Tea Carts & Beverage Trolleys With Wheels

Wooden Tea Cart with Wheels: Vintage Style Serving Trolley

Wood & Metal Tea Serving Carts

These tea and beverage carts with wheels are an affordable way to add form and function to your favorite social setting. If you can imagine the form and function of vintage style serving carts like you would a old china cabinet, it's quite the neat arrangement: period pieces from Victorian, to modern where everything's in one tidy place and at our fingertips. 

How comforting is that? 

Here's a look at several style tea and serving carts with wheels for every occasion and decor genre along with helpful tips you'll love for getting the most from your 'wheeled cart of confidence' below.

Lets roll!

You can see the details of each cart by clicking the caption under the image.

At Your Service: Tea & Serving Carts on Wheels for Decor & Dining

Vintage/Antique Style Wood Tea Serving Carts with Wheels: Cherry Wood Rolling Beverage Trolley

 Tales From Files of the Forgetful Host

 (that would be me)

Rolling Serving Cart with Chrome Finish and Glass Shelves

Having an attractive serving cart with wheels like these for tasty appetizers as well as being a lovely decor piece makes for a "double-your-pleasure" (hmm, somehow I'm thinking of Wrigley's Gum) investment you can depend on when company comes 'a calling.

Indeed, serving carts on wheels are a great idea for us entertainers and decorators alike, as there's a plethora of lovely styles-- with features we hosts can appreciate for making guests feel welcome and appreciated. 

When the doorbell rings and friends or family pay a visit, (drum roll for suspense, please) there's no second guessing, "Do I have everything at the ready?" or "What did I forget?" Those doubts can leave even the most confident among us hosts doubting ourselves.
Sound famil?


Vintage Serving Cart: a waft of yesterday just now rolling in

Vintage Red Metal Serving Cart on Wheels for the Dining Room or Kitchen


The History of the Tea Cart - Traditional Style Serving Carts with Wheels



Victorian Antique Repro of Mrs. Crumpet Mahogany Tea Cart with Wheels

Tea carts first appeared during the Victorian era ~ a time when sophisticated, ornate design reigned within the walls of the affluent. Often, tea carts were used to display fine china while en route to serving up a bounty of food. It was all about appearances.

After the turn of the 20th century, tea carts were more in keeping with their name, being the prized piece in dining rooms but used daily for afternoon and social teas during the 1930s. But after fancy luncheons and tea times fell out of favor, the tea cart became an unlikely fixture rather than the norm.

Today, teas carts enjoy a spot in many homes as a decorative piece; they're quite attractive and serve as a conversation piece during social gatherings while serving as a portable beverage station. And there's no shortage of tea cart styles (as I'll mention below) to make delivering your favorite beverage an attractive, enjoyable event.


Entertaining & Decor: Finding Your Style - Traditional to Modern Serving/Tea Carts


Vintage/Rustic Modern Warehouse Style Serving Cart on Wheels for Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Your Serving Cart: What's Your Style?


3-Tiered Tea Cart/Beverage Serving Trolley with Wheels

As I've mentioned, there's an array of beautiful style serving carts to mirror your decor. For conservative, more traditional decor, you may want to opt for the original look like the one in my intro.

Conversely, modern decor requires a more linear arrangement with sleek metal finishes like chrome, glass trays and no-frills styling.

Even the rustic-warehouse-industrial-metal-and wood serving cart like the one above, with its tell-tale casters screams modern--or antique, if that's where you want to go with style.

 A word about this tea cart image on left: I can only guess the . . .er . . . floating trolley isn't a levitation trick; rather it most likely fell victim to a new image software program. I love a good laugh, but the tea cart is quite nice for tea, coffee, wine or spirits.


Metal Tea Serving Cart with Glass Shelves

 Find pieces that work in kitchens and dining rooms as part of your room's 'landscape,' while serving cake and coffee . . . lemon pie and hot tea . . . let your taste for pastry, your decor's color palette, and your fun personality shine.

Finding a tea cart that best suits your style is very easy as this varied selection suggests. It's all in what you like most, how you'll use your serving cart and what size you'll need.


Now, About Those Wheels - Unique Wheeled Rolling Tea Cart


Outdoor Serving Carts: Great for Unique Decor & Indoor Use

Large-wheeled tea carts like these help betray the dated look of yesteryear. I think of English gardens and afternoon teas in their true setting.

I can envision any of these serving carts working in both indoor and outdoor settings, making for an ideal pick in sun rooms and covered porches.

It's a good idea to consider a cart's wheels and whether they'll work with your decor, as they're such a major factor in the cart's overall appearance. too, for best results, be sure to take in each feature of a cart's design for your space's best fit. 

Isn't this tea trolley quite the vision?


Simple Yet Sophisticated: Modern Sleek Chrome Finish Metal & Glass Serving Carts


Modern Glass & Chrome Finish Metal Serving Cart for Dining Rooms with Large and Swivel Wheels

 Glass & Metal Serving Carts: fabulous for dining rooms

Chrome/Glass Portable Wine Serving Cart on Wheels

Modern decor means clean, uninterrupted lines and sleek finishes-- a simple, yet steely look. 

These modern beverage carts have all those elements, making for a successful contribution to your space. 

While not the 'tea for two' cart, or even the teetotalers, these carts can serve more aptly as a beverage cart for cocktail parties, where you might stock them with setups: olives, ice buckets and swizzle sticks among a host of other cocktail accoutrements. 

I can see the infinite possibilities: Hawaiian umbrellas, champagne flutes, fruit kabobs, and on and on. . . .
Rolling Metal & Glass Modern Serving Cart on Wheels

Between parties, your cart would look amazing adorned with martini glasses or a lovely decanter or two. 

Ironically, the carts' simpler lines make them all the more sophisticated. Maybe that's why I love modern design so much; it's uncluttered but oh, so strong!






Decorating in Large Spaces: Roll in the Whole Bar

Distressed Industrial-Style Serving Bar Cart on Caster Wheels

Industrial Warehouse Modern Bar/Beverage Cart on Wheels

Large rooms means large pieces--of everything. When decorating for those ample spaces, it's best to think bigger is better. A few substantial pieces make a much better presentation versus several small ones that will result in a messy, cluttered ambiance.
Keeping it simple in large spaces doesn't mean forsaking what you love, just use small accessories and collectibles at the minimum in a three-piece arrangement, so they can stand out rather than contribute to the clutter.
I like this large serving cart on wheels for its eye-catching detail, ample storage and usefulness. You can create the ideal focal point by placing this big guy on a prominent wall with a large painting overhead. Keep things simple and strong with a trio of large, matching vessels of different heights and maybe a large bowl to complete the tidy arrangement. You wouldn't get such a cohesive look with a clutter of small knickknacks (can you imagine all that dust settling around and over top of them?).
Simple and neat make the best presentation.

Plain Yet Plentiful Design: A Balancing Act - Rolling Serving Carts

Rolling Wrought Iron Style Serving Cart/Trolley with Wheels for Dining Rooms



Metal & Wood Rolling Serving Trolley/Cart on Wheels

Plain doesn't mean having to ditch style, on the contrary, using plain pieces like these less-fanciful but oh-so-fabulous, rolling tea carts allow you the most freedom in decorating, serving and convenience ~ especially if you've a prized tea set or super busy print or loud design accessory piece.
A dining room, kitchen, or living space can become easily overwhelming in an instant if you're not careful. Too many great things can fast become a jumble ~ not at all visually appealing.
Ideally, each element you add to your decor should support your room's theme, not compete with other substantial pieces.


Metal Tea/Beverage Serving Cart with Glass Shelves

So, plain makes sense; it paves the way in making your space your space.
I like using the ratio of 3:1, where it's three plain pieces to every loud or themed piece. I've found his practice to be a success in balance.

I love these nondescript tea carts for their endless decorating options,don't you?


Modern Style Just Rolled In: Metal Beverage Trolley/Bar Cart with Glass Shelves

Entertaining Outdoors With Your Serving Cart ~Or NOT


Rolling Serving Carts with Two Wheels: Outdoor Patio Serving Trolley


Indoor/Outdoor Wine & Tea Serving Cart

While some furniture pieces may have 'outdoor use' as their initial purpose, there's no reason you can't bring them indoors.

 As a matter of fact, those outdoor pieces can hold up for quite some time compared to their indoor cousins, as they're made to withstand the weather.

Why not offer these hardy tea carts like this lovely one a place in your home?

Wrought Iron Style Rolling Outdoor Patio Serving Trolley Cart on Wheels

With outdoor serving carts, you'll realize all the perks as the delicate models, plus you'll have the option to take things outdoors on a bright, starry night.

Doesn't dinner and drink on the veranda sound enchanting?

Don't limit yourself to labels. Think outside the box ~ in this case, literally outside.



Large Outdoor Patio Serving Cart with Big Wheels

Outdoor Patio Metal Rolling Serving Cart/Trolley with Glass Shelves and Wheels




Entertaining in Small Spaces - Low~Profile Tea & Beverage Serving Trolleys


Outdoor Patio Wicker Style Rolling Serving Cart: White Brown or Black

In small spaces there's no better pick for furniture than dual-purpose pieces like these small yet attractive tea carts. And with ample space for housing your stems and other glassware, you've quite a substantial addition in one tidy package.

I love the idea of 'wheeling' my goodies to the scene of action, ready to go at a moment's notice.

When planning for a get-together these great looking beverage carts can be loaded down ahead of time, leaving little room for forgetting your olives or cocktail napkins.

Small Antique Brass Rolling Serving Cart Wheels: Round Glass Shelves


Planning your gathering and being well prepared in advance can promise a successful ~ and with much less stress ~ affair.

I like the idea of dividing up my tasks among several days versus the last minute rush to the punch bowl.

Don't you?

Leaving You With One Tea Cart: I couldn't leave this trolley unattended

Outdoor/Patio/Garden Rolling Tea Cart with Large Wheels

 Here's one last tea cart for my final farewell. It's a metal 'outdoor' style but there's nothing keeping you from rolling this trolley inside for a fabulous bit of whimsy while serving up beverages.

Please leave me a message, sharing which cart you found most lovely and useful to you.

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