Glass & Mirrored Bar Carts

Chrome Bar Cart with Glass Shelves & Swivel Wheels

Mirrored and Glass Bar Carts: Sleek & Savvy Just Rolled In

These budget-wise, mirrored and glass rolling bar carts are a great way to entertain in areas that command an eye-catching element with function.

I've included many bar cart styles: modern chrome with mirrored shelves, clear glass shelves for smaller spaces--lots of unique design elements for an enjoyable event when playing host.

Let's have a look at these bar carts with wheels and I hope you feel the same appreciation for them that I do. I'm just lovin' this cart, don't you?

Small Glass and Chrome Bar Carts With Wine Glass Rack

Budget-Wise Modern Round Metal Chrome/Silver Rolling Bar Cart with Glass Shelves and Wine Glass Rack

Small Bar Carts with Wheels: glass & mirrored shelves are big on light

Coaster Serving Cart
Chrome/Metal Bar Cart Glass Shelves & Wine Glass Rack

I love these bar carts: they lend an impression of sophistication, grandeur, even though they're small.

Chrome (silver) finished metal frames, mirrored shelves and smartly appointed glass racks and wine bottles keep your 'goods' in place while you roll the bar cart.

Doesn't this serving cart look cosmopolitan?

While it's small, you'll have all the room you need for an intimate gathering of family or friends. With swivel wheels, you won't have to pick the front of the cart when navigating your smaller floor space.

My Fave For So Many Reasons!

Furniture of America Odetta Contemporary Champagne 2-shelf Mirrored Serving Cart
Round Gold Metal & Mirrored Glass Bar Cart on Wheels
Well, you might not be feeling the love like I do over this round mirrored bar cart, but hear me out.

This little guy lights up any small dark space with mirrored shelves up and down, and the metal frame looks so . . . so . . . retro--I'm thinking Frank Sinatra and cocktail parties, fine wine (and dare I say, cigar) parties.

Can you 'hear' the big band jazz?

This rolling bar cart has the swivel wheels for safe navigation; you can even pose this one as an end table.  Just turn on the lights and your space lights up tenfold with the mirrors.

Love it!

Large Metal Rolling Bar Carts with Mirrored Glass: enliven your party's mood

Two-Tiered Silver/Chrome Bar Serving Cart with Glass Shelves and Wheels

Chrome Metal Bar Serving Cart With Black Glass
                                                                            Larger rolling bar carts are fabulous for throwing the serious party. This two-tiered chrome/silver cart has seriously large, black glass shelves on top and below.

Swivel wheels are a must-have and this bar cart delivers. Wine bottles stay put inside their holders on the bottom glass shelf. Lots of room for hors devours on top and the smart rails help keep things arranged just so.

Chrome Bar Cart w/ Mirrored Shelves & Wine Bottle Holder

It seems the large, two-tiered bar carts just keep getting better.

I'm a big fan of organization, and bigger affairs can be very stressful if not for pre-planning. It's here that carts with large glass shelves--upper and lower--along with wine bottle racks or holders.

This is one smart bar cart and will work well for your parties' food and drink, be it wine, liquors or whatever you can whip up and enjoy with friends and family.


Studio Designs Home Veranda Round Cart
Modern/Contemporary Small Round Chrome and Glass Bar Cart on Wheels


Rustic Warehouse Metal & Wood Serving Cart w/ Wheels


just became acquainted with this [my second fave] industrial warehouse serving cart. 

Who knew the two elements: rustic wood with its unimposing, subtle finish and its polar-opposite, steely metal frame of rivets, rods and serious caster wheels, would be the match made in Heaven?

I know ... a bit on the 'lofty' side, but knowing the industrial warehouse genre and its prices, I would have guessed a large two-tiered serving cart with both wine bottle and wine stem [glass] rack and caster wheels would be substantial, but this heavyweight surprised me.  

Special Delivery: Hollywood Regency Just Arrived ~ Gold, Glitz & Fabulous

Hollywood Regency Style Gold Metal Rolling Bar Serving Cart with Glass Shelves

This gold-tone bar cart is one of my absolute faves! Its framework is uber-simple, but what is there, is stunning. The cart's glass shelves open any area to light, and the exaggerated circle spells grandeur 50 or 60's Hollywood Regency style. I'm not a fan of lining furniture pieces along any wall, but it's easy to see how well this serving cart breaks all the rules! Note how the patterns in the chair upholstery and the wall art are picked up nicely, while the gold in the area rug make the space doubly-fun and spectacular.  Who knew?

Rolling Oval Metal Bar Carts with Wine Bottle Holders & Glass Shelves

Gold Metal Bar Cart with Glass Shelves and Wine Bottle Holder/Rack

Sometimes just the right tone . . . is, well . . . just that. I chose these two portable bar carts to illustrate how just the simple change of metal hues brings the fabulous front-and-center to your favorite gathering space.

Pair this gold framework bar cart with pale pink walls for a Frank Sinatra style evening: crooning and swooning with your favorite bubbly-on-the-veranda, and tunes on the Victrola (I know, I know; I made that up).


Rolling Black Metal Bar Cart with Wine Bottle Rack & Glass Shelves

Not feeling the powder-pink walls and gold metal finish above?

Not to worry.

Here's the same bar cart on wheels in a flat black metal frame to go with white, grey or oyster-colored walls--sounds fab already!

Don't forget to use wine bottles and/or wine stems as attractive art forms. I like how the hammered aluminum ice bucket and shaker add a splash to the bar cart's glass shelves, don't you?

Now's the time to plunder through your cupboards for those long-forgotten stems and colorful tumblers!

 A Rolling Bar with It All: fabulous mirrored shelves, wine rack, wine glass rack, locking, swivel wheels

Metal Bar Cart with Black Tempered Glass Shelves and Wine Glass & Wine Bottle Racks

What's your favorite among these bar carts: Traditional, Contemporary or Modern?

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