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Small Black Crystal Chandelier for Girls' Rooms

The Mini Black Chandelier for Small Bedrooms: enduring & inexpensive lighting for girls of all ages 

This small black crystal chandelier may be for small bedrooms--even baby girls' nursery--but it sure offers up big rewards.

Here's a few . . . er . . . several reasons to love this design:

This chandelier, with its black crystals will last many years. In baby girl's nursery room, the black hue will look striking against pink or white walls.

Too, the chandelier's small size promises to light up a focal corner with its four bulbs. AND, if you're not handy, the chandelier can be plugged in until. . . .

You've the option to hard wire the fixture or leave the chandelier as a plug-in and take it everywhere your girl goes.

The sweet little beads have faceted crystal-like gems are well-rated by us moms and dads, and the chandelier's low price puts this light as among the best for small bedrooms. This Tadpoles Four Bulb Chandelier, Black  price is well under $100! When you figure the years a black chandelier will work for your girl--from nursery room to teen scene, I believe this cute-to-cool and funky-to-fab, will be among your best investments.

Note: The chandelier's chain links can be shortened, if your girl's room is smaller with lower ceilings.



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Capiz Shell Light Fixture Chandeliers

Capiz White Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

Capiz Shell Chandeliers: a light fixture worth wowing over

These budget-wise capiz shell chandeliers are nature brought to life again with lighting. 
Prepared to be "wowed" by the beauty of these natural Capiz Shell Chandeliers that promise to bring an element of nature and its bounty to your favorite space.
While some may think the vision of Capiz Chandeliers say 'bathrooms,' shell chandeliers can hang quite elegantly in any room of your home, as they're available in a plethora of surprising shapes (square, circle and rectangle) and sizes from mini to large.
Capiz chandeliers are a fave of mine, as I can almost see the glimmer of a sunset across miles of ocean and feel the gentle, relentless breeze of salty air.
Indeed, you can bring the beauty of nature into your home with elegance and functionality ~ as only these truly one-of-a-kind Capiz Shells can proffer ~ in a hanging light fixture.
Scroll down to tour one of nature's most beautiful shells, fashioned into elegant, ambient lighting ~ the Capiz Chandelier and I'll bet you'll agree.

Your Space & Its Lighting Fixture Needs

When deciding what lighting you'll need and want, consider where you'll be hanging your capiz shell chandelier.
Placement is important, as it will determine what size and shape lighting fixture you'll need.
Mini/Small White Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture
These chandeliers have an orb~like luminescence much like a globe light. It's aura is more compact but its ambiance is ideal for focal points or accent areas (like cozy corners) with its soft glow.
For work areas, where you'll need task lighting, I recommend the tubular pendant style chandelier like the one below.
With this type chandelier fixtures, you'll realize the downplay of lighting right where you need it while adding an amazingly beautiful element to your space.
Do think about the length of the chandelier and how you want to use your capiz shell fixture. This mini, or small, white chandelier is a great fixture for corners.
A little planning goes a long way.


Budget-wise Small Chandelier Fixtures: capiz lighting big on light; small on price

White 14" x 14' Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting Fixture
I often tell people, "Less is more." Small, intimate spaces don't need much to make an area spectacular and this mini capiz chandelier betrays that ideal with its compact size, minimal chrome frame and single hanging rod. There's just enough here for the look you're after without any extra.
Appointing your smaller space in total trinkets and gadgets galore is rather maniacal, resulting in a disorganized, cluttered area you're best to avoid rather than approach.
It's okay to be very conservative with a small area, as you'll appreciate what is there, taking in each piece fully.
Yes, less is more.


Capiz Shell Chandelier Lighting Fixtures: a fabulous show of nature in color in light

Turquoise/Teal Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

Boy, this turquoise capiz chandelier is fabulous for any space, even nursery to teen girls' bedrooms needing the lighting from an overhead fixture with loads of visual appeal--in their favorite color, no doubt.

This chandelier has it all, doesn't it?


The Large White Capiz Chandelier: your space's crowning jewel

Large White Capiz Shell Chandelier Light Fixture

Chandeliers, I've often said, are your room's crowning jewel.
This lovely piece is quite the candidate for the title with the cascade of real capiz shells, sparkling and twinkling under the light with graceful movement, and gracing the strands of ceiling support.
I know I sound a bit . . . er . . . sappy, but isn't this chandelier amazing times two?
I almost don't want to leave this one on the page [sniff].

Diameter 26 Inch x 41 Inch high (90" including hanging chain)


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Desktop Lamp with Magnifying Lens and Floor Magnifying Lamps

Floor Lamps with magnifying glass like these are a great way for crafters and avid readers to see every detail and read the whole page wherever you need it,

LED Floor Lamp with Whole Page Magnifying Glass & Adjustable Gooseneck 

LED Floor Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck and Whole Page Magnifier

If you're a reader with low vision from macular degeneration or other problems seeing the page, this floor lamp has a well-rated magnifying glass the lights up the page while enlarging the print.

For crafters, this portable lamp will go where the action is, as this magnifier can bed adjusted and the optional battery operation means you won't need an electrical plug-in outlet; just  move the lamp to your needlepoint, jewelry making project or DIY instructions and you're good to go!  

  • portable
  • LED light
  • optional battery operation
  • great for anyone with vision impairment like macular degeneration
  • budget-wise
  • 5-star ratings

Portable Rolling Floor Magnifying Lamp for Needlework & Jewelry Makers

Floor Lamp with Wheels & Magnifying Glass 

This floor lamp is the ultimate magnifier for anyone who enjoys crafting, jewelry making, nail art and work that requires eagle-eye vision. Many aestheticians sing the praises for this lamp's features.

While I'm not well-versed (aka, i know nothing) about 5 Diopter magnifying lens, it's a fabulous option if you're looking for precision in your floor lamp. I love the rolling base and the floor lamp's adjustable arm where you can hover over your latest project.  

Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp for Crafts & Reading

Full Page Magnifying Floor Lamp for Reading & Crafts

Here's a fabulous adjustable gooseneck floor lamp with a whole/full-page magnifying glass lens.Unlike the floor lamp above (the first lamp), the bottom is weighted well enough to be steady (I'm thinking rambunctious puppy dog, here) while you relax or focus on your reading or other project.
Here's what folks claimed about this magnifying floor lamp:  

  • large magnifying lens for full page reading
  • weighted base
  • gooseneck adjusts over the page/craft
  • great for low/poor vision like macular degeneration or bifocal wearers
  • budget-friendly 
  • long life

Best Floor Lamp with Magnifying Glass and Clip for Crafting

My #1 Pick for Best Floor Lamp with Magnifying Glass and Clip

This floor lamp with its magnifying glass and clip is total fab for us crafters, jewelry making, cross stitchers--any needlework--and fine print.
There's a lot to love about this lamp:

  • portable and adjustable
  • bright, bright light
  •  flexible magnifier glass
  • flexible gooseneck clip
  • budget friendly
  • great for reading with low or poor vision
  • clip holds directions still and in view
  • light adjusts up and downward
  • adjustable height

Desk Top Lamp with Magnifying Lens

Desk Top Lamp with 2X Magnifying Glass Lens Under $25

I didn't save the best for last this time. This desk top magnifying lamp has a lot to love, and for under $25 I can love two and not be hurting.

If your work at your desk or have a craft surface that suffices as a station for doing anything from scrapbooking to jewelry making where those clasps and findings can be tricky, this little desk lamp with its 2X magnifier may be your answer.

I've seen this magnifying lamp for around $60, so this one is a great price.

  • 5x power spot lens for even closer views
  • use with electric or battery power
  • adjustable goosenesk
  • 2 powerful LED lights
  • small; use anywhere
  • budget-friendly at under $25

Magnifying Lamp for Desk or Table with Adjustable Arm

Clamp-On Desktop/Table Lamp with Magnifying Lens

Here's another of my magnifying lamp faves for either desktop or table top use. The long, adjustable arm has a great reach to is, so if you do model or sewing projects, this lamp will work fabulously. Here's a list of  features:

  • Under $40
  • 3 Diopter Glass Magnifying Lens
  • Flexible Arm Extends up to 36", 
  • Spring & Tension Control Knobs
  • Clamp Mounts Easily to Any Desk or Table
  • 60 Watt Incandescent Light
  • CFL Bulb Included

  No matter what you do, having free hands and a magnifying lens will get the job done much more accurately than a conventional desktop or table lamp. Don't you think so? 

Disclosure Notice: Total Fab: Decor for Less may generate income via affiliate relationships with Google and other participants including Amazon Services, LLC Associate Program, wherein affiliates may earn advertising fees via relevant product-linking to Amazon and various sites.  

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Deer Antler Light Fixtures: Fabulous Antler Replica Lighting Options

Affordable deer antler lighting, like these fixtures--from chandelier to table lamp--makes for a one-of-a-kind decor statement that's sure to steal the 'spot-light.'

Budget-Wise 12-Light Faux Deer Antler Chandelier: Ceiling Light Fixture

Decorating with deer antlers and related decor is a great way to get that warm, cabin-in-the-woods ambiance quite easily. With the simple addition of a real or reproduction deer antler chandelier or other ceiling light fixture your space will sparkle under its splendor--I know; I can get dramatic talking about decor I love. The reproduction chandelier above is cheaper than authentic deer antler lighting and smaller ceiling fixtures but really delivers as though it were the real deal. There's nothing artificial about its cheaper price, though. I just love it!

6-Light Deer Antler Chandelier: Cheaper Lighting Fixture

Cheaper Deer Antler Chandelier

This 6-light reproduction (faux) deer antler chandelier has the warmth and decor smaller spaces need with the lighting potential your room needs. Deer antler chandeliers like this replica fixture, are quite budget-friendly and are just plain smart when decorating: you have the decorative value coupled with an ama-zing chandelier. How smart is that? 

Rustic White Tail 12 Antler Cascade Chandelier: Reproduction/Faux Ceiling Fixture

Faux 12-Deer Antler Chandelier

Things made out of deer antlers tend to be expensive whether real or faux but this chandelier is a substantial lighting option in your rustic decor theme.

I see this deer antler chandelier in any country space--even Soho decor genres. Indeed, this chandelier is a versatile element in many a room.

Real Whitetail Deer Antler Chandelier Fixture with Lamp Shades 

Authentic Whitetail Deer Chandelier with Shades

I had to look twice at this light fixture--and its cheap price tag. The well-rated chandelier features real whitetail deer antlers coated in resin. 

Notice how decorating with deer antlers works well in this model room. It's warm and inviting, isn't it? 

You'd never know the chandelier with its lamp shades is well under $200. Total fab!    

Replica White Tail Deer Antler Chandelier with Lamp Shades: Large Light Fixture

Large Whitetail Deer Chandelier with Lampshades

As I mentioned above, decorating with deer antlers is a fabulous option in spaces with country to ultra modern loft decor. With its shades, this replica deer antler chandelier is best suited for the country look.

For modern decorating, you might want to remove the shades, or at this link, see the chandeliers with modern, or no, lamp shades. There's a ton of budget-wise chandeliers to peruse, but this selection, and its links, should get you started on the 'hunt' for authentic and replica white tail deer antler chandeliers and other ceiling light fixtures at 'total fab' price tags. I don't sell the chandeliers myself; I just shop for them.  I know, I know, I can be real inane (silly times 10) with my 'colorful' choice of words (and that's putting it mildly). I just love what I do.

Did I mention I just love what I do?

Deer Antler Ceiling Light Fixtures

2-Light Deer Antler Ceiling Light Fixture: Faux Antler Lighting

As I mentioned earlier, there's an endless selection of deer antler decor and lighting like these faux antler light fixtures are an economical way to add a unique, substantial decor, while adding much-needed lighting to your favorite space.   

3-Light Deer Antler Flush Mount or Ceiling Fan Light Kit: Faux Antler Lighting

Uber-Cheap but Fabulous Replica Deer Antler Flush-Mount Lighting or Ceiling Fan Light Kit

This simple but rustic light fixture is ideal for spaces like bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and those small spaces needing that special 'something' for less. older homes having the most basic of light fixtures (aka major blazay) are ideal candidates for deer antler lighting. You don't need to spend a lot, obviously, with this ceiling fixture. The deer antlers are reproduction but the savings are real--as is the decorating value.   

Designer Faux Whitetail Deer Antler Ceiling Light Fixture: Semi-Flush Lighting

I love this designer quality semi-flush deer antler ceiling light fixture. There's a lot to love: 
  • French Scavo Glass 
  • Noachian Stone
  • Designer-Look
  • Fabulous Price
  • My fave (well, not that it matters)

Deer Antler Table Lamps

Set of 2 Replica Deer Antler Table Lamps: Faux Antler Lighting

This set of two replica deer antler table lamps is a great option for bedroom nightstands and living space end tables, where you want a symmetrical, balanced decor result. 

Done to the nines in rustic theme, these lamps have exclusive features that betray the warm and cozy cabin-in-the-woods, retreat-like space. From top to bottom, this deer antler lamp has it all:
  • pine cone finial (lampshade decoration)
  • pine tree motif lampshade   
  • cute pine cone pull chain
  • replica deer antler lamp base
  • rocks and pine cones on bottom of base


Faux Deer Antler Table Lamp with Whitetail Deer Lampshade

Whitetail Deer Antler Table

 Lamp with Leather-Like

Deer Lampshade

Isn't this table lamp 'something else?' It's 
quite the stunner starting with the lamp's
base. Here's the details: 

  • Lampshade with deer on it shows up when light is turned on
  • Lampshade has hand-crafted style--as though stitched by artisan
  • Deer antler stand/lamp base
  • Faux tree bark log lamp base
  • Highly-visual; makes amazing focal piece  

    Deer Antler Base Accent Lighting w/ Camo Lampshade

    Deer Antler Accent Lamp with Mossy Oak Camo Shade

    Uber-cheap accent lamp but highly visual, this replica deer antler lighting piece has the Mossy Oak Camo name on its themed lampshade.

    If you're after the warm and cozy hunter's lodge space, this accent lamp is the answer. While not the full-size table lamp, accent lamps work at delivering valuable lighting and contributing to your decor motif--that's a lot of bang for your 'buck' (I couldn't help that one).

    Deer Antler (replicas) Floor Lamp with Faux Leather Lampshade 

    If you're dead set for a deer antler floor lamp, this one might be for you. I like the leather look of the lamp's shade and the full, floor to top faux deer antler base. This lamp is a definite eye-catcher!

    But buyer beware: if you have children or your babies are your pets, then I'd consider the more conservative floor lamp below. The lamp's replica antler design is a safer bet--I'm thinking poked eyeballs with this one. 'Eye catcher' yes, but . . . 


    Deer Antler Floor Lamp with Mossy Oak Camo Lampshade

    Deer Antlers, Yes but More Conservative: Floor Lamp with Mossy Oak Lampshade

    This floor lamp will work well for a warm and welcoming appeal in your living space or corner chair for a cozy reading spot while satisfying your need for deer antler decor.

    If you're decorating in either camo or deer antlers--or both--this floor lamp will really fit the bill. Whether you have a hunter in mind that you want camo and deer antler lighting or not, this floor lamp is it. And your kids and pets eyes will be safe, too.     

    Here's more if you want basic deer antler decor:

    Which is your deer antler lighting fave?



    Southwestern Native American Lamps: Lighting from Earth & Sky

    Native American Indian Southwestern Sculpture Table Lamp by Thomas Kinkade

    Sending a Ray of Light from the Spirit of the Southwest: Native American Lamps

    Southwestern, Native American Indian table lamps and ceiling light fixtures like these (for us budget-wise decorators), promise to add true spirit with a glow befitting a sunrise or sunset--one that you'll appreciate in your bedroom or favorite living space.

    Adding Warmth Simply With Southwest Lighting

    Feeling the Spirit in Light: Southwestern Native American Indian Table Lamps

    Southwestern Native American Indian Table Lamp with Antlers and Horns

    Here are several Southwestern-style table lamps that feature the American Indian in its design, so there will be no guessing what message you want to express in your space's Southwestern theme.

    The table lamp above and here at left betray actual American Indian design in the spirit of the Southwest in its shade or at the base. I love the antler detailing in the table lamp at left, don't you? 



    Adding Warmth Is Easy With Lamp Shades That Glow: Bring Nature's Gifts Into Your Space

    Navajo Kokopelli Native American Indian Southwestern Table Lamp

    Native American Indian Lamp with Kokopelli Lamp Shade

    I love everything about this Navajo-style American Indian featuring a rustic, Kokopelli lampshade. The lamp's base is a great complement to the shade, with its log-style base.

    I especially appreciate the variegated (stippling) detailing of brown and tan, both earthy hues that will add warmth and light to any space.

    This lamp is detailed from top to bottom in true 

    'Southwestern, warmth' spirit. Can you feel it?

    Antlers and the Southwestern Themed Table Lamps

    Set of 2 Southwest Native American Table Lamps

    Set of  Two Faux Deer Antler Table Lamps

    You may be wondering what these antler lamps are all about, but sometimes adding 'suggestive' yet unrelated elements to your space can e a good thing. This Southwestern style antler table lamp is actually a set of two. It boasts the same earthy-warm colors and the antlers keep to the rustic vibe you may be trying to achieve.  Be sure to use a mix of themed pieces along with plain ones to keep your Southwestern American Indian decor balanced.  



    Ornate Metal Plate/Plaque & Arrows Southwestern American Indian Themed Table Lamp

    Southwestern Native American Indian Style Arrows Table Lamp

    Native American Themed Lamp

    I don't need to tell you how well-appointed 
    this Southwestern/Native American table 
    lamp (but I'm telling it, anyway). The detailing
    in the lamp's base is one you can use for wall art. I'm thinking of hanging vintage arrows on the wall above or even opposite
    the table lamp. A nice American Indian print
    like, End of the Trail is a great Southwestern themed option.   


    Accent Your Bedroom With Bold Statements: Western Style Lamp With Animal Skull & Arrows

    Animal Skull Native Indian Western Bedroom Table Lamp

    A Native American Indian Themed Accent Lamp For Bedrooms

    Lamps for Bedroom or Living Are

    Half Sculpture, Half Utility: End of the Trail

    Southwestern Style Indian End of the Trail Table Lamp

    End of the Trail American Indian Table Lamp: Half Statue/Half Lamp

    Here's a lamp base that promises to couple as a strong, artistic element. the lamp's base looks very much like a bronze statue and the stitch detailing betrays a rustic, hand-sewn look (although faux). Indeed, this lamp is a two-for-one.
    What a perfect piece for a table. You might want to mirror the lamp with an 'End of Trail' print on an opposing wall for a pulled-together, cohesive look.  

    clay pottery lighting

    Fabulous Pottery Style Table Lamp: When Less Is More



    Southwest Pottery Pueblo Indian Clay Table Lamp

    Here's a fabulous pottery-style Southwestern table lamp with American Indian accents. I love the bead work and jute-style detailing; it looks hand embellished, doesn't it? In true pottery style, this rustic table lamp will serve you well on the wall where your wall art hangs, as the lamp won't compete with your artworks' detail and color. this table lamp will count as your 'plain' piece, so add dramatic pieces with it for a perfect balance.  

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