French Script Chairs & Print Accent Furniture Pieces

Vintage Style French Script/Writing Armchair & Foot Stool

From Vintage To Modern: French Script Accent & Armchairs

These budget-wise French script chairs and related furniture pieces, all boast the vintage-style print and are a fabulous way to add an air of  worldly sophistication to your favorite space.

In this post I'll talk about how your new chair can brighten up low-light by opting for just the right print upholstery fabric.

Or, how choosing your chair's features (aside from the French print, of course), can make--or break--your comfort thresholds. 

Who knew there were so many considerations to ponder when shopping for these opulent French script chairs?

Let's get started!

Click below each chair to see more about it.


French Script Vintage~Style Upholstered Armchairs


Armchair with French Print/Script Upholstery & Scalloped Backrest


French Script Upholstered Fabric Armchair

Armchair or Not?

We all have our own definition of comfy~cozy, so most any French script chair might foot the bill as far as design is concerned.

But if you're looking beyond an accent chair, armchairs like these have upholstered padding and a bit more in the seat as well as comfortable armrests.

One caveat you must consider is floor space. While an accent chair is a real space-saver, they're rather slim in statue and best suit your need for extra seating in case of an impromptu gathering.
Armchair with French Script/Writing Fabric
One more thing: these French script armchairs have nice backs, but notice the concave backrest in the chair above left, where you can snuggle back with a nice throw and a book.

Not feelin' it?

The armchair here on the left has a very padded backrest for folks like me who tend to slouch--not attractive if you prefer to exercise a healthy posture should the cameras come out (I'm thinking New Year's parties, when we tend to wither a bit after the champagne comes out).

It's best to ascertain whether your personal comfort, habits, etc. outweigh your space's available square footage before you settle on either of the French script chairs but it sure is nice to have both space and comfort in one!

Budget~Wise Vintage French Script Dining Room Chairs

Budget-Friendly Set of Two French Script Writing Parsons Dining Room Chairs


The Oh~So~Versatile Dining Room Chair

Set of 2: Affordable French Print Writing Dining Room/Side Chairs

These uber-affordable, French Script dining room chairs (also called, Parson's chairs) are a great answer to adding extra seating if space is limited.

Not only will these chairs sit nicely against two dining room walls, awaiting your next big gathering, these slim guys will instantly change the room's 'flavor' from plain ol,' plain ol' to worldly and extravagant.


Set of 2 Affordable French Script/Writing with Vintage French Print

Too, your space's ambiance will look very intimate with the change of just a few chairs. Who knew we could gain so much from a simple switcheroo?

If you want a relaxed, bistro or French bakery look, consider using these budget-wise dining room chair sets paired with an unmatched set. 

Parsons chairs' slim lines make easy work of finding your matched-mismatched set. Some of these chairs have black fabric versions, so have a look see, and maybe you'll opt for upholstered chairs that match the wood (in black or cappuccino). 


Set of Two French Script Dining Chairs w/ Writing Over White Upholstery


Armless Accent Chairs with Vintage French Script Fabric

French Script/Print Fabric Upholstery Accent Chair

Armless Vintage French Script/Writing Accent Chair

Armchairs are a smart way to create intimate seating arrangements. They're also fabulous for creating two areas out of one.

 Breaking up an awkwardly-long and narrow living room or other common living space seems like it's quite a chore and one best left to contractors with big dreams versus our focused wallets.

Well, it's not that big an endeavor.

Paris Theme Accent Chair & Pillow w/French Script

For long, 'bowling alley' style spaces, you'll do best placing your sofa, coffee table and a chair on one end of the room.

At the other end of your space, place two of these French Script chairs in an arrangement with solid-color chairs, where each guest can face another for easy conversation. 

Finally, use floor lamps and perhaps small chests or tables for a cozy ambiance that looks balanced.

Another great lighting option is to hang a chandelier overhead on each end of the space. Your space will look totally opulent without much fuss.

Who knew?


Vintage Style Ottomans with French Script Fabric

French Print Fabric Upholstery Ottoman/Foot Rest with Storage

Foot Rest/Ottoman with French Script Fabric Studs

Vintage French Script Design: from living areas to bedrooms

With these foot stools and ottomans, you'll for sure have the French writing theme you want, but a few even have storage inside for a form-meets-function win-win.

I only included a few ottomans but if you want to see more styles, just click on any of the captions below the images and you might find that gotta~have.

If you'll be taking your French-script theme into a bedroom, I suggest you might find a bench/chest (like the benches below) placed at the foot of the bed where you'll have extra storage for blankets and other bedding as well as a seat for dressing.
With the French script upholstered chests below, you can create a window seat or cozy nook if you have an awkward layout.
Flank your chest with two high shelving units with a window in the center for a nice arrangement.
Don't be afraid to experiment. It's your space and the options aren't limited to any protocol. Make it yours!

    French Writing a'la Bench Chests: for padded storage & seating

Tufted Upholstered Bench with Storage: French Scripted Writing Fabric

Budget~Wise Storage Sets in French Script Fabric

3-Pce. French Script Bench & Footrests/Stools with Storage

3-Pce. Black French Script Storage Ottomans

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