Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture Pieces

Large Wood Dog Crate Furniture: looks like end table

Decorative Furniture-Style Dog Crates: End Tables or Night Stands & Kennel In One

These affordable to designer, furniture-style dog crates look every bit the end table you need while serving as a kennel your small, medium or large dog needs. 

Adding to the beauty and function in your favorite living space, these dog crates are simply fabulous.

Available in a host of furniture finishes and modern, trendy paint hues, these decorative, indoor dog kennels promise to sit side-by-side with your living room, bedroom or your favorite space's decor without missing a beat.

Who knew your fabulous end table housed your large dog 'below deck'? This big-guy Lab looks totally happy with his smiley face!

 Click the caption (below any dog crate image) to see the specs and more info. I've updated each image.

 Wood Dog Crates For Large & X-Large Dogs (that look like side tables)

Indoor/Decorative Brown/Black/White Wooden Dog Crate 

Decorative dog crates serve as great indoor dog houses and/or kennels to keep your pooch safe and secure while you're out for short periods, while safeguarding your room's more expensive furniture pieces. We used our dog's crate in a bedroom to help house train new additions. I waited until my puppy was past the uber-hyper chew-everything-in-sight stage before I graduated my dog to these, solid wood fancy or designer crates, though.

Me being the decorator spirit I am, it's only natural that I go for the crate that looks most like the furniture in my space.

Oh . . . wait . . . is the kennel for the dog?

Who knew?

Your Dog's Crate Features: furniture style all-the-way ~ or not?

Brown Wood Finish Dog Crate/Kennel End Table Furniture


Decorative Dog Crate Cover Looks Like Furniture End Table

Your Dog and Her Crate: Some Things To Consider

The perfect kennel is one that finds the happy median between you, your furniture and your dog.

 There are two great dog crate versions that look like end tables, but with one major difference:

The all-wood crate is just that: a furniture-style dog crate, while the kennel below it, is actually a dog cage with a furniture-grade wooden cover and bottom--usually with a slide-out bottom for easy cleanup.

Both are decorative dog crate/kennel/cage options; the rest will depend on you, your room, and your dog's personality.


Decorative Wood Dog Crate That Looks Like Furniture: End Table/Kennel

I'll continue from where I left off, above. If your dog is feisty, you may want to opt with the dog crate with metal all-around, and wooden, furniture-style table tops and bottoms. This way, your dog can't chew his way through your wood table--or,good grief, try to dig his way out! I love the modern look of this dog crate; it looks like furniture, to be sure. But for a puppy wanting a romp with a ball, decorative, solid-wood crates and kennels will have to wait. Be sure to consider your dog's age before you turn that must-have checklist from pencil to pen.

White Furniture-Style Dog Crates: for small, medium, large & extra-large dogs

White Wood Dog Crate & Cover Looks Like Furniture: End/Side Table or Nightstand


Your Dog's Breed & Her Crate

White Wood Furniture-Style Dog Crate End Table

White Wood Dog/Pet Crate Looks Like Furniture

I never suggest any dog owner use a crate or kennel of any kind for hours on end. These furniture-style crates are great for overnight use--after our dogs have been fed, watered, walked briskly and cuddled.

A worn out pooch is a sleeper, indeed!

Obviously, if you've a tiny or toy breed dog, you don't need a large crate, but some breeds are known hyperactive dogs.

For these frisky critters--even if they're tired--I would at the least opt for a partial metal crate table like this one on the left. There's plenty of area to look out, and should your dog want to make noise, they can rattle the bars.

My Olde Boston Bulldogge came to know his crate as his 'bed,' running into it at night.

Later, I just left the door open at night, but was happy to have the crate when company came over.

If your beloved dog turns pesky critter when guests arrive, these crates are a must-have; they'll keep your dog in the room and in on the action, but out of the way: A definite win-win.


All Wood & Wicker Decorative Dog Crate Tables

Dog Crates That Look Like Furniture: Espresso Brown Wood Kennel/End Table for Medium Dogs

Furniture-Grade Wooden Dog Crate End Tables

Wooden Decorative Furniture Dog Crate/Kennel with Removeable Door Panel: Looks Like End Table

Dog Crate/Kennel That looks Like Furniture: Wood End Table

Should You Invest In A Designer/Furniture Grade Dog Crate?

These designer-look furniture grade wooden end table dog crates make an attractive end table or night stand in your nicest room.

While these crates are a bit more than the less-decorative dog crates, they're still cheaper than investing in both furniture and kennels separately.

Really, if you're well-vested in your home's decor, there's little to no sense in falling flat in the dog crate department.

Trust me, you'll regret it.

Fold-Out Dog Crate Table With Safety Fence & Gate

Decorative Indoor Furniture Style Wooden/Metal Folding Fence/Gate/Dog Crate: Folded, it looks like end table furniture

Company Coming? Wooden Dog Cage/Crate End Table Unfolds

Furniture Style Brown Wood Dog Crate as End Table

This posh furniture style wooden dog crate makes a sturdy piece of furniture as an end table in any room, but easily unfolds to create a great indoor safety fence with a gate that latches.
Click either caption to see the measurements & other specs.


Wicker/Rattan Dog Crate End Table - Available in Small,Medium to Extra Large Sizes

Wicker/Rattan Dog Kennel/Crate that Looks Like Furniture

Furniture Style Wicker Dog Crate Looks Like End Table

If you've a beach getaway, Florida room, sun room or love natural elements, wicker and rattan furniture pieces are a given when it comes to decor.

I've included just two crates here, but there are several more if you click either link.

These decorative crates can easily double as a coffee table, while saving valuable floor space--especially in tighter vacation homes.

If you want a nice-sized coffee table but have a small dog, opt for the large crate anyway; you're little dog won't mind one bit.


Here's Some Decorative Dog Crates That Belong In Their Own Category

Chew-Proof Amish Furniture Style Dog Crate Wood Cover End Table


Modern Furniture-Style Dog Crates for a Splash of Wow!

Modern Decorative/Fancy White Furniture-Style Dog Kennel/Crate That Looks Like End Table

Decorative Modern Dog Kennel Looks Like Furniture

Fun, Yet Sophisticated Modern Dog Crates

If you love modern design, and most if not all, your furniture pieces are modern, dog crates with the sleek sophistication these boast may be your best bet.

The dog crate here on the left is available in several colors, and the high-gloss finish add to a convincing, modern look, while keeping small, medium and large dogs safe and sound.


An Easy Semi-DIY Dog Crate Coffee Table

Wire Dog Crate Can Be Made Into Modern Coffee Table Kennel for Less

If you need a large-and-long dog crate that doubles as a coffee table, consider this metal kennel. Simply add 1'x6' wood planks atop the crate and VILOA! You've a nice industrial warehouse loft style dog crate table! The crate already has its door; all you need is a few wine glasses and a nice cheese platter.

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