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World & Map Themed Comforter and Bedding Sets

Map Themed Bedding: a world of decorating options.

These budget-wise, map theme comforter, duvet and bedspread sets are a sophisticated first step to creating a fabulous bedroom.

Whether or not you're a world traveler or want to educate your kids to teens, I've perused the options among map bedding sets, including old world, traditional and modern decor styles, so I'm betting you'll get a sense of  'where you want to go' with decorating your bedroom.



World Map Themed Duvet by DENY in twin, queen & king size

Map Bedding & The Modern Decor Palette

When we think about decorating in the map theme, it's common to envision the Old World style of plaid or blue palette. 

But this map-themed duvet cover by DENY is proof positive that the modern decor fan--like  me--can use a plethora of color and/or finishes from wood to metal.

Who knew?


Black & White Old World Bedding: Duvet Cover

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Black & White Old World Map Bedding: decor options

Black & white may seem so blahzay but really, with this 'non-color' combination, you have the sky-is-the-limit color palette at your fingertips.

I can see walls from blue to red, complemented by pillows and side chairs of the same tying the pieces together. 

If you're not sure of the accessory colors, grab something in the hue you are thinking of--even a t-shirt will do. Place the item on the bed or wherever you're thinking, and see how it goes for your eye and the space. No need to buy pillows only to return them because you don't like the way it looks. I included a few pillows further down to give you an idea of maps and their many styles.

Going Somewhere? Map of U.S.A. Bedding Teaches 

I have to say this USA map duvet bedding is the one time where sleeping in class is a good thing. that said, this map-themed duvet cover is kid-colorful.

Incorporating other decor and accessories is made a whole lot easier, as there's no restriction on color. Even if kids don't particularly want to learn, the 'in-your-face' map, makes easy work of recognizing each state. 

Easy decor, easy learning-- a plus-plus!

Color It Is! Old World Map Themed Bedding

I chose one of several styles in kid-friendly old world map bedding themes, but you can see them all at the link underneath the image, here.

With the old world theme, we're inclined to think brown or parchment tan, but when decorating for kids it's hard to go with seriously-studious.

It's a great thing to go off the grid (pun intended) and have fun. Getting kids involved helps them keep things picked up and  a bit tidier (I said, 'a bit'). No promises on the neat and tidy but at least they'll learn!

Old World Map Bedding: Quilt Set by Tommy Bahama

Getting Back to the Old World Map Bedding Set

I just love this quilt set by Tommy Bahama. The bedding has the classic old world map theme and the color to boot (boy, that's an old way to say things, but it works)!

Pair this bedding set with natural pieces to accessorize and white sheer panels and you've a great bedroom space with lots of light.

Map Theme Pillow Covers 

Old World Map/Compass Pillow Cover

When looking for bedding pieces, like this pillow cover, be extra sure you know what's included.

These fabulous old world map pillow covers are just that: covers--not the whole pillow. While you might think it's too expensive this way, with having to buy an insert, think how cheap these covers are (fr under $6 ea.). 

You'll only need the insert once, the just change out pillow covers as the need arises.

Old World Map Themed Bedding: Pillow Cover

Classic Old World Map Pillow Cover


What's your favorite style of map-themed bedding? Leave a comment; I need your inspiration!

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New York City Themed Skyline Comforters Sets, Bedding and Decor

Oh, the Excitement of 
New York In Your Bedroom: 
City Skyline Themed Bedding                                                               

NYC Manhattan from Top of Skyscrapers  3 Piece Bedding Set
New York City comforters and bedding sets like these evokes images of bright lights, and seemingly 24/7 night life.I love decor I can feel, smell and touch--not just see it in wall art. Great bedroom spaces capture the very essence of their themes and genre, so I aim to blend New York City's comforter sets and bedding, along with fabulous, high-energy city skyline wall art for that total package us city slickers love to love!
Are you feelin' the energy from this piece, here?
Scroll down for a look at New York City skyline bedding to get you moving toward Total FAB--without flagging a cab.

   Getting Started with Your New York City Themed Focal Point: Fabulous Bedding

Your themed bedding will most likely serve as the space's focal piece, as your bed's sheer size will play MVP in your bedroom, supporting and introducing your theme quicker than you can hail that big-city taxi. 

                                                                                                                                                                                         Begin with a New York City comforter or duvet where you'll get the degree of visual energy you want for your bedroom's vibe. Black and white skyline bedding like this one where you can add color with pillows and other accessories--or not--to lend the right amount of 'oh, wow!'  

 Light it Up: New York is Lights


You've really gotta have an abundance
of light, ideally at every level: overhead, floor
and table or reading level. Spaces with inadequate
 light will dampen the spirit of your bedroom,
 creating creepy corners and looming shadows
at every angle.  Nip those Debbie-downer dim
spots in the proverbial bud with inexpensive
 lighting like a tripod floor lamp.

Versatile City Skyline Themed Black  White Bedding: Define Your Location

I was happy to find this uber-budget-friendly city skyline comforter set! 

With the black & white old newspaper print style and hues, you can add the color wherever your bedroom calls for energy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Energize an otherwise tired-looking corner with a vibrant red side chair or a New York, taxi cab yellow rug (I made that color up, but you can feel the energy, can't you?). Don't be afraid to add color with those new paints available these days. Did you know there's a fabric paint for your old upholstered chair? Don't throw that old chair out just yet!

A Black & Midnight Blue Bedding Set with a Splash of Yellow Taxi Cab: Who knew?

Pair this themed comforter set up with other black and white city-themed pieces or go with yellow or even aqua to accessorize. I love this bedding for its 'just right' palette; you've got the color but not too much it keeps you up at night.   

Adding Dimension:
New York City themed throw pillows

Pillows are great for that all-important layering process and add to your themed bedroom. I know this sounds a bit like frosting a cake but in a way, you can  relate both baking and decorating, adding as you go and building from a blank canvas of sorts. 
Comforters and duvets can be fabulous in themselves but alone, they can be mighty flat if left without plumping up  the 'volume' Throw in a few shapes, textures and hues to your otherwise flat bed set and VIOLA! 


Any City, Anywhere: Bedding Sets That Can Take Your Bedroom Space to Any Big City

While lots of city skyline bedding sport the New York City theme, some comforters and duvets--like this fab-tab-u-lous [I made that one up] city skyline set afford you all the freedom to create your very own city theme, be it New York, Paris, London --with you as mayor, of course.  I'm more inclined to go for black and white bedding sets, as I'm a big fan of color and like the idea I can change my palette on a whim, or go for a funky rug and not have to carry color swatches wherever I go. I do good to find my keys in my cesspool of a pocketbook.   

Do they make purse shovels with optional finding devices?

Some Faves Along the Way

I've included some of my favorite New York City Skyline Comforter Sets, Bedding and Decor 

Do NOT Fear the Duvet!

Red White & Blue American Flag NYC Duvet Bedding Set: Twin Size
Many of us in the States aren't duvet friendly--at all. This New York Bedding Set is indeed, a duvet and it's quite a fabulous  buy--even if you buy the duvet insert--and especially if you wash your old comforter and stuff it inside the duvet/cover. Duvet covers afford you a better night's sleep, as you can use a lightweight filler in hotter months and a thicker filler in colder months. I know I freeze in the wintertime. You'd be surprised how the least temperature change can alter your quality of sleep, making for a miserable night with the wrong bedding. I'll include a budget-friendly duvet 

Twin Size Duvet Bedding Set Includes: Reversible, Under $32 New York City Skyline duvet on one one side; the reverse features an American Flag (red, white and blue) with one American Flag pillow case.

Under $35 Reverse New York City Skyline Bed Set

Duvet Insert for Your New York City Duvet Bedding Sets

From Under $25, a duvet insert may be the answer to getting a better night's sleep.

This highly-popular and well-rated duvet insert easily fills the duvet covers and can keep you cooler or warmer depending on the time of year.
Thinner duvet inserts for hot weather; thicker inserts for cold. 

The Science of Color: the solution to stress

NYC City Streets Painting Style Bedding

Color can affect our mood and influence our behavior. It's true. Ever wonder why fast food restaurants boast red and yellow logos and on their cups? Red and yellow are energy hues--eat and run--because they want you to do just that: hurry up and then it's on to the next diner.

Conversely, blue is 'the' color identified as a calming hue, one that's been documented as having a real effect on our mood. So, obviously, blue can make a fabulous space where you can literally leave the stress outside of your retreat. If you tend to bring your work home with you, or like me, you just can't seem to turn your mind off at night, consider blue walls or bedding sets like this one for your bedroom's palette.  

Striking Hues in Big City Fashion

City Skyline Bedding for a FAB NYC Themed Bedroom

Bold color can make the best focal image in your space. It's themed bedding like this one below that seemingly bursts forth from the wall in a high-energy 'look at me' kind of way. Bold hues give your bedroom an instant voice, one that is fully engaging, betraying your love for excitement , adventure, and a true blue definition of who you are. That's what your most intimate of spaces--your bedroom--should be.

It's all about you.   

Big City Lights: New York City Skyline Bedding in Neon

New York City Themed Skyline Bedding by DENY
 Neon lights are another big-city sight adding splendor and fab-u-lous-ness [is that even proper grammar?] we immediately recognize as NYC-glitz-and-glam-that-works--even in bedrooms. Can you feel the energy coming off this duvet? It has everything a focal piece needs to be: highly-visual, contrasts boldly with its surrounds and promises to properly 'WOW!' you and guests. The grey walls are just the right hue to lend an air of steel and the power of New York City's energy; one can almost experience the advancement of passengers. Don't you thinks so, too?  Love it!

New York City Skyline Wall Art

Wall art can make a fabulous statement on your bedroom walls or it can make a woeful one. The worst offenders are those art pieces that don't fit the wall around them. I'm talking about the 'lil' postage stamp' wall art, where the picture looks like all the other frames around it fell off the face of space!

New York City Brooklyn Bridge Poster 36"x 24"

B oth themed, wall poster prints above are a great way to add sizable wall art for ultra-cheap. Their 36"x24" size is standard for posters; that will save you big time on frames. 

I'm loving the popular New York City window print, above. If you've a space needing a window, this poster gives the impression that one exists and you're in a high rise--pretty cool. 

Since most posters are available in this size, you'll only have to invest in frames once in a lifetime. Come time for a new look in your bedroom space, you'll only have to pop out the old art work and in with the new. Go as quality as you can with your frame and budget; you'll get your money's worth for sure.  

New York Wall Decals:

     a best kept secret

New York Skyline Wall Decal: Budget Themed Art

Wall decals are a definite fave of mine;
they're easy to apply and not at all like grandma's wallpaper. Decals are repositionable and reusable; if you make a mistake, just peel off and start again.

How cool is that? 

Notice how well this uber-budget-friendly New York themed wall decal fits the width of the bed in this image. You want your pieces to hog the wall's attention wherever you hang or place it and not look like a member of the Lonely Hearts Club. 

Your Budget:                                keeping it real in the 'big city'

I've done it one too many times: spent more than I should have
and regretted it. We all do it with that 'gotta-have' piece of whatever
only to say, "What was I thinking?"

Not fun.  

New York Vintage Style Table Lamp
The biggest lesson that came outta that picture I bought--and shouldn't have--
is there's always a look-alike out there. Somewhere. I found these too cool accent
lamps that are well under $40! The crazy thing about them is I found the same lamp for
over $100! For real? Yup. It just goes to show if you look a bit longer (oh, the pains of clicking
our mouse) you can find your more palatable compromise; often, it's a better option than the 
high-dollar piece. Take your time and save a dime (yes, I just made that one up).  

Well, these Total Fab bedding sets and basic accessories should get you off and running to a great start on your New York City themed bedroom.  Drop me a line or three and let me know which New York City piece inspires you most!

Disclosure Notice: Total Fab: Home Decor for Less may generate income via affiliate relationships with Google and other participants including Amazon Services, LLC Associate Program, wherein affiliates may earn advertising fees via relevant product-linking to Amazon and various sites.  

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