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Fun Desk Toys and Gadget Gifts for Adults to 'Work' With

Have Fun at Work: Desk Toys & Gadgets for Adult Executives 

Office Monkeys Play Set

These cool desk gadgets and  office toys for adults are a fun, budget-friendly way to give as gifts for fellow office workers, executive friends--even yourself. We all deserve a much-needed break from the stress of daily work.

I've included a host of different 'genres' from unusual and cool desk gadgets to plain ol' fun desk toys for the office. Whatever it takes to ward off the daily grind workday doldrums.

These too-cool office desk toys for men and women are simply fascinating; they're an extension of our childhood and allow us adults to break away from the office hum-drum and set up 'shop' our very-own way! this Ted guy below gives you an idea of what's 'out there' in 'Accoutrements the Cubes!

The Cubes 2: Joe Mini-Figure Playset

Accoutrements The Cubes: Ted


The Office Toy with a Purpose: Desktop Suction Cup Punching Ball 

Office politics got you stressed out? 
Find your way out of a tough situation as you 
vent your frustrations on this punching bag with
 a heavy duty snap~back~for~more~action spring. 
This cool red punching bag might have everyone 
in the office lining up for a turn. Might I suggest 
they "take a number?" Helpful pump is included 
with this gotta~have


Solar Powered Executive Desk/Work Toy: Airplane Ride Motion Sculpture

Kinetic/Perpetual Motion Solar-Powered Desk Toys 

Being ever the decorator, it was important that very piece on my desktop and above be attractive, much like this solar powered airplane motion sculpture. It's as attractive as it is a fun desk toy.
Powered through a solar panel aimed at a bulb or window, this decorative sculpture and lamp makes the perfect executive toy and office gift for any flying enthusiast or anyone with a penchant for kinetic art.

Airplane Ride Solar Powered Executive Toy

Executive Desk Toy for Work: Solar Powered Fascinations Solar Flier

Solar Power Makes Sense at Work

While it may seem my stressing solar powered desk toys is a carbon footprint ideal; it's truly important but with all those office lights, batteries seem an overkill of useless energy.

Don't you think so?

I'd simply keep the toy under any light after hours, or if you're lucky enough to have an office window nearby, it's even better. Fully charged, this solar airplane has a cool propeller that spins and its two LED lights fire up.How cool is that?

Solar Power Airplane Desk Toy for Adults by Fascinations

A Note About Solar-Powered Desk Toys & Gadgets

Solar Motion Desk Gadget Toy for Work: Bicycle    

Solar powered toys and gadgets like this cool cyclist is perfect for desks, as their reliance is on constant ambient light--if not direct light--is crucial for best performance.
If you or your office colleague or other gift recipient isn't feeling it with the airplanes above, there's plenty of other theme-related desk toys at the link at right; I just featured a sprinkling of the solar powered pieces, here.
I could go on and on with these guys but there's a host of other fun office-related toys, functional desk top gadgets and gift ideas to consider below.

'  solar-powered Ferris wheel desk lamp!

In our office, the mere sight of a cool desk toy creates an air of fun and whimsy while transporting the admirer away from stress-making situations. 
You would have thought we were a bunch of kids, than adults. Having fun at the office is part of de-stressing from the everyday rind and grind known to the business world.

I'm lovin' this solar-powered ferris wheel desk lamp!

Perpetual Motion Office Desk Toys: 9-to-5 Fun at Work

Perpetual Motion Desk Toy: Asteroid Perpetual Motion Office Toy

Budget-Friendly Desktop Perpetual Motion Office Toy for Adults

These oh-so-fun perpetual motion office toys make for a fun work environment. 

Make a virtual amusement park with several desk toys grouped together, although at times our office seemed like the amusement park and on really buy days, it could bet be described as a 'zoo' in need of a keeper. 

This Asteroid desk toy and those cool, perpetual motion gadgets below look like total office fun.

What do you think?

Perpetual Motion Newton's Cradles: Ideal Office Executive Gift

Cool Perpetual Motion Desk Gadget: Metal Ball Newton's Cradl

I'm thinking kinetic art with this ever-in-motion Newton's Cradle. It's not the imposing desk toy; rather, it has a unique, predictable sound you can actually think by--like white noise.
Many people believe (rightfully so) that this marvel of energy conservation is the namesake of Sir Isaac Newton but really the science of "quantity proportional to mass and velocity squared' was the brainchild of Christiaan Huygens and other scientists who outlined the principles in papers to the Royal Society in 1662. I've read that Newton was the more notable scientist of the era; hence, his moniker won the 'Name That Tune' contest (well, not really but you get the idea).
The story behind the Newton's Cradle is quite interesting and the toy is a favorite among the most discerning executive.
Under $20 (as of this writing)

5.25" Metal Balancing Balls: Newton's Cradle Desk Toy/Gadget

5.25-inch Newton's Cradle: The Ideal Small Desk Gadget

If you're like me, the monotony of the nine-to-five desk job can swing from crazy-busy-stressful, to ho-hum in the same day. But Newton's cradles are a fun solutions as a desk toy.

There's tons of these and I included the cheaper ones, but you can click on this all-metal style and see this one and their 'cousins.'

It's a Group Thing: Real Office Fun

Can You Imagine Time Machine Office Gadget for Executives

Can You Imagine: Cool Kinetic Time Machine Desk Gadget

Just turn this Kinetic Time Machine on and its precise mechanism transfers a chrome ball every 60 seconds for perfect time.
With its custom acrylic display case and ultra-modern design, this fun office toy is bound to be a favorite workplace gadget. Trust me on this one; where I worked, we loved anything we could tinker with as a group.
This time machine would grab all of our attention and there would always be someone in the group that knew 'everything' and someone would be quick to refute them Oh, the drama over a toy! Some people never grow up.

Office Gadgets for Us 'Executive' Adults: Inspirational 'Blue Men'  Office Gift Ideas

Inspirational Blue Men Desk Gadget for Adults: Executive Desk Sculpture

'Blue Men' Office Sculpture for Adults: Desk Gadgets  with Inspirational Messages

Blue Man Kinetic Desk Toy for Adults: Inspirational Desk Sculpture
These executive grade toy sculptures are a gotta-have for adults. I'd consider this the perfect, affordable executive gift. Be warned, though: it's so popular and often has to be on back order.
It's also ideal for giving as a 'secret Santa' gift at work for under $20. It'll get a lot of attention when you 'present this present.'
The inspirational message is one we all can relate to and appreciate: " Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success." The sleek blue stonework~like design projects an element of strength in a purposeful arrangement. Fun but useful, this executive-grade blue men tape dispenser by Lifelines makes a lovely sculptural element ~ a perfect desk gadget and ideal gift for the intellectual professional.

For Office Wall or Desk Toy for Adults: Perpetual Calender

Truly a office fascinator for office wall or desktop gadget for adults: a perpetual clock. The 'toy'  reference is still pen for debate.

For Us Action Movie Fanatics:

The Infamous, Perpetual Motion Swinging Sticks Like the One from Pepper Pots' Desk in Iron Man2

Kinetic Swinging Sticks Desktop Office Sculpture

Perpetual Moving Sticks Iron Man 2 Desk Toy for Adults

Here's what started my maniacal quest for the ultimate office toy : The Swinging sticks seen on Pepper Potts' desk in Iron Man 2. It's pricier than the desk toy I pictured, earlier. This piece is definitely a desk toy for adults!
This toy sculpture is museum quality. The sticks move silently and perpetually, and are quite the mesmerizer you can appreciate when you feel a bit overwhelmed. The dimensions are a generous 16.2 x 10.5 x 3.8 inches, so you can expect a decent exhibition.
Batteries are included, so it's ready to go right outta the box. Sure to be a fun part of your work day ~ watch and relax at their fluid movement while you're lulled into submission from all the drama. 

My #1 Unique Desktop Toy Faves: Sandbox Toys for Us Kids  . . . er . . . Adults

Execs Need a Diversion at Work, Too

Desk Top Sandbox Toy for Adults: Deluxe Zen Garden Sandbox
Here's my idea of the #1 desk toy for adults: Zen and other Desk sandboxes. Desktop sandboxes are perfect gifts for work: they're not expensive; there's a sandbox for every personality, and everyone can appreciate its thoughtfulness.

If the sandbox is for you, take yourself away from the office and create your own little Zen garden or oasis with a desk top beach  sandbox. 

Or, head out to the golf course if only for a minute or two.                                                                             My fave is the desk top beach sandbox--talk about getting away.
Executive Sandbox Desk Toy for Adults: Beach Sandbox

These office toys for adults are true stress busters and really do help take your mind off things at work. I'm willing to bet there's a sandbox for every passion. Give yourself a vaycay from all the office madness--even if it is all in your head.

Tee Time Executive Sandbox for Adults: Desk Golf Set Sandbox for Work

These sandboxes for the office are uber-cheap and most are under $20 (if not under $10!) as of this writing, so for the nit-picker at work, these sandboxes for us adults are spot-on the best office gift ever!.

Cool Office Gift Idea For iPhone Users:

Fun Desk Toy for Adult Executives

  • Has lots of free apps like: Blasteroids, Alien Invaders, Ping, Stacker,etc.
  • Authentic design, including 8-way joystick and A & B buttons
  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5S & iPod Touch 3,4 and 5
  • Screen is in 4:3 ratio, making the Arcadie an almost perfect scale model

Ever Wondered Who's Making All those Office Decisions?

Fun Executive Desk Decision Makers 

Desk Gadgets for Work: Fun Decision Maker Dart Board for Men & Women
Decisions, decisions, this fun executive decision maker dartboard will help you get through your work day's important executive decision-making conundrums.
Advice is given freely with the spin of a wheel with such solutions as, "Take a vacation (my fave). See your analyst. Leave early and Play golf" among other sound advice you might pay hundreds for from a professional (well, that's a bit of a stretch but we're talking humor, here). While there's no guarantee on its effectiveness, the fun and laughs is for sure!
Dart Board Executive Decision Maker: Cork Board Wheel & Darts

  • Measures: H: 10.5 x W: 4 x D: 6.5
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Top-Rated
  • Funny Answers to Executive Decisions 

Spinner & Paperweight Decision Maker for Work

Best-Rated Executive Decision Maker for Work: Paperweight & Decision Maker

I love this decision maker for its dual purpose role as fun and functional.
Doubling as a paperweight, you have a novel reason for keeping company with a toy as you work.
Come time to sign out for the day, you have the beginnings of an ideal stress buster everyone can appreciate. Can't you envision the fun already?

Swinging Pendulum "Dear Decision Maker" - for That Important Executive Advice

Desktop Pendulum Decision Maker: Chrome & Swinging Ball

This bosses' decision maker is just what the stress doctor ordered. Why make those big decisions yourself? 
Consult the expert (of course, it's all in fun). With such sound advice such as, "Tomorrow, Reorganize and Pass the buck," you'll have quite the reputation as office adviser.
 Swing the pendulum for your personal prompting on the next move. Always at your disposal, this dedicated "office assistant" comes to your rescue. Who knew?



Taking the Office Home: Something to Think About

It's vital to health and happiness that one enjoys their job, as when time spent each morning getting ready for work, commute time and hours spent on the job are figured into the equation, it's clear that most of our waking hours are consumed by our job.
Factor in the time spent sleeping, and there's little room for total waking hours expended on relaxation, which after all is taken into consideration, we may have a scant two hours (for some of us parents, it's even less) left for ourselves.
Now, suppose you're one of the unfortunate workers that don't like your job for reasons out of your control. Both personal and quality time is affected by the negative "baggage" you're sure to lug home from the office or work site. Such negativity can permeate our sleep state in the form of bad dreams and restlessness, contributing to fatigue and even depression. Our thoughts become burdensome as we recall our day and the trials of an unsatisfactory workplace.
When I was in my last days of tolerance on one job where I was in management, I'd just about had enough but needed to convince myself that a change was necessary. Not that I needed much prodding but after 15 years, my job was more like a bad habit I needed desperately to break. I was tired of rehashing a terrible workday in my thoughts while on my way home.
It seemed my every waking moment ~and now my dreams ~ was affected. There was no free time away from the job. I wanted to scream, run away.
When I factored time spent on my job, worrying about my job . . . the job . . . the job, the job . . .
my life was my job. And I was miserable.
It wasn't until I became proactive, furtively seeking out other opportunities, that I became empowered and felt the weight of my world shifting in a positive direction. My sun peered out from the dark clouds borne of dead~end jobs.
Interviews became my therapy sessions.
Could it be ~ a glimmer of hope?
I got it! I got the job I'd grow up with instead of grow old with.
When I dare reflect on my darkest moments, I can't help but ask myself one question:
What took you so long?

What's your fave among these too-cool office gadgets and desk toys?

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