Green and Purple Bedding Sets

Purple and Green Bedding: Under $50 Comforter Set

Purple and Green Comforters, Duvets & Bedding Sets

These green and purple bedding sets are the perfect color duo: purple for creating drama and green for grounding your bedroom space in natural beauty. 

What a fabulous color palette!

Let's have a look at more bedding options, using color, creating space, letting the light in and other principles to get your bedroom from A to B-E-D, that's: Bedding that's Enticing and Dramatic.


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Purple and Green Bedding for a Fabulous Focal Point: building your scheme

Purple and Green Bedding: Purple Paisley/Green Accents Comforter Set


We're past the decision: you want purple and green bedding. But building your scheme, your finished product, an ideal bedroom that you, or your favorite girl, tween or teen has long been pining for, will depend largely upon your bedding's genre: traditional, modern, cool or funky ~ or cool and funky. I'm sure you have something in mind past your bedroom's focal point. Really, dressing your bed is extremely important, as bedding has quite the job description. Indeed, that purple and green comforter or duvet cover introduces your color palette and theme, defines the space's style, grabs the eye, and paves the way for your bedroom's supporting pieces.

Yup, all that and more from some simple bed covering!

Adding Accent Hues to Your Green and Purple Palette for More Options

(Oops! I talk about this further down)

Uber-Cheap Bedding at Under $30: Purple/Plum and Lime Green Paisley Comforter & Pillow Set

4-Piece Lime Green Bed Sheet Set

Don't Forget Extra Sheets In Green or Purple

Well, good grief. . . .

I usually don't start out talking about matching bed sheets this early, especially not having broached one bit about the value your comforter or duvet plays in your bedroom's overall result. 

But I couldn't get my 'order-of-operations' to work for me this time around.

I know, I sound woefully inadequate for even pre-algebra standards!

4-Piece Purple Bed Sheet Sets Like This Brings Balance to a Two-Color Scheme 
But if you'll work with me, here, I promise to get better.

Since purple and green work wonderfully together (and you are very perceptive about what works to soothe among color duos), it makes great sense to have extra sheets in both hues--maybe a sheet set in different tones of the same color, like lavender and plum, or lime and jade green.

If you're one for change, you might just love the difference.

Who knew?

Well, back to my more regimented course of business, where I touch upon your bedding's presentation, aka focal point.

Purple and Lime Green Bedding: Girls' Flower Theme Comforter and Bed Sheet Set


Adding More Colors To Your Purple and Green Bedding Scheme

Purple and Green Bedding Ideas for Girls to Teens: Reversible Purple and Green Paisley/Polka Dot Comforter & Sheet Set


Like you, I love the idea of purple and green bedding and please don't let me dissuade you; however, you won't be going too far off course when adding another hue either in your bedding or your wall art. Isn't the purple in plum shade wall in the bottom right amazing? Did you notice the lack of green in the comforter's flip side? If your bedding has a few colors other than the purple and green, you can 'steer' the color palette back to your desired hues by adding those bed sheets I showed earlier. I love this comforter set. Fabulous!

Purple and Green Bedding for Girls: decorating for the long haul ~ or not ~


Purple and Lime Green Comforter & Sheet Set for Girls

Obviously, the two comforter sets shown here have different 'expiration dates.'

The purple and green--and a few colors in between--betrayed in this monkey-themed bedding is for girls aged seven to tween.

And while your girl will enjoy it, prepare to redecorate, or at least find a new comforter, keeping the monkey sheet set.

I often justify any bedding by its maturity, a child's age and cost. These three factors will weigh heavily in any decorating formula as great tools and are easily implemented. 
Lime Green and Purple Bedding: Camo Comforter Set for Girls

I bet you didn't consider camo bedding when you decided on your purple and green scheme, but obviously it works.

And this camo theme will keep on working.

If you're decorating for a tween, you might want to present your 'client' with this green and purple comforter set. It promises several years of use and will prove to be the thriftiest find, yet.

Another great aspect of this bedding is its matching window panels and valance, where as you've noticed, is a reverse of the comforter's design: green on purple, so you won't have to much of a good thing = bad thing, going on.

  • Twin Set Includes: 1 Reversible Camo / Solid Color Comforter; 1 Camo Flat Sheet; 1 Solid Color Fitted Sheet; 2 Camo Pillowcase + 2 Solid Color Pillowcases

Purple and Green Butterfly Theme Comforter Set 

Girls' Butterfly Theme Purple and Lime Green Comforter Set


What's Included In a Bed-in-a-Bag?

If you look nowadays, you may find lots of comforter and duvet sets claiming the bedding inside their package is the quintessential bed-in-a-bag when I beg to differ. Big time.

These 'everything's included' bed-in-a-bag sets should have a 4-piece sheet set that matches your purple and green comforter, a bed skirt, and pillow shams (in addition to the pillowcases). 

So, do be very attentive to bedding sets with the bed-in-a-bag description; there's lots of sets out there that don't cut it as far as the bed sheet set is concerned. Too often, you'll see that instead of the sheets, you may get a few accent (aka toss/throw) pillows. Decide if the bed sheets are a deal-breaker and go from there.

Now, About Those Fabulous Duvets: Fear Not Bedding Option

Lime Green and Purple Bedding: Duvet Cover & Bed Sheet Set for Girls Tweens & Teens

Under $30 3-pce Teal Green and Purple Duvet Cover Bedding Set

Purple and Green & Then Some Duvets

Duvets may seem a bit foreign to us Westerners especially, but those in Europe are sleeping comfy indeed!

Duvet Inserts Like This One Can Keep You Uber-Comfy
Duvets are bed covers you fill with none other than a duvet filler. The great part about these fillers as you might know, is you can use a thin filler during hot months and thick ones have promise to keep you fabulously warm and toasty on the coldest of nights. 

You can use your old comforter to fill your duvet. But once you invest in the duvet filler (and they're not expensive, either), you'll enjoy how more comfortably you sleep.

This duvet insert is microfiber down and starts at $30 but you can opt for the fillers for $20. 

Green and Purple Bedding: Reversible Duvet

5-Piece Purple and Green Duvet and Bed Sheet Set


Where's the . . . ? Getting the Color from Your Bedding

Purple and Green Bedding: Purple & Grey Comforter and Pillow Set


Deep/Dark Purple Hotel 7-Pce Comforter & Pillow Set

Adding Green to Purple Or Purple to Green

Too often, we might find a fabulous comforter or duvet in only one part of our color palette. But don't dismay! It's here you can add colorful pillows and/or bed sheets in whatever you find is missing.

I love this lovely dark purple comforter set, but obviously we'll need green of one tone or another to make your color scheme to work. And because the comforter is rather monotone (save for the subtle striping), accent pillows take on a host of patterns, designs, tones and textures. Pillows really earn their keep. Pair either green pillow with this bed set and you can see how well it gives the bedding a unique voice.

Green Accent Pillow Cover
Lime Green Pillows Set of 2


Let's Look At Some Great Accessories for Your Green and Purple Bedding

Purple and Green Bedding Accessory: 26.5" Table Lamp with Deep Purple Shade

Isn't this purple shade fabulous x10? If you want to pull more purple out of your comforter, duvet or bedspread, a lamp with the color shade you need will do the trick. Yup, you can trick the eye into thinking your bedding has more purple or green--or whatever hue you're lacking is easy~peasy.

Sheer Window Panels Under $8 Pair?

(my best-kept secret)

60" x 84" Purple Sheer Window Panels Under $8 Pair

Build upon your purple and green color palette easily and boldly with uber-cheap-as-all-get-out sheer window panels. These I've shown above are really under $7 per pair (at time of this writing)! Who knew?
And so not to leave green go unnoticed, I've included a nice lime green below, but there's a host of window panels in green and purples to lavender. Just click on the lime green panels for more colors.

60" x 84" Lime Green Sheer Panels for Under $8 Pair


Which of these purple and green comforter or duvet sets is your fave? Please leave me a message and thanks for stopping by!



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