Yellow and Grey Comforter Sets and Bedding

9-Pce. Yellow and Grey/Gray Comforter & Sheet Set

Grey and Yellow Bedding: an exercise in good taste

The classic beauty of these tastefully appointed grey and yellow comforter and bedding sets promise to bathe your bedroom in a wash of sunshine and warmth. How elegant.
Indeed, yellow and grey are such an unlikely pair, it seems; how do these otherwise, polar opposites meld so opulently? Decor is all about the unexpected--the 'surprise' behind the door, so having just the right bedding is oh-so-important to your favorite space. Scroll down for a peek at these classic-beauty grey and yellow comforter sets and other fabulous bedding of the same ilk along with a few decorating basics to make your space your space.


Fr Under $50 Twin & Queen -Pce. Budget Grey/Gray and Yellow Comforter Set

Getting Started with Your Yellow and Grey Bedding Your Bedroom's Focal Point

Budget-Wise Yellow and Grey/Gray Chevron Comforter Set

Garnering Attention with Your Bed Set

Ideally, your bedroom's decor scheme begins with a great focal point in standout bedding; it's like dressing the 'belle of the ball'.
So, it makes sense to go as lavish and practical with your bedding's design, color and price.
Your room's bedding has quite the responsibility as the space's focal piece

Yellow and Grey Chevron Comforter & Sheet Set
                                                                              Your bedding introduces your intended theme, sets the mood (a space's ambiance) and welcomes you or guests with its appeal.
You might even think of your new yellow and grey bed set as the space's host, beckoning admirers with its beauty.
Once your bedding is in place, your subsequent additions: accessories, window treatments and rugs, etc. should support your bed's overall look.
Indeed, if you begin with fabulous bedding, you set the 'stage' and make easier work of finding appropriate pieces to support your new focal point.
Go as 'big' as possible with knockout yellow and grey comforter sets like these.
And the rest is easy.


The Many Faces of Yellow and Grey &Determining a Space's Needs & Your Preferences

Yellow and Grey Bedding Set: 8 Pc. Modern/Contemporary Comforter Set

Grey and Yellow Bedding: King & Queen Comforter Set

A Look at Several Styles in Grey and Yellow

I'm sure we all agree on the dynamic look of yellow and grey but style can be quite the stark difference when you consider bedding and the many sets I've included here.
Yellow and grey can take on a host of faces, supporting decor genres from classic to ultra modern; that's what I love most about the two hues when decorating. The two comforter sets here on the right can be paired with either a metal-base or a milk glass table lamp: same yellow and grey bedding, different style 'everything else.'

Yellow and Grey/Gray Embroidered Bedding Set
If you're one to redo your bedroom on a whim, consider a versatile bedding set like either of these, where you won't have to buy another comforter whenever the mood strikes you and you want a change from VanGogh to Picasso on your walls.
Your space's lighting is a big factor and should play a large part is your bedding's tone. Darker spaces need more yellow if you're to retain what natural or ambient lighting you do have.

 I'll talk more about that next. It's a great day when the bedding we love suits our space's needs.
Don't you think so?


Lighting Ideas for Yellow and Grey Bedding


8-Piece Embroidery Grey/Gray and Yellow Comforter Set Floral Bedding

Light Grey/Gray and Yellow Floral Bedding 7-Piece Comforter Set

Light Up Your Grey and Yellow Palette 

I was happy to see a model room like the one at right here, featuring the uber-cheap paper lanterns that I'm such a fan of!
When working with greys and black, it's best to have plenty of light, especially if your bedroom is generally lacking in natural light by day and dark shadows or creepy shapes from unknown sources loom by night.
No, there's no monster under the bed; it's a lack of adequate lighting coupled with a wayward sock or two.
7-Pce. Yellow and Grey Comforter Bedding Set
I recommend using several levels of ambient and task lighting. You'll need a task or reading lighting at bedside like the tripod lamp, ceiling lights for ambiance and an uplight (or three, in large rooms) for accentuating your space's favorite pieces.
Beds in cater-corners look fabulous with an uplight behind the headboard.
You can add tons of drama with the paper lanterns and a simple light kit--all for under $15.
Who knew?
Sunny yellow and grey bedding like those I've shown here have an uplifting 'spirit' as they brighten your space with their distinctive hues. It's as though the grey is an afterthought, there to keep the yellow from spewing forth in overzealousness.
With a bit of lighting, these floral grey and yellow comforter sets are just the fresh face any lackluster room needs.

Classic Grey and Yellow Damask Bedding Will Survive Girls' Many Stages

3-Piece Yellow Gray/Grey and White Avery Damask Print Comforter Girls Bedding Set

4-Piece Yellow and Gray Zig Zag Chevron Comforter Bedding Set

Yellow and Grey Classic Bedding Design: Chevron

I jumped at including this sweet, yet versatile, yellow and grey damask comforter set, as decorating for kids and picky tweens and teens can leave yesterday's decorating efforts in the under-bed dust!
And I'm not keen on doing a total redo on my kids' bedroom decor. Often the bedding's gotta go--in a big way (in their voice).
What's a mom or dad to do?
I say, invest in an age-neutral comforter set like this one in popular gray and yellow with the European damask, boutique genre and you'll get the most for your decorating dollar.
Yellow and Gray Bedding: Zig Zag Decorative Accent Throw Pillow
All you need do is add age-defining wall art and a few accessories and you can easily change them out come the next 'awakening' your child experiences.
Not having to ditch the whole kit-n-kaboodle is far more 'pallete-able'! Wouldn't you say?


Keeping Patterns Dazzling Not DizzyingUsing Visually-Strong Comforter Sets with Caution: Less is More

Queen Gray/Grey and Yellow Comforter/Bedding Set

6-Pce. Grey/Gray and Yellow Comforter/Bedding Set
These yellow and grey chevron and geometric bedding sets are striking in detail, and it's no wonder they make for a great focal point!
But as awesome as these designs are, such highly-energized color and detail need careful control, lest the chevron style becomes zig zag gone wild darts and daggers.
Corral the madness; space and pace it by using the chevron print on opposing walls.
So, if you've a window on the same wall as your bed, opt for solid white sheer panels for your windows.
20-Pce Yellow and Grey Comforter/Curtains/Sheet set
Busy patterns like the zig zag of chevron and geometric diamonds can render the space fully-charged--busy and cluttered--not at all tranquil!
Allow your bedding to stand on its own strength and don't dilute its WOW! factor with too much, 'here a chevron, there a chevron'.
With such lovely bedding, it's so easy to let it be.
Less is more.
NOTE: the 20-piece comforter bedding set includes a full sheet set with window panels--all bedding for a complete bedroom.


Mixing Genres in Yellow and Grey

Traditional Pintuck Yellow and Grey/Gray 8-Piece Comforter Bedding Set

8 Pc Grey and Yellow Comforter Set Queen Bedding
Mixing two decor genres, like what's shown here in this model room, can result in a striking effect of old meets new, steel meets subtlety. Just like the divide of grey and yellow, these schemes are indeed the 'polar opposites' I mentioned earlier.
I love the unexpected.
This grey and yellow comforter set-with its delicate paisley detail- seems destined to remain with accessories of the same ilk. But the satin-sheen grey opens the door for metal accessories, nickel lamp bases and curtain rods among countless modern-edged metals, smooth textures and sleek style.
There's no etched-in-stone way to appreciate decor, nor have I ever met 'Detective Decor', so go ahead and find new ways to use old pieces.
Repaint, recover and repurpose to get the look you want. Who would have thought a tower of books would make art?
A repurposed tin bucket, a pendant light, or an old wooden crate, a table? Find your own definition of art. And make the art your own.
I've always said, "Put a frame around it, it's art!"

Deciding on Paint: Wall Color ~ or NOT White Walls Aren't Always a Bad Boring Thing


Grey and Yellow Comforter and Sheet Bedding Set

Once upon a time. long, looOONG ago, I bathed everything in gold--even the powder room faucets. Sadly, it was only a short amount of time before the paint began to curl and flake, all my effort going down the drain in a swirl. Paint wasn't like it is now; you could cover anything with it but paint and object were in a temporary arrangement, only. The 'ol 'here today, gone tomorrow' was woefully true.
Grey/Gray and Yellow Sheet Set
But my love for paint never paled as painting a room's walls is the easiest, fastest and most economical way to dramatically change a room's look and feel. It's instant gratification at its finest. I love the classic design of these grey and yellow comforter sets; each has its own detail: quilted batting and/or decorative stitching. I'm seeing any of these bed sets looking great with white walls if you're not the painting fanatic or you can't change wall color in a rental home.
The classic elements in each of these yellow and grey bedding sets betray a theme that's undeniably likable and will make great guest room additions--not to mention, focal points.
Whether the bedding is for you or your guests, they promise to be among the best for welcoming your friends and family.


Which grey and yellow bed set did you find most interesting?


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