Rustic Lodge Log Cabin Themed Bedding Sets

Cabin/Rustic Lodge Style Bed In a Bag Comforter & Sheet Set

Log Cabin & Lodge Style Comforter and Bedding Sets

Cabin style bedding sets like those featured here can recreate the serenity of a rustic lodge themed ambiance while lending to beauty and comfort for that perfect after-hours retreat you've been pining for.
We'll start with warm, earthy colors, then meld them with other ethereal hues for your base palette, followed by layers of other lovely cabin style pieces for a one-of-a-kind bedroom you'll love. Even if you're a bit challenged in designing your dream room, with my start-to-finish rustic bedroom decorating ideas you'll realize that unique home-away-from-home, cabin in the woods boudoir.
Piece by piece, we'll get there.
Scroll down to peruse my cabin bedroom decor ideas and get inspired!

Starting Your Adventure: Cabin or Lodge?  Rustic Cabin Bedding Sets in Earthy Browns

Rustic Lodge/log Cabin Style Bedding: 8-Pce. Bed-In-A-Bag Comforter & Sheet Set

Rustic Cabin/Moose Lodge Style Quilt Set From Under $45

Moose Lodge Style Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter & Sheet Set

Where are you 'going' with your cabin? Will it be a cozy log cabin in the woods? Rustic moose Lodge? Warm mountain chalet lodge on the slopes? You'll need to determine your color scheme, first and bathe the bedroom walls in that direction. I'd opt for warm colors likes earthen hues in brown to taupe and even grey.
Since the bed is most likely the space's largest element, you'll want to go as big as your budget allows. Bedding sets introduce your room's theme, so you'll want a show stopper taking center stage and commanding the eye's attention. Every other contribution to your space should support your bedding and theme.
Bedding sets like these are worthy of that "WOW! factor with their warm, inviting design and rich, down to earth hues.
You'll be off to a great start painting your walls in a color pulled from your bedding set. The rest is easy-peasy!

Dark or Light Walls? - Rich Brown Cabin Style Bedding Choices

Hunting Lodge/Rustic Log Cabin Theme Bedding: 4 or 5-Pce Comforter Set
If rich brown bedding is your color choice pull a lighter color from the comforter's design and use that for your wall color. You'll achieve instant warmth and have an idea for your accessories' color. 

A variety of color from the same family creates the layered look you'll want for full-on cozy cabin in the woods ambiance. I'd steer clear of white walls as shown in the model rooms above. 

The wan look of the walls is not at all supportive of the rustic appeal you're after. Sometimes you're faced with no choice than to keep the white walls; in this instance, use large pieces of wall art in rich colors to detract from the pale-faced no-way-out paint. 

If your bedding has a lighter background, you'll do well to go bit darker for that all-important contrast. Your goal should be to have the bed contrast with the wall for that well-appointed POP!


Layering With Shapes & Texture - Colorful Block Design Cabin Style Quilts

Budget-Friendly Log cabin Mountain Retreat Style Bedding: Rustic Hunting Moose Lodge Quilt Set


Cabin In the Woods Rustic Hunting Lodge Style 3-Pce. Quilt Set

3-Piece Rustic Hunting Lodge Style Quilt Set

While layering may seem a bit complex and downright laborious, it's really not a subject that requires credit hours and GPAs.
I chose these cabin-look bedding sets that have bold colors and/or prominent designs and shapes to help make the process easier.
Layering means adding rugs, accent pillows, window treatments, throws and wall art into your space. It helps to find pieces that sport the same shapes, color and/or texture as your bedding.
The red set will look great when paired with a rug in the same gold as on the comforter and the bears that grace the bedding set above and right can be a feature you can expand on for wall art. See? I told you layering is easy!
It's a good idea to take a picture of your bedding set on your phone; this way you'll have its design while you're out and about and see a decorative piece you think might work.

Animals or No? Keeping Your Theme in Check - Rustic Cabin/Lodge Bedding Ideas

Rustic Hunting Lodge Bedding: 8-Pce. Bed-in-a-Bag Whitetail Deer Cabin Theme Comforter & Sheet Set


Cabin Style Quilt Set: 3-Pce. Hunting Lodge Quilt & Shams

Rustic, Yet Warm & Cozy: the cabin style quilt

If you're going the hunter's cabin route or you're just a nature lover in general and want to include bears, deer, moose or wolves, you'll might proceed with caution and keep the animals conservatively 'corralled' so they're not out of control in your space. Remember, if you're not careful your peaceful cabin can be overrun by pesky critters. Not at all the tranquil abode you've been pining for.

Balance your bedroom space with plain and themed pieces. The hunting lodge style bedding set is lovely but be mindful of your accessories and artwork. Balance this set with a few antler pieces and nondescript designs to keep from being 'overpopulated' by deer. I love the tree branches in this model bedroom; they're just the natural accent you need for a cabin or hunting lodge--and they're free, a gift from Mother Nature! 

Rustic-Style Flannel Sheet Set: Budget-wise Plaid
Remember, too many deer or other themed items will dilute the visual interest of your bedding and devalue your other, more expensive pieces. If you have lots of cabin or lodge style art, plain or solid brown or hunter green bedding sets free up your choice for more themed accessories and will pair nicely with the art and accessories I talk about below.

I found these plaid flannel sheet sets as a nice alternative to the more pricey sheets in the model bedroom above. In a host of cabin style hues, you'll have your choice of color without having to keep to a given color duo.


Rustic Lodge/Cabin Theme Bedding: Quilt-Like Red Plaid Comforter Set

Cabin/Lodge Decor: Cable Sweater Pillow

The Sweater Pillow: the cozy cabin or lodge made easy

I've talked about using a mix of themed bedding and nondescript or plain decor for a balanced, tranquil bedroom space. Layering with pillows is a great way to build that warm and keep your decor efforts from looking flat and . . . well . . . underwhelming.
I love these sweater pillows. You can get them in any color scheme your cabin or lodge palette calls for, or you can make these accent pillows from yours or your child's old sweaters--I love the sweaters with ornate buttons, don't you?

If you don't have the sweaters you need, you can often get them at thrift stores, yard sales and social network resale websites for dirt cheap. 

NOTE: How-To videos can be found easily by a quick Google search. These pillows are one fabulous way to get that warm and cozy cabin-in-the-woods look and feel in your bedroom.

Log Cabin/ Hunting Lodge Style Furniture

Real Log Cabin Beds From Under $400 (free shipping)

Making Your Idea Real - Log Cabin Lodge Style Bed

I was happy to see this log bed at such a good price if you're looking for a totally complete cabin look and feel. While you can opt for the matching pieces, if it's not in your budget or space won't allow, furniture in similar colors will work nicely.

You can also opt for natural, woven materials like rattan, banana and wicker. Keep things as natural as possible for a rustic look. Large baskets made of twigs look striking and lend to your overall cabin scheme.

Rustic Forged Iron Cabin/Lodge Decor: Deer Metal Wall Art 24"L x 13 3/4"H

Keeping You Wall Art in Check - Rustic Cabin/Lodge Themed Artwork

Hunting Lodge/Rustic Cabin Decor: Moose & Bear Metal Wall Art
Wall art can add a big bang to your overall cabin theme but if you're not careful it can get lost in a sea of wallboard. Too often, I see ill-appointed art work where the picture is way too small and fails to 'hold up the wall.'
I've begun using that metaphor when talking about wall art. If your wall is quite long or high--or both--you'll need enough artwork to hold the wall up - support it. There's nothing decorative about a tiny picture hung above a bed with ten feet of wall on either side; the piece simply gets diluted and looks rather annoying. I saw just this imbalance on at the link for the pine trees above, where a buyer submitted their own picture. You can see what I'm talking about if you click on the link. There's a good use of space with the deer mount and poor use behind a sofa.
Simply think in relative terms: large wall, large art, small wall, small art.

Keeping To Your Budget

Budget-Friendly Rocking Chair

Rustic Cabin Furniture: Primitive Style Rocking Chair
l'm forever looking for the best deals when I decorate, so it's no surprise that I had to include this lovely rocking chair with its low price/high quality features.
Keeping in budget is not fun when you happen upon a 'gotta-have' but I've often indulged when I shouldn't have and regretted my purchase the minute I saw something comparable for a cheaper price. Trust me, you won't appreciate the piece and it will only serve as a constant reminder of your overindulgence.
The good news is, there's always something comparable; just ask yourself what it is about the piece you like most and you'll be off to a good start on your quest for a look alike. Staying within your budget guarantees you'll be thrilled upon completion. .

Chandeliers: The Crowning Jewel

Rustic Antler Chandelier

Cabin/Lodge Style Decor: Antler Chandelier Ideal for Bedrooms

I refer to chandeliers as the crowning jewel of any room they grace. Lighting like the piece shown here will make quite an impression, adding beauty as an art form and utility, spreading warm light about your bedroom.
I much prefer one large element versus several smaller pieces that might appear too busy for a serene retreat look.
Go big and bold, not petite and plain with lighting.

Antler Lamps Add Warmth & Support Your Cabin Theme

Deer Antler Nightstand Lamps Add a Convincing Statement to Your Cabin or Lodge Theme

I love the strength this table lamp promises to lend to a lodge theme space. Its unique leather-like shade with a fabulous image of a large buck, is finished with faux stitching. Moving down the lamp,  its antler base is balanced on a platform that appears like a tree/log slab. It's a lot to love!


Adding Depth to Your Rustic Lodge Palette - Faux Animal Wall Mounts

I love sculptures. They're quite the art form, adding beauty, depth and lend big to your space's theme.
Animal wall mounts like these have that unexpected value as wall art and sculpture in 3D.
Like all wall art, hang where the mount will have little wall space left on either side. You want the piece to be big and 'loud.'
These faux animal heads will works wonders, adding a convincing edge to your rustic cabin decor.
You're one step closer to an ambiance you'll love.

Pair of Two Lodge Style Deer Antler Table Lamps

You want your rustic cabin look to be warm and cozy; that much is true, but a dark corner with looming shadows will spoil your decor. Adding adequate lighting will banish those eerie corners and depressing shadows.
Table and accent lamps are an instant way to showcase artwork and accessories above and below your night table. Having a unique feature, a lamp like this lamp set one with its antler base adds depth, art and utility.
You'll realize three necessary features every well-appointed room needs to succeed. I'd say this is one, fabulous addition that will earn its keep. Don't you think so?
Light up your new rustic cabin bedroom. You deserve it!

What's your favorite cabin or lodge themed bedding or decor? I'd love to hear from you in a comment!



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