Lavender and Grey Crib Bedding Sets

Lavender and Grey Crib Bedding Set for Baby's Nursery

Posh & Precious: Grey and Lavender Nursery Crib Sets

These budget-friendly lavender and grey crib bedding sets are ideal for creating the posh-princess or precious prince's nursery--baby's first room ever.

Purple is the color of royalty; but go a lighter shade, add grey to it and you've one royal combination for your baby's nursery crib bedding set--talk about luxury, indeed. Lavender and grey (or gray, if you prefer) baby bedding crib sets help bring an air of opulence to your baby's new nursery, where you'll realize a striking result that's pure luxury. No doubt, your guests will respond with the, "Oh, WOW!, two words that confirm our efforts are well rewarded. Scroll down to peruse lavender and grey crib bedding sets that belie their lower price tag. I'm happy to share my findings along with a few decorating basics to catapult baby's nursery into a palace for welcoming your new baby girl home--or boy. ~ with love.

Lavender and Grey Cribs Sets: Captivatingly Sweet

Damask Lavender and Grey/Gray Nursery Bedding Set: 5-Pce. Grey and Lilac/Lavender Crib Set for Baby Girls' Nursery

Damask & Florence Design Crib Bedding Sets

9-Pc Lavender and Grey Damask Crib/Nursery Set by JoJo
Cribs are often a nursery's largest asset, so you'll want crib bedding that captivates: drawing the eye's attention, warming the space and welcoming you inside with its beauty.
That's quite a lot to expect of your baby bedding. Indeed, you'll need to go as 'posh' as practical for your budget and decor needs.
Lovely grey and lavender crib comforter sets like these have the visual energy to make that fabulous, first-impression focal piece you're after.
3-Pce. Florence Lavender and Gray Crib Bedding Set: Baby Girls

Ideally, focal pieces are a starting point when decorating, as they have an affect on everything you add to your baby's room thereafter; so be sure each piece--wall art to window dressing--supports your focal point, adding to your theme without competing for attention.
Successful decor keeps all eyes on your baby's bedding for a bit longer before graduating to other, fun pieces.
A great start plays harbinger to a fabulous finish in your baby's new nursery. Aren't these pure luxury lavender and grey crib bedding sets absolutely lovely?

Creating the Boutique Theme with Purple and Grey:Classic Pattern Crib Bedding for a Posh Ambiance

Designer/Luxury Grey and Lavender 3-Piece Baby Girl Chevron & Polka Dot Nursery Crib Set for Baby Girl's (or Boys)

Adding Color to Your Grey and Lavender Nursery Palette 

Baby Girls' 9-pc. Grey and Lavender Crib Bedding Set

Yellow, Lavender and Grey Crib Sets

Obviously, these grey and lavender nursery crib sets are a much lighter purple than the more vibrant bedding sets, but I'll explain about working with color, below.
5-Pce Custom Lavender and Gray Crib Bedding Set
Light hues of purple a.k.a. lavender and grey are ideal for creating a restful, retreat-like ambiance sets the stage for a fun, lively vibe; it's all a matter of personal preference but I must add if you've a fussy, hard to put down baby, you should opt for pastels like these lavender and grey crib set.
These two lavender and grey crib sets at right, have yellow accents, so a nice sunny yellow wall would look fabulous, brightening baby's nursery space with the swish of a paintbrush. Adding an accent color to your grey and lavender palette allows you to expand on your nursery's decor   

Remember, when decorating: vibrant colors produce and energetic ambiance and vice versa with the pastels. Either of these lavender and grey crib bedding sets will help your lil' one settle down for a restful sleep.

Frills in Pastel: The Pure Opulence of Lavender and Grey

Grey and Lavender Crib Bedding: 4-Pce Lambs & Ivy Designer Nursery Set for Baby Girls

Making Baby's Grey and Lavender Nursery Even More Enchanting with Lighting & Accessories
(more bedding further down)

Small Clear Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Nursery

A word of caution: Keep away from bright hues, as they'll 'steal the show' from the get-go, competing with your lavender and gray as the eye zooms in on the loudest colors and patterns.

Lavender and grey crib bedding betrays such a welcoming air; its quite beckoning, isn't it?

Luxury Lavender and Grey Nursery Bedding by Glenna Jean

Murals Made Easy for the Not-So-Artists

Willow Tree Wall Decal Mural

Isn't the nursery above with its fabulous mural stunning?
Before you discount any notions about your artistic abilities, you can recreate one fabulous mural using wall decals; they're oh-so-easy, removable, reusable and washable. And they're relatively cheap!
I love the pillow arrangement on the wall; they add depth to the mural. The artist was smart to add this bit of unconventional 'wall art'; it plays on my mantra: "Put a frame around it and call it art." .

Wall Decal for Lavender and Grey Nursery

Wall decals are really too cheap for the visual impact they project. Find the voice you want your nursery space to betray and you've won half the battle.

It's too easy.

Keeping Busy Patterns In Check

Lavender Chevron Zig-Zag Crib Bedding Set: 3-Pc Designer Nursery Bedding

Too Cute Lavender and Grey Crib Bedding in Chevron & Baby Elephants and Deer

Lavender and Grey Crib Bedding Set Elephant Chevron
While this grey and lavender crib set is less-spirited, too many matching pieces can resonate as a messy arrangement. One might think back to the old adage: 'Too many coordinates spoil the space.'
That's my twist on the cooks in the kitchen quote but you can clearly see that you can't clearly see any one thing, in the model room here.

Deer Woodland Grey and Lavender Crib Bedding

Keep this fabulous bedding fabulous; allow the crib set to be the focal piece it's supposed to be, lest you wind up with galloping giraffes and runaway zebras --everywhere.
I'm a believer in introducing newborns to bright hues and patterns aplenty.There's so much to see in the lavender and grey crib comforter with a splash of black alone that not much else needs to be added.
And that's a good thing.

Finish with an Adorable Crib Mobile

Lavender and Grey Nursery: Butterfly Crib Mobile


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