Wicker Storage Trunk Coffee Tables

Budget-Friendly Brown Natural Wicker Storage Trunk / Coffee Table

Wicker & Grass Trunk Coffee Tables: Natural Beauty with Storage

These inspiring natural grass and wicker trunk coffee tables with storage will breathe life into your living room or favorite space. Going natural in your favorite space with wicker, rattan and other of nature's reed grass  trunk coffee tables add an uplifting ambiance wherever they occupy--like fresh air. And having extra storage is attractive to boot; you'll literally close the lid on the clutter. I love the look of rattan, wicker, bamboo--really, any natural grass storage trunk coffee table. They're a piece that forsakes trendy, here-today-gone-tomorrow decorating trends and make themselves at home in any number of decor palettes. Incorporating a natural storage chest as a key piece in your space can be a great start to a lovely room ~ and I'll show you how.


Melding Natural Grasses Like Wicker with Your Existing Pieces

Original Hawaii Wicker & Cedar Chest Wood Trunk Coffee Table


Wicker & Natural Grass Coffee Table Here; Wicker & Natural Grass End Tables There: Not

Natural Wicker Storage Trunk Coffee Table in Walnut Brown
While it may seem that having every piece of furniture match is instinctive and 'the right way to decorate,' rethinking this principle in symmetries may serve you better in creating a warm space versus a stuffy arrangement of perfection.
I'm not a fan of a symmetrical decor, where what's on one side is mirrored on the other, like matching lamps and tables. Likewise, finishes are often kept to either all dark or all light. The issue I have with symmetries in decor is once you've seen one side of the room, you've 'seen' the other.
There's no unpleasant surprises.

Wicker Tables for Eclectic Palettes

Natural Wicker Storage Trunk Coffee Table in Toasted Oat

While some things look better matched, rooms that have a subtle mix of texture and finishes give dimension and lend warmth to your space. Natural chests like this wicker piece will complement your other dark wood finishes while being the refreshing change from monotony.

Give your space a little variety here and there and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Fitting Your New Coffee Table Storage Trunk into Your Space

Natural Rush Grass Storage Trunk Coffee Table

Don't Forget to Size Up Your Room and Your Coffee Table

I'm forever seeing furniture that's beastly compared to the size room it's in. Always consider your room's available floor space when buying furniture. It's a good idea to draw your room on a piece of paper. You don't have to be to scale; just be proportional. It sure makes easier work of placement than lugging furniture back and forth. The two wicker storage chest coffee tables (above this one) have just enough size for small and medium-sized rooms. I love the idea of tucking spare blankets, candles or crafting materials away in a moment's notice.

Taking the Edge Off with Round Wicker Coffee Tables

Natural Wicker Round Coffee Table

Obviously, most furniture is linear and it's the 'straight edge' arrangement pieces like sofas, end tables and some chairs create make for a cold result that's not at all warm and welcoming.
You can add instant warmth using round pieces like this round coffee table crafted with rattan and teak wood. It's natural hue makes it an ideal pick for any decor and color scheme.

Natural Wicker Round Coffee/Cocktail Table

White Wicker Round Coffee Table: crisp & clean

While these wicker coffee tables have the natural weave you're after, they don't have storage like the others here. I recommend pairing the table up with end tables or a chaise with storage inside. Aren't these round tables amazing?
This style is also available in a black finish as well. You can find all finishes at the link below the white table's image at left here.

Going Off-Label for Your Coffee Table Storage Trunk

35" Square Indoor/Outdoor Coffee/Cocktail Table Storage Trunk

Indoor/Outdoor Wicker-Weave Coffee Table with Storage

We often assume a product's labeling or description is a rule to live by but ever the 'rebel' of sorts, I'm looking over and around tags; it really pays off.
Outdoor furniture like this large wicker-design coffee table with ample storage is perfect for indoor use in space's where it will be taking quite a few hits from kids or pets [enter your own scary visual here]. Having had three boys, including twins, I can attest to outdoor furniture's sturdiness. Tables take quite the beating with spills and tumbles and pieces like this outdoor table can shake off the liquid readily.
If you have kids or pets, I'd venture to say you finding this table quite the attractive option!

Your Wicker Tables & Decorating Smaller Spaces

Round Storage Chest End Table 17" Water Hyacinth Rattan
Round tables tend to work better in tighter spaces, as the circular design alludes to endlessness. Plus, one doesn't bang a shin or knee on a hard corner.
This round natural grass weave side table would look great when paired on opposite sides of a sofa or loveseat.
The extra storage on both sides of your room is a real boon, too.

Round Storage Chest End Table 17" Water Hyacinth Rattan
If you want more surface area to your living room table, consider placing a round glass topper on the chest and you can double your table top.
With these glass table top pieces, you have options when it comes to your table's surface area; simply opt for a larger/smaller glass top. Be sure you've plenty of room to move all around the table.
Glass is a great choice for smaller spaces, as its transparency creates the illusion of space and light--both features you'll appreciate when appointing smaller spaces with furniture pieces.
Money-saving tip:
I've seen these glass tops at big box craft tor where they can be picked up at half price with a store coupon.

Corralling the Clutter: Wicker Tables as Storage Trunk

36"W x 20"D x 20"H Natural Wicker Trunk Coffee Table

Natural Woven-Seagrass Storage Chest Coffee & End Table
Nothing kills all decorating efforts like clutter; it's the bane of every promising space. I'm not just referring to a few wayward papers and messy kids' contributions ~ even those little trinkets placed 'just so' will add to a space's downfall on the decorating scale.
Be very selective with what ~ and how much ~ you place on your coffee and end tables.
Less is more.
Instead of chotskies everywhere, opt for one large piece: a large vase, not four ceramic flower baskets with bows; or a real plant in a nice pot in lieu of small statues that you're forever twirling around. Make things easy.
Incorporating natural grass pieces like this wicker coffee table trunk will add an element of fresh air, renewing the overall look of your living room or favorite space.
I love the look of white and greens in close proximity. If you've a small living room, consider pairing the two colors up to keep things light and fresh instead of dark and cramped.

Adding Dimension with Trio Sets: Three Seagrass Storage Chest Tables

Seagrass Storage Ottoman Table/Chests in Coffee Set of 3

Set of Natural Seagrass Storage Tables ~ Hand Twisted

Lots of folks who aren't decorating savvy line every wall with furniture. Have you ever seen that setup where sofas and tables look a though they're literally bracing the walls in their living room?
That never works.
For a refreshing change of pace, I suggest pulling some furniture pieces away from the wall in a nice arrangement ~ similar to the position of these seagrass tables.
Aren't they lovely?

Dual-Purpose Natural Grass Table with Storage Stools Underneath: Great Focal Pieces

Natural Rush Grass Coffee Table with Storage Chest Ottoman Seating Underneath


Remember my "less is more" mantra from above? Large tables make great focal pieces ~ especially for common areas, as they naturally take 'center stage' in your living room.

These large rattan and wicker cocktail tables would be quite the showstopper with a chandelier or drum shade hanging light overhead.

These lovely, natural wicker/rattan coffee tables have amazing storage for at-the-ready entertaining. Consider your activities and choose your living room tables accordingly.


Well, I stopped with the biggest--which is my fave--but what's yours?  


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