Purple Paisley Comforters & Bedding Sets

Plum Purple/Lime/Yellow Bedding: Fr Under $50 Duvet Set

Lavender and Purple Paisley Bedding & Comforter Sets

Purple paisley bedding like these comforter and duvet sets are an ideal way to add an air of sophistication without breaking your decorating budget. 

I've added a host of paisley bed sets in both deep/dark purple to their lighter companion: light purple or lavender. 

Scroll down to see this selection of purple paisley (I love saying purple paisley, don't you?) bedding along with some tips for making your bedroom one fantastic space with a bed you'll love diving into.

So, lets get started.

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Your Purple Paisley Bedding Set: Comforter or Duvet?

Purple and Sage Green Paisley Bedding: 8-Pce Paisley Comforter & Pillow Set


Purple and Sage Paisley Bedding : Luxury Duvet and Sheet Set

Are the Ideas of Using a Duvets a Foreign Subject?

Duvets might seem to be a scary endeavor for you--especially if you live in the States where we're used to comforters with the stuffing built right in. But really, bedding like this lovely purple  and sage green duvet set make great sense. 

Most often, you'll get a perfectly-matching top sheet like the one at the left, here. Too, you decide the thickness of the filling. If you tend to burn up like an August sun blast, then a thin duvet filler will keep you cooler. I'll talk more about it further down, and I might just have you convinced!

Be sure to click on the caption under each image to see more about the bed set shown.


Purple Paisley Bedding: Purple and Sage Green Duvet & Sheet Set

Dark or Light Purple & Your Bedroom Space's Natural Light

I absolutely love this medium purple and sage green paisley duvet set! If your bedroom has little to no natural light but you've gotta have a certain dark purple duvet or comforter, don't feel your darker bedroom means you have to forsake it.

Consider painting your walls white or another uber-light hue. Not feeling the white? Maybe you can paint just the focal wall like you see in this model space. Notice how the white and natural materials are used to create a lift. The deep-dark purple accent (aka, throw) pillows work to make the duvet set look more like a light purple than medium. A white pillow is tucked in to keep the space look bright and airy. What a fabulous play on color, tone and light; very well done. 


Purple/Lavender Paisley Bedding: 9-Pce Comforter Set

Lavender Paisley Bedding & Sheer Panels

I'm a HUGE fan of sheer window panels: they're available in a wide array of colors; they're cheap as all get-out, and allow natural light to flood your space without interrupting the grandeur of your purple paisley comforter or duvet.

Look how fabulous the white sheers look in this model bedroom. It's hardly noticeable that there's a lot of white working to showcase this lavender comforter set. Isn't it so bed-and-breakfast?


Be sure to click on the caption under each image to see more about the bed set shown.


Pair of White Sheer Panels Under $15: 98" X 110"

White Sheers: a fabulous mate to any shade of purple

Here's an example of what I was talking about, above, where white sheer panels are most often the most affordable option for window dressing.

This pair is extra long at 98" X 110" at only $15.98 (at this writing). Who knew? 



Fabulous Mix of Color Fave: Light Purple, Sage Green

Purple and Sage Green Paisley Bedding: Lavender and Sage Green Comforter Set

A Helpful Hint About Purple Paisley Bedding & Girls' Beds

Under $50 Purple Plum & Lime Paisley 4 & 5 Pce. Comforter Set

Purple Paisley Bedding: Girls'/Teens' Lavender Comforter & Pillow Set
Many girls and teens love purple; I know I did--and then it was black, but for this post, we'll keep to the subject of purple paisley bedding.

Lots of comforter and duvet sets come in most bedding sizes, and if you find one such set, it might be wise to opt for a full/queen versus a twin size comforter or duvet. 

With full and queen sizes, you'll get the extra pillow sham (be sure to check, though) like the comforter set, here. Obviously, you don't have to have a double bed. 

Another great reason for going one size up for your girl's bedroom--especially if you're decorating for a tween or teen girl. This works well for teen boys, too but for now, I'll talk about a girl's space:

Aside from the extra pillow sham, full (aka double size) and queen size bedding will get you added inches all around, but you'll benefit most from the added length for your growing tween or teen girl.

Going for the bigger size will mean savings for you, too, as you won't have to run out for a bigger size bed set to cover your girl's toes. Paisley in and of itself is one design your girl can grow with!

Be sure to click on the caption under each image to see more about the bed set shown.


Fear Not the Purple Paisley Duvet!

Purple Paisley Bedding: Purple and Yellow Paisley Duvet Set

Budget Duvet Insert In All Bedding Sizes

Understanding the Duvet Filler

Duvets are not as common here in the States as it is in Europe, but I think of them as a best-kept secret--well, it was to me in my early adulthood.

If you have trouble sleeping (i.e. hot flashes, no air conditioning, or a bed partner who doesn't seem to feel your misery), duvets have a varying degree of thicknesses where you can manage nighttime temps by stuffing one of these duvet fillers like the one I show, here. They're very cost-effective and may even save you some money on your power bills!

If you wonder how to manage your duvet filler, there's tons of videos on YouTube where you can see how easy~peasy it is getting your filler inside your duvet.


Purple & Lavender Sheets: What I've Just 'Uncovered'


From Under $20 4-Pce. Dark/Deep Purple Sheet Set


Great Sheet Sets at a Bargain

Maybe I'm just a slow learner, though it's better late than never. Right?

I picked both this fabulous deep/dark purple 4-piece sheet set here on the left (obviously). With full and queen sizes, you'll get two pillowcases, a flat and fitted sheet, and the twin size just has the one pillowcase, per bedding set standards.

The best part about this set is its low price, starting at under $20 (at time of this writing).

Here's the above sheet set's twin, but much lighter purple (lavender), at the same prices per sizes.

Usually, with cheaper sheet sets you'll be forsaking something like comfort Not good at night. While sleeping miserably. While wondering if the savings was even worth that last itch. Or scratch.

Seriously, these sheet sets have lots of great ratings from happy sleepers and decorators alike.

Did you know that it's healthier to make your bed with your comforter or duvet turned down to expose the top sheet? It's true. Having made your bed with the top pieces tucked under the pillows, you're creating a 'bug haven.' Not a pretty picture, but still. . . .


Luxury Deep Purple Paisley Bedding (without the too, too steep price)

Deep/Dark Purple Paisley Bedding: Duvet and Sheet Set

Is It Paisley?

Purple Paisley Bedding: Purple and White Quilt & Pillow Set

Sometimes finding that perfect purple paisley pattern (how's that for poetry?) just seems elusive despite your efforts. Consider going for a 'nearly-there' bedding like this lovely purple and white quilt-like coverlet. You can easily add pillows with the paisley design for a nearby accent chair. Notice how well dissimilar patterns as seen in this model bedroom on the bedding of course, and the upholstered nightstand. The nightstand does mirror the outline seen on the bedding. Use your imagination, look for patterns, colors and find ways to repurpose for great-times-two interest. Truly FAB-U-LOUS!


Please leave me a comment on what bedding works for you!



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