Seafoam Green Comforters, Duvets & Bedding Sets

Seafoam Green Bedding: Embroidered Coverlet Set

Seafoam Green Bedding: a spritz of all things light & airy 

Seafoam green bedding like these budget-wise comforters and duvet covers, will create a majestic, ocean-  breeze ambiance you'll love waking up to. With seafoam green as part of your color palette, even the darkest of bedroom spaces will come alive. Add breezy seafoam pillows and uber-thrifty, sheer window panels, and the rest is breezy-easy!

Scroll down to see lots of seafoam green bedding sets with great ideas for pulling your room together without a lot of fuss--and funds--beyond your comfort zone. The result is a fabulous spa-like arrangement that's cohesive, bright, and airy: a bedroom that's alive, yet serene.

Prepare to be impressed with your endeavor!


Seafoam Green: a bit of blue and green


Seafoam Green Bedding: Comforter Set with Accent/Throw Pillows

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Use Your Sheets to Lend a More Green or Blue Look to Your Comforter or Duvet

Add Seafoam Green Sheets to Strengthen Your Color Palette

The majestic hues in Seafoam green can be visualized as blue or green--or a combination of both. 

Too, seafoam can lend to a tropical theme or serene getaway . . . or, the more posh, spa-like impression; it's all in how you accessorize. 

I love the seafoam green comforter and accent pillow set above, and I'm seriously considering this bed set as my new bedroom decorating venture. This sheet set will shift the comforter or duvet away from blue, towards a more green tone.

Can you visualize a number of themes with this comforter?



The Serene Seafoam Green Genre in Your Bedroom 

Seafoam Green Bedding Set: 5-Piece Pinch-Pleat Comforter & Accent Pillow Set

Seafoam Bedding Sets & Matching Pillows

7-Pce. Seafoam Green Comforter and Pillow Set

Getting the Designer Look for Less: begin with your seafoam comforter

When shopping for your new bedding, always take note of the model bedrooms while you're at it. 

You might go for a different seafoam green comforter or duvet, but don't discount the beautiful image of another bedding set. 

Seafoam Green Bedding Sets: 7-Pce Comforter & Pillow Set
I absolutely love the model bedroom above, but I've a gotta-have attraction to the comforter set above this one. BUT, I've a headboard much like this one here at left, so I know seafoam green will work well with what I have. 

You might want to blend two model rooms to achieve a look that's truly you.

Don't think you have to pay a lofty sum, as there will always be a lesser-priced . . . er . . . cheaper alternative. 

Keep a file or shoe box of your favorite images for easy recall. 

Remember, you are simply going for the look, not necessarily the price tag. There's no bigger sleep bandit than paying to much for those sheets!



Seafoam Bedding for a Luxurious Hotel Suite Ambiance

Seafoam Green Bedding: Quilted Embroidered Bedspread


3-piece Quilted Seafoam Green Coverlet Set

Hotel Fabulous: Seafoam Green Bedding As a Start

Budget-Wise Embroidered Quilted Bedding Set
Have you ever been to a hotel--or visited a 5-star hotel's website--where you fall in love with the suite or its images?

It goes without saying (but I'm saying it anyway), you have; we all have, I bet.

If you've been away on holiday and had the fortune of bedding down in those luxurious sheets and the plush duvet or comforter, it's hard to leave and return to a ho-hum or stale bedroom arrangement.

On easy thing you can do to recapture that fabulous vacation or honeymoon, is by visiting the venue's website to see the hotel suite where you fell in love--with the decor (I had to add that!).

Remember, all you need is a similar look of your seafoam green bedding being the starring attraction, and the accessories.

You don't have to invest in a new bed. Headboards can be found for uber-cheap on Amazon. I bought mine, a tufted tan faux suede headboard, on Amazon and just attached it to an old bed frame. You can see them by clicking any of these bedding links.



Budget-Wise Bedroom Decor Options to Think About

Wall Sconces Can Be Lighted w/ Remote
Budget-Wise Large Round Wall Mirror

Remote Control Light Bulb

I included these accessories that are budget-friendly while mirroring the last model bedroom. I wanted to give examples that will work well, giving you both the look and scale of the model space's decor. While the sconce here can be hard-wired to your wall, if you're not handy you might want to consider bunching the wires inside the mounting panel, placing a battery-operated light inside with a remote control for on/off--instant lights on both sides of your bed. Who knew?!

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