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Baby High Chair that Attaches to Table: A Neat Idea

3-in-1 Baby High Chair Attaches to Table, Chair and Booster

Baby chairs that attach to the table, like this large selection, are a cheap, portable and safe alternative to those clunky old high chairs from seemingly the Stone Age. Bring baby to the table--literally--and for far less than the outmoded, ginormous high chairs.

3-in-1 Baby High Chair Attaches to Table, Chair and Acts as a Booster Seat Later

See the baby's high chair attached to a table further down.

Portable Baby High Chair that Attaches to Table with Tray

A Look at the Best-Rated Baby Chairs that Attach to the Table  

It's time for celebrating! Not your lil' bundle; rather, I'm talking about these 'non-high chairs' that  are quite the portable gotta-have baby seat: they're amazing space-savers that attach to just about any table and you can take these chairs when visiting guests.

This portable, 360 Hook On portable 'high chair,' by Chicco swivels completely around (hence the chair's name) locks in 6 positions and it's very secure. Here's the blue high chair but other colors are available. The tray is removable and you can just throw it in the dishwasher. PLUS: you can fold it and toss the chair in its carry bag (included with the baby seat) and take this chair anywhere!

Baby portable folding high chair attaches to most tables

Chicco Hook~On Portable Baby High Chair

MY FAVE: Portable, Folds Flat, Sturdy, Cheap (in price only); Hook-On Portable High Chair

I love this baby high chair. There's so much I appreciate with this lightweight version of the one above, but this Chicco ultra-portable high chair will hook on most the tables at the malls and restaurants.

PLUS: It's uber-budget-friendly!

Here's the specs from Amazon (I noticed free shipping--a plus~plus) and two more pics (can you sense I love this hook-on high chair?)

Chicco Cady Hook-On/Table High Chair

Fold-Up Portable Easy-to-Carry Hook on Chair

  • Folds flat for storage & travel
  • Easily wipes clean nylon seat (my fave)
  • Weighs only 7 pounds (my other fave!)
  • Rubberized grips won't mark up the table or pinch fingers
  • Easily negotiates table skirting/overhang up to 5.5 inches
  • Weighs only 7 lbs (my other, other fave!)
  • Fabulous for the shopping mall food courts or restaurants 

This Cady baby high chair by Chicco is a fabulous chair for taking wherever you go. You can easily take it from kitchen table to car on a snap--how's that for being portable! I'm not one to use anything available to the public; I'm just afraid of the visions I get for hand-to-hand or babies' hand-to-mouth contamination [enter your own scary visual here].


Notice how flat the high chair seat is when folded. For small spaces and Grandma and Grandpa, Auntie, etc., you can store this portable jewel between the fridge and wall; then simply wipe the nylon seat down with a clean cloth. This baby high chair seat is among the best-rated with a 4.5  star review and for under $40 with  free shipping (just check the correct box t the link) I love this one!

Best Option for Long Term & Portable Home-and-Go Baby to Kid High Chair: Attaches to table and hooks to just about any secured surface

Baby to Kid Folding Portable High Chair Attaches to Table

I know I just mentioned the above baby high chair as being the best, but this highchair has three options:

  1. Baby Chair shown as baby seat/high chair that attaches to a table (this image has the high chair secured on the side of the bar counter)

Summer SecureSeat Chair & Hook-on Booster Baby High  Chair

Baby High Chair Attaches to Dining/Kitchen Chair

2. Here's the Baby High Chair attached to a smaller dining room or kitchen chair--isn't that great?! I'm thinking of all those Thanksgivings where we can easily sit baby down beside us and keep an eye on him . . .  or at a busy shopping mall where we'll have a clean tray, clean chair, and comfy, safe seat instead of a too-big seat with who-knows-what germs!

Baby High Chair as Kids' Booster Seat

3. Here's the baby high chair attached to a chair, but serving as a booster seat--neat, huh?!

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Toddler Low Loft Bunk Beds with Slide for Boys & Girls

Low loft beds and bunks with slides like these add fun and function to your toddler to preschooler's bedroom.

White Low Loft Bunk Bed with Slide and Playhouse Underneath for Toddlers and Kids

What's Your Style? - White Finish Wood Loft Beds with Slides and Colorful Play Tents

Girls' Low Loft Bunk Bed with Slide & Red Polka Dot Play Tent Underneath

Decorating for Your Toddler: Loft Beds with Slides for Kids

Introducing toddlers to a 'big kids' bed' can be a bit of a challenge; after all you're asking your little one to forsake his or her crib they've known since their earliest memory.
Loft beds with slides like this white wood design, proffer the same sense of security toddler boys and girls require come night time. With their safety rail and fun, themed tents, these beds will earn their keep as a comforting abode and striking, decorative element in your child's bedroom while serving as a cool play space.
Scroll down to see more of these fun loft beds with a slide, along with my decorating tips for incorporating them into your little girl or boy's bedroom with an appeal I bet you'll both love.

What's Your Style Bedroom?

Toddler & Kids' Camo Low Loft Bunk Bed with Slide and Play Tent Underneath
Deciding your bedroom's style is your first consideration when decorating for your boy or girl. Wood furniture for more traditional decor palettes work best.
Wall color is another consideration. Ideally, choose a hue that's similar to your bedding. A shade or two lighter works great with darker bed sets. With paler bedding, any shade lighter or darker works well for contrast.
Loft beds like these incorporate a fun, energetic ambience for kids' bedrooms while keeping to a traditional theme. Colorful bedding in like colors will build upon your color scheme and add to the room's excitement.

Uber-Cheap Metal Low Loft Beds with Slide & Playhouse Tent
Fire Station Low Loft Bed with Slide and Playhouse Tent Underneath

Building Your Focal Point

Blue & Red Fire Station with Red Slide for Bed for Boys or Girls

Beginning your room's decor with a focal point is the first step to decorating success. Having a strong element ~ usually the bed ~ that contrasts with your wall color is a great choice. Ideally, your focal point will seeming take center stage 'shout' for attention and be pleasing to the eye.
Everything else in your space is built (layered) around this focal point. Beds like this castle loft bed meet the criteria for an amazing focal point in your child's bedroom Its bold colors will bounce off the room's walls, heralding in your little one and his or her friends where they'll have a great time with imaginary play.
If you've white walls, there's no need to paint, as the strong primary colors mask the blank-canvas look of your wall area.
Seldom does a furniture piece take such a 'leading role' as this (and those below) fun castle loft bed, making decorating easy-peasy..

Princess Theme Metal Low Loft Bed with Slide and Pink Play Tent

Low Loft Beds with Play Tent--or No?

Here's a sweet princess themed pink loft bed with both play tent and white slide, but what if you don't want the play area underneath? 

While it's hard to imagine this metal bed without the tent, I've included several super-budget-friendly metal frame low beds below where you can create your own space or use the space underneath for storage.

Metal Frame Low Loft Beds with Slides Save on Your Budget if You Forgo the Play Tent

Under $250 White Metal Frame Short Loft Bed with Slide (no play tent)

For under $250, this white metal frame loft bed still has the slide but absent the play tent. There's a host of fun, themed play tents you can add, or make your own curtains. In the smallest of kids' bedrooms you can opt for placing a dresser underneath the bed with room left over.

Budget-Friendly Metal Low Loft Bed with Red Slide for Under $225

Colorful Slides Make Great Focal Pieces

Here's a great model room where you can get an idea of these loft beds with colorful slides and no play tent. This design has a blue slide if your decor palette calls for it. Super-cheap, these short versions of full-height loft beds have plenty to offer in the way of form and function.

Dreamy Furniture Pieces Lend to a Creative Element

Pink & Purple Castle Loft Beds for Toddler & Little Girls--Even Boys

Pink and Purple Girls' Princess Castle Loft Bed with Slide

You'll have a great setup with these low loft beds and tent 'play rooms' underneath for toddlers and little girls or boys. Later, you can do away with certain segments of the tents and leave one room under the bed or above, depending on your child and floor space.
As kids get into school age, you still have the metal loft bed that kids find 'cool' making these beds a great long-term investment.

Castle Loft Beds = Mukti Rooms Above and Underneath

Pink Princess Castle Low Loft Tent Bed with Slide & Ladder for Girls

Girls' Purple Princess Castle Loft Bed with Slide and Play Tent

My only regret with fun furniture like these castle beds is they weren't around for my twins.
I can think of few furniture pieces that promote imaginative play than these low loft beds with slide. Imaginative play is crucial to toddlers learning appropriate social skills they'll need come their first day of school. I'm a huge fan of toys and furniture pieces that play a dual role in teaching.
While little girls love pink and purple, sometimes boys prefer this soft hues. Two of my boys went through a 'pink stage.' Go ahead and indulge them; it's just color.
Oh, the fun your little girl or boy will have in these loft princess castle loft beds ~ and a slide to boot.

Wood Low Loft Bed with Red and Blue Play Tent and Slide
Grounding Your Space with Rugs

Wooden Red & Blue Low Loft Bed with White Slide

As in the model room, here bold rugs help define your toddler's playspace while rounding your decor. Rugs warm the room and lend to the space's cozy, restful look while adding a soft element in the bedroom.
Where space is limited, placing a rug at an angle (diagonally) creates the illusion of more room. Simply tuck the rug under the bed at its (the rug's) corner n watch your space 'grow.' Choose a lively-color rug or a fun play rug with roads or other design kids can play a game on.
With a loft bed and slide, adding a rug will cushion the landing if you've hard flooring. Too, you'll be nearly finished with your decor.

Red & Blue Kids' Castle Loft Bunk with Slide and Play Tent

Kids' Castle Tent Loft with Play Space and Slide

While toddler and little kids' furniture can be costly, especially substantial pieces like this cutie on the flip-side, you'll have the option of selling the bed to recoup some or most of your investment.
I've had good luck selling my kids' larger pieces without waiting long for an interested parent to scoop them up. Often, you'll just need to snap a picture and have the buyer remove it.
This castle loft bed has plenty of visual interest and sports the slide you want. With the bed soaking up all the attention with admiration, little else need be done to finish off your decor. Isn't this castle bed darling?

When Only White Will Do - White Loft Bed with Slide for Toddler Boys & Girls

White Wood Finish Low Loft Bunk Bed with Slide

White can be a great option for your toddler's loft bed. White affords you the choice of unlimited color of decor and bedding.
I do recommend you paint walls in color pulled from your child' bedding. Even a smidgen of color from a bedding set's design can make a statement when mirrored on your wall. Allow the bed to be your room's biggest asset by pairing it with highly contrasting, bold color everywhere else.
While this gender-neutral loft bed is 'plain' white, the possibilities are endless. And that's more power to you.

Metal Junior Low Loft Bed with Slide and Pink Play Tent

Budget-Friendly White Metal Junior Low Loft Bed with Slides

Often times when decorating, I've been tempted to buy that 'gotta-have' chair or piece of art, so I can empathize with those who've made that purchase only to regret it later. I did just that with a painting and could never enjoy it, as an 'invisible dollar sign" seemed to block my view!
The good news, though, is there's always a look-alike somewhere that projects the same value you're pining for.
These metal low (junior) loft beds have the same qualities relating to shape, size and function. Plus they've a fun, colorful slide--just like their pricier cousins but without the heftier dollar sign.

Wall Art & Your Low Loft Bed with Removable Play Room Underneath

Brown Wood Finish Junior Low Loft Bed with Slide & Camo Play Tent
Wall art for bold pieces of furniture like these loft beds needn't be large if you aim to hang it above and behind the bed. I recommend long, rectangular art work or several smaller pieces hung a row, much like you see in the model rooms, here.
For a great way to save on wall art, buy a calendar in your child's bedroom theme and use cheap, black frames for a finished look costing much less, otherwise.
Look for pieces around your home than can be repurposed to decorative pieces. Or, cruise the aisles at a dollar store for ideas. I find when I'm thinking 'outside the box' while out and about, I can find a lot of possibilities.
These loft beds make a big impression alone and little else is needed around them. Less is more when decorating around these attractive beds.

Which junior loft bed do you love?

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Toddler Art Desk and Chair Set: Get Your Lil' Picasso Started Early ~ But Keep Your Sanity!

Toddler Art Desk with Chair Set: Molded Plastic with Supply Storage

Toddler Art Desk and Chair Sets Molded from Plastic: cleans up well with plenty of storage

Having had twin boys, I can still see the frightening flashes of mania when my toddler boys were presented with art projects of any ilk [enter your own scary visual, here]. Seriously, if you don't keep your toddler's art supplies organized and at-the-ready, you're headed down the path of insanity (you, not your toddler).   
It's here where a toddlers' art desk and chair set like the Step2 Deluxe Master Art Desk above is a great option. You'll have plenty of storage for supplies, a nice chair that matches the desk quite nicely. I'm loving the cubby for toddler's art paper (I like the pads of multi-media paper). And aren't all the storage nooks, fabulous? 

Art/Craft Desk and Attached Chair Set for Toddlers

Super Space-Saver Art Desk and Chair Set: Step2 Write Desk
                     Here's the answer to the small bedroom, where you want
your toddler to have an art desk with full-size features without taking up too much room. Especially for younger toddlers, this desk and chair set (well, not a chair, per se but it's all in one tidy bundle) won't cramp your style if you plan to use it in common living areas. Too, you can haul this lil' guy outdoors on those fan-tab-u-lous, spring days. Doesn't that sound great?  With toddlers, ya just never know how the latest craft or art project is gonna turn out (I'm thinking paint on carpet, the doors, the dog. . . ). Seriously, you can opt to take this toddler-sized a desk set into a toddler-friendly zone and save your home from a new paint treatment. 

 Which toddler-friendly art desk set is your fave? Will you be using it in your toddler's bedroom or another room--or even outside?

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Toddler Low Loft Beds with Stairs

Uber-Cheap Toddler Loft Bed with Storage Stairs for Boys or Girls on Amazon
Toddler low (or junior) loft beds with stairs like these go from super-cheap to oh-so-posh, so no matter your budget, you can find the bed for your toddler boy or girl and have extra storage space inside each step--a definite win-win! 

Low Loft Beds for Toddlers with Storage Stairs: a win-win

As I mentioned, low loft beds are available in lots of styles and prices, so I'll start simpler 
(and cheaper) and go up with price as I move along, giving some ideas I hope will be helpful
in decorating your toddler boy or girl's bedroom. I love, love, love these beds. you won't need a boxspring which will save you, right there. The metal frame low loft bed above is super-cheap and the two stair steps have plenty of storage for those pesky little Legos or bedtime storybooks. 

White Low Loft Bed for Toddlers with Stairs for Storage & Play Room Underneath

Low Loft Beds      with stairs & play room underneath

Isn't this low loft toddler bed too cute? You'll have the stairs for extra storage and the play room tent underneath is optional. But the white metal framed bed is the same model as the blue loft bed at the top of the page. I love the idea of having a play 'room' of sorts underneath the loft bed and as your toddler gets older, you can opt for a more mature play tent or simply peel it away. 
With these fun beds you really have three pieces:
  • loft bed
  • play room underneath
  • extra storage (stairs)

White Wood Low Loft Bed with Stairs for Toddlers

beds that last: low loft bed with stairs

If you want a more classic style bedroom  for your toddler, opt for white finished wood loft bed. I love the Cape Cod look and feel of this loft bed and it built-in stair shelves; aren't they nice?   Too, the bottom rails underneath the bed make for a nice little play room, of sorts.

Here's an idea for decorating underneath these loft beds: Tape off a the shape of a picket fence on the wall underneath/behind the bed. Paint flowers or other fun images and maybe a sun and clouds above the top loft area to create a complete picture. VIOLA! You'll have a little play room underneath the bed. Use the cheap acrylic craft paint. The paints come in a host of colors--anything, really for under $1 per small bottle or you can get a large bottle of the paint for under  $3.99. Easy-peasy.

My Fave:

Loft Bed with Stairs (without) Extra Storage Cube

Toddler Budget-Friendly Low Loft Bed with Stairs & TONS of Storage on Amazon

I love all the options with this low loft bed from South Shore.
You'll have  the stairs with doors for storage and you can add as you
go along or just keep to the bed. I'm familiar with South Shore and have to tell you
these pieces are heavy. Good thing you'll have it shipped if you order it
from Amazon, like I did (I have two platform beds for my teens). Usually, the
shipping is free (they were when I added them, here) but be sure and check. If your space is limited, I'd keep to the storage pieces that fit under the loft. For the lower price, you can have quite the loft bed unit for your toddler on into school-aged years.

going all out:

 loft bed with stairs, dresser, cubbies 

Loft bed with Stairs for Toddlers on Up in Dark Brown Wood Finish

Wow! here's the 'creme dela creme' of loft beds with stairs. Toddler boys and girls on up     can easily access the drawers and cubbies on this unit., so even little ones can keep up with the clutter and corral those little messes (I know, imagine that).  Really, this is one tidy room of furniture with an 'upstairs,' too. About he stairs: you'll access the storage by pulling the drawers on the side, there. That bottom drawer/step is quite large and most-accessible to toddlers. This low loft bed has great ratings and is easy to assemble-seriously. With this loft unit, you'll have two dressers, shelves, stairs and a bed that'll really last you a good while. A  plus-plus.   

So, what's your fave?

Disclosure Notice: Total Fab: Decor for Less may generate income via affiliate relationships with Google and other participants including Amazon Services, LLC Associate Program, wherein affiliates may earn advertising fees via relevant product-linking to Amazon and various sites.  

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