Kids' Outdoor Playhouses with Kitchen Inside

Kids' & Toddler Outdoor Plastic Playhouse with Kitchen Inside

Children's Outdoor Playhouses with Kitchens 

These outdoor playhouses with kitchens inside are a great way to get toddlers and older kids outside for a healthy dose of sunshine and exercise.

Molded plastic playhouses are the best bet if you have small children, as the edges both in and outside are rounded, making for a smoother landing should your toddler hit their head while in the midst of excitement.

Add a kitchen to these outdoor playhouses and you've doubled the fun.

I've included the best-rated among Little Tikes and Step2 brands, as they tend to be most budget and kid-friendly. Let's get started house hunting!

A look at the Step2 kitchen stove

Step2 Outdoor Molded Plastic Playhouse: Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill

(Outside View above)

  • Includes a 103-piece accessory set
  • Kitchen has 3 realistic electronic features: grill, stove top, and phone
  • Sink with faucet, appliances, and refrigerator 
  • Attached dining area
  • Valuable storage areas throughout

WORTH NOTING: Having perused lots of outdoor playhouses, this one here has fabulous kitchen features. Many playhouses have some kind of kitchen inside, but few have the kitchen as 'the most important feature in the house.'


Step2 Molded Plastic Outdoor: Welcome Home Playhouse with Full Kitchen Inside

Kids' & Toddlers' Welcome Home by Step2 Outdoor
 Plastic Playhouse with Full Kitchen Inside

I love the fun colors of this molded plastic playhouse. It's quite impressive with a full kitchen inside and even features a real sunroof to get more outdoor light on cloudy days.  This playhouse is among the larger ones, and will entertain kids from toddler size to big kids (at 5' standing at center).Product Dimensions: 66 x 73 x 66 inches. 

  • Outdoor features include: Dutch door, two large bay windows, peaked roof with skylight and cover, handrail and welcome mat
  • Electronic doorbell with real chime sound
  • The detailed interior has a full kitchen inside, range, storage cabinet and electronic cordless phone, table

Toddlers' Step2 Neat 'n Tidy Playhouse with Kitchen & Floor Inside

Under $150 Play House for Toddlers: Step2 Neat 'n Tidy Outdoor 
Molded Plastic Plastic Playhouse with Kitchen Inside

Many of the bigger outdoor molded plastic playhouses don't have a floor inside them; so if you're concerned about grass growing inside, this toddler and little kid-friendly Neat 'n Tidy model might suit you better. Be reminded that this playhouse is one of the smaller models and won't grow with your little one. A plus? Its price at under $150 (and free shipping at time of this writing). Too, this playhouse has a floor and mini kitchen inside.

While you may be thinking the "mini" kitchen is a bummer, remember toddlers don't need the more sophisticated styling older children might expect. At the link above, you can watch the video and get a better idea it this playhouse and its kitchen is what you wanted/expected.

  • Open design allows you to watch children while at play
  • Features a molded-in kitchen table, faucet, burner


    NOTE: A HUGE plus, is having the playhouse delivered to your home, versus lugging giant boxes from point A to B. As I mentioned, you can opt for free shipping and save big on time, energy and money.


    Little Tikes Picnic On the Patio Playhouse with Kitchen for Toddlers & Wee Children

    Toddlers' Outdoor Plastic Playhouse With Kitchen Inside: Little Tikes Picnic On the Patio

    Like the toddler-size playhouse I talked about earlier, this Little Tikes Picnic On the Patio outdoor playhouse has the plain ol' version of a kitchenette inside, but for this age children, you can add the following playsets to make up for what's lacking on the inside kitchen-wise.  Below, I've added a few playset ideas you can add as a supplement to your playhouse when your toddler gets older.

    You'll just need to decide whether you want your kitchen setup now, or you're willing to add to your toddler's outdoor playhouse. 

    One great thing I've learned to look for, is customers' images. Lots of moms and dads like to post pictures along with a better-than-manufacturer's review with their toddler or child included to better give you a real-life version of each playhouse. Be sure to scroll all the way down after you click each link; you'll be glad you did!

    Little Tikes Cook 'n Play Outdoor BBQ Kitchen for Toddlers

    A Quick Note: Little Tikes vs. Step2

    One thing I've noticed ever since my twins were toddlers is, Little Tikes was by far, more expensive than Step2.

    Note the first two outdoor playhouses I've included on this page's review. Both playhouses have more sophisticated kitchens inside without having to outfit the house with a stove or sink, etc.

    Both those playhouses are Step2 and quite larger than the Little Tikes contenders--and both are cheap compared to Little Tikes' playhouses. But, several parents are either a steadfast fan of one over the other. My allegiance was whichever was cheaper, so I'd always go with Step2.


    Picnic Basket for Toddlers

    Playhouse Kitchen Ideas for Toddlers

    As I mentioned, the cheaper playhouses with kitchens may be lacking in details like knobs, lights and slicking sounds, but you can easily make do without it seeming like your 'making do.'

    Larger playhouse kitchens allow for storage inside ovens and refrigerators. Toy picnic baskets like this one provide a place for kitchen accessories when not played with. Of course, be sure the utensils are toddler safe.

    Little Tikes Get Out 'n Grill

    Take the Kitchen Outdoors

    This budget-friendly BBQ grill by Little Tikes is a fabulous option where kitchens and playhouses are tight on space. The base serves as a roomy cabinet, and the overhangs on either end are cleverly appointed with a sink and stove top-type grill. 

    This grill set also comes with an 8-piece hot dog and hamburger accessory playset. Everything has its place, making tidying up an easy endeavor.


    Which children's plastic outdoor playhouse did you find had the best kitchen inside? My faves were the first two playhouses by Step2. Please send me a comment, and thanks for stopping by!


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