Grey and White Chevron Bedding

Grey and White Comforter & Duvet Sets: stunning decor made easy

Grey and White Chevron Comforter Set

These budget-friendly chevron bedding sets and related accessories prove to be quite the stunner--grabbing the admirers' eye for a deserving second look. But just as the chevron design may be the stunning element your bedroom needs, it's also the strongest pattern known to humankind. 

You don't want your efforts at decorating to be sabotaged by an onslaught of zig-zag frenzy.

Not to worry.

Scroll down and find a host of grey and white chevron bedding sets and their accessories along with tips to pull off what may be the challenge of a lifetime.

Fab-u-lous-ness made easy-peasy. 


Where To Start With Your Grey and White Bedding


Chevron Themed Bedding Makes a Great Focal Image


Fabulous bedrooms begin with a head-turning bed, one dressed to the nines like these chevron comforters.

Not only do you have the tell-tale zig zag pattern,  but the hint of color complements the more banal grey and white.

Now, I'm not suggesting you veer from your perceived color palette, but subtle hints of vibrant hues work well to add interest and a license to add accessories and/or wall art in a color other than a repeat of grey.

One more great thing about these comforter sets, is many are reversible, so if you're inclined to have unforeseen changes of heart about your decor, you don't have to keep to grey and white chevron.

With decor, never say never about color and options.

Options are always a good thing!

Matching Chevron Curtains ~ Or Not

Matching Grey and White Window Curtain Panel

Matching Grey and White Curtain Panel



Oh, the decor's just gotta match! While that may prove to be the a nice, well-intended mantra, certain designs are just destined to be the loner, and chevron, aka zig-zag is one such pattern that might be overdone past the bed's comforter/duvet and accent pillow. Note the model rooms in the bedding sets' image above these chevron curtain panels. The beds are striking and the sheer window panels allow the bedding the honors it so deserves. I'll talk more about patterns further down. If your windows are on a wall opposite the bed, you'll be fine about using matching grey and white chevron curtains.

The Grey and White Chevron Duvet: Just the right one!

Gray and White Chevron Bedding: Duvet Cover Set


The Grey and White Chevron Bedding Set On a Budget

White and Grey Chevron Bedding: Budget-Wise From under $40 Twin, Queen King Comforter Set

Gray and White Chevron Bedding Set: Reversible Charcoal/Grey

Grey and White Chevron Bedding: 4-pce. Reversible Teal/Grey

Large-Scale Reversible Grey and White Chevron Comforter Bedding Sets

Grey and White Chevron Bedding: 4-pce. Reversible Pink/Grey

Totally budget-friendly, these chevron bedding sets have the same versatility as the reversible comforter sets I featured and talked about earlier.

While the earlier comforter sets were budget-friendly, these are uber budget-wise at under $30 (at time of my writing).

And dare I say, "cheap?"

Speaking of cheap, I love looking at model rooms like those here. With every accessory, light fixture, wall art and supporting furniture piece, I'm scanning my brain for ways to achieve the look for less.

Did you take note of the larger image, above?

The wall art is grey and white but wisely doesn't mirror the chevron; it's circular design is fabulously simple and supports the geometric theme of the bedding.

You can easily create something very similar using old frames painted white and a simple image using acrylic craft paint for both. Craft paint is often under $1.50 a bottle, and comes in a host of colors and finishes--even metallic.

I often tell folks to look around their home for old or broken toys, kitchen ware, forgotten tables and lamps.

 Turn things upside down and look at a new angle for fresh ideas: an old pail upturned becomes a lampshade, a wooden end table from Grandma's house, painted silver becomes ultra modern.

Don't discount old, mid-century modern pieces, either!

You can recreate the hanging light fixture for super-cheap cutting plastic from a home improvement store, then painting it and adding a hanging light for under $10 or so.

Don't Discount Dashing Duvets

Gray and White Chevron Bedding: 3-Pce. Duvet Cover Set

Duvets, in case you're not real familiar with them, are a fab-u-lous idea for keeping warm and cozy in the coldest winter months, and cool and crisp during the hot-hot months of summer. Duvets are covers, meaning you tuck a duvet filler inside. These fillers can be very thin or really thick--it's all about your comfort level. Duvets often run less expensive than comforters, but you can even save further if you use an old comforter as filling. So if you tend to run hotter or colder than your significant other, consider a duvet.

Grey and White Chevron Bedding Isn't Just For Us Big People

Turquoise accent Grey and White 4-Pce. Girls' Comforter Set
Zig-Zag Grey and White Chevron Panels/Curtains


Kids' Wall Art On the Cheap~As~All~Get~Out

While the zig-zag in the chevron bedding seems like the most logical answer to kids' wall art, try to refrain from strictly the zig and the zag. Instead, use a piece of white or grey card stock (the kind at big box craft stores for dirt cheap) and paint the chevron pattern very lightly on the paper, then paste an image of your boy or girls' favorite subject you've printed or cut from old books or wrapping paper over the chevron. 

Got t-shirts with tears or stains? Don't despair! Cut the image from the shirt, then stretch it on the cardboard insert of a cheap frame. Viola! Instant wall art!

Gray and White Chevron/Zig-Zag Bedding: 2 & 3 pce. Duvet Cover Set


Which chevron bedding set do you find most fabulous? Leave me a comment, and thanks for stopping by!


Grey and White Chevron Bedding <p style="font-size:32px">Grey and White Comforter &amp; Duvet Sets: stunning decor made easy

Grey and White Chevron Comforter Set These budget-friendly chevron bedding sets and related accessories prove to be quite the stunne...