for a mid-century modern palette.
I like the choice of wall color in the model rooms, too. Even the subtlest of differences in between the bedding and walls' tone can lead to the contrast you're after. I'm lovin' the style these throwbacks betray with their telltale grey and orange contrasts, don't you?


Keeping Design & Patterns in Check

Classic & Contemporary Orange and Grey Comforter & Bedding Sets


Orange and Grey/Gray Bedding: 5-Pc Tree Branch Design

Lines Inspired by Nature

orange duvet with gray tree branches

Lines can create quite an illusion. You may have seen such 'trickery' with lines and wild staircases, and those wacky, "how many cubes do you see?" and on and on with the tricks on the eyes.

But just like you can get a but annoyed with lines going in this direction and that, horizontal lines can 'widen' your bedroom's space, while vertical lines can lengthen your space--well, not really, but just like fashion, those lines can create the illusion of you want this time around.


Grey/Gray and Orange Bedding: Bohemian Comforter Set

Keeping Your Orange & Grey Patterns in Check

fabulous grey and orange done up Bohemian

Often, when we're excited about a pattern or design, we go about the inane process of collecting said 'look' and before we know it, we've quite the collection of orange and grey stuff. In fact, were stuffed with grey and orange stuff of every ilk all in one space.
I'll talk more about keeping your design and orange and grey color palette in check, so you don't lose sight--literally of your vision.   


Orange and Grey/Gray Bedding with Color Accents

Grey and Orange Bedding: Comforter and Decorative Pillow Set


Orange and Grey/White Bedding: 7-Pc. Comforter & Pillow Set

Keep Your Orange and Grey Color and Those Dizzying Patterns Decorative

How about a 'subtle' split pea paint job in your, or your boy's or teen's  room?
It's easy for me to get diverted with excitement when I happen upon a novel look.

I'll talk more about the unexpected, later but for now, I want to broach the subject of sensory overload. It happens.
The result is a cluttered, busy look we can only liken to a messy room.
Keep your patterns in check and use my 3:1 ratio where you've one themed (orange and grey) piece to every three nondescript or solid pieces; hence, an amazing comforter set paired with several accent pillows makes a better, balanced presentation.
The more theme-related pieces you add, the less of an impression your bedding makes. Allow your comforter set to be the center of attention, the star that it is


Where's the Grey?

Orange & Taupe/Grey-Brown Bedding: 5-Pc. Comforter Set

Manipulating Color

Orange and Gray/Taupe Bedding: King Size Duvet

Taupe is one color that's neither gray nor brown, so the hue can go either way with simple visual manipulation.
I know I'm making the strategy sound like rocket science but really, all you need do to influence a piece's color to more your liking or decor theme is add pieces in the color you want your bedding to be.
Under $10 Orange Sheer Panels Are a Fabulous Choice
This taupe and orange king size, 7-Piece bed-in-a-bag can be 'altered' to take on a more gray appearance with a few accent pillows and/or throws in the gray hues most similar to your target color.

You can gradually work into the gray (or orange, if your bedding has too much grey or low light), you want with several bedding accessories in graduating shades, or go straight to the gray you're after.

We often remember the color that's most abundant in a space, so such a color change is hardly noticed.
Do some experimenting before giving up on your bedding; you can get whatever shade you want with a little help from accessories; so, have at it!.


Which orange and grey bedding set is your fave?


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