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Pink and Grey Crib Bedding Sets for Baby Girls' Nursery

Pink and Grey Elephant Nursery: Chevron Zig Zag Baby Crib Bedding Set

Sweet & Sophisticated:      Gray and Pink Nursery Bedding Sets for Baby Girls


From Baby Elephants to Hot Pink and Grey Modern, These Crib Sets are a Fabulous Start to Your Color Palette 

Pink and Grey Damask Baby Girl 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set

A Pink and Grey Boutique Nursery Theme that Says, 'Luxury'

Pink and gray meld quite fabulously, making them ideal color choices for creating any number of nursery genres for baby girls. 

Indeed, pink and grey crib bedding sets have the visual 'power' to betray a fun, boutique, serene or royally opulent ambiance, where your baby girl will look every bit the princess she is.
But what shade of pink? Light or hot pink? And how much grey is too grey for a baby girl's nursery? What about the crib set's patterns? 

These questions and more may impede your making the right bedding decision for fabulous crib set. Not to worry; together we'll get your baby girl's nursery-decor ambitions from point A to point oh, baby! in no time.
Scroll down to see a great range of light-to-dark pink and grey crib bedding sets and basic nursery decor ideas for your baby girl you'll both love.

Defining Your Baby Girl's Pink and Gray Nursery

Determining Your Style

13-piece Budget-Friendly Elephant Grey and Pink Crib Bedding

As I mentioned, there's any number of genres for your baby girl's nursery theme featuring a pink and grey palette. There's even plenty of the same theme design to go around. But you'll need your focus to be on style once you've determined color and any cute characters.
Ideally, settling on a 'voice' for your nursery-- its vibe--will be your first order of business for your focal point to the nursery's final product. Everything from your bedding on should support baby's crib and its bedding.

Your Nursery Room's Vibe: what 'language' does it speak?

Pink and Grey Nursery Bedding: 4-Pc Baby Girl Crib Bedding Set

Posh Pink and Grey or Cutesy Nursery Theme?

I featured several different personalities for baby's nursery here, all having the pink and grey hues and baby elephant theme in common but looking quite different in their style.
Are you looking for a fun space, one with cute characters and a sweet look and feel? 

Notice how the light pink and gray crib bedding set here is most playful with its simple lines and cuter elephant characters. While the nursery bedding sets above are less cutesy but so much more posh as its neighbor.

Pink and Gray Bedding: a Nursery Palette for Luxury Design 

Pink, Gray and White Elizabeth Baby Girl Bedding 9-pc Crib Bedding Set

Ornate Detailing and Your Nursery's Genre

Crib sets with ornate detailing much like this light pink and grey bedding with its pleated crib skirt best betray your intentions for a more posh nursery theme for your baby girl.
I would, however, keep a check on too many related pieces as evidenced in the model room, where there's too many look-alike pieces that dilute the fabulous bedding--the eye doesn't know 'where to go' and such a fabulous crib set may get overlooked. 
With such a beautiful grey and pink crib set, allow it to be the showpiece on its own without all that added 'help.'

Keeping Patterns in Check:Amazing Design Should Stay Just That

My Baby Sam Chevron 3-Piece Pink and Grey Crib Bedding Set

 chose these light pink and grey chevron--aka zig zag-- crib sets' design to talk about patterns and how they can make or break a space, not to mention a smaller, baby's nursery room where space is at a premium.

Many of these bedding sets have matching chevron window treatments in your pink and grey color scheme and other, fun nursery accessories that you may find yourself wanting 'em all. 

Below, I'll add to this decor faux pas but for now, isn't this pink and gray crib set a great option for an in-between nursery decor that's cute yet a bit more formal?

A Word of Caution about Patterns and Matching Pink and Grey Nursery Decor Gone Wild

Pink and Gray Chevron/Zig Zag Nursery Baby Bedding: 5-Piece Crib Set

Here a Zig-Zag There a Zig-Zag

As I mentioned, ping and grey chevron is a fabulous design for your nursery bedding, and you'll want to accessorize--but not so fast; put the reins on all those zigs and zags or you'll find yourself caught up in one doozy of a dizzy spell--and assault to your senses all done up in pink and gray. Not good.
Keeping patterns in check by adopting a more palatable ratio is your best bet for your baby girl's nursery.

I suggest going with a 3:1, using three plain pieces per every one themed piece.

Allow your chevron bedding to stand on its own and use pieces that support--not compete--with your nursery's star attraction: baby's crib.

Using Tone to Create Your Nursery's Ambiance 

Baby Girl Pink and Grey 3-Pc. Nursery Crib Bedding Set

Light Pink Grey and White Nursery Crib Set by Ragamuffin

If you're going for exquisite, this grey and pink crib set for baby's nursery is amazing. It's girly-girl to the max with trumped-up poshness that's incredibly sophisticated.
Too, I can appreciate its versatility; there's enough pattern for a bold impression that will last into toddlerhood.
Tones can really influence your nursery's ambiance. Darker pinks make for a more playful vibe or you can keep to all light pink and add white for added crispness and light in an otherwise darker space. You can dramatically change your nursery's 'voice' with shades of pinks and greys alone: darker grey for warmth, lighter for loftiness.
Keep your nursery on the quiet side with softer greys and lighter pinks; conversely, warm your space with deeper grays and stronger pinks. If you're not decor-savvy, look for model rooms like those shown here for ideas, as you pay close attention to the space's feel.
I'm loving the bold, yet sophisticated pink and grey this crib set boasts; it's truly amazingly serene.

Manipulating Color for the 'Gotta-Have' Crib Set that Needs Brightening or Warming

Custom Pink and Grey Nursery 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set

Getting the Right Shade of Pink or Grey

Have you ever happened upon the perfect bedding set or other decorative piece only to realize it's not quite 'there' in color?
Don't give up just yet; you can use more color to manipulate the bedding set's true hues. really, there's a number of simple fixes I'll talk about below. 
I'm loving the shade of grey and pink shown in this crib set but if the grey's a bit too 'something' (lighter or darker) scroll just a bit to find that fix I just mentioned.

Getting Taupe to Go Grey is a Lesson in Artistic Expression

5-Pc. Nursery Bedding: Peacock Grey and Light Pink Crib Set

Fixing Any Color Disparity with Your Crib Bedding

I included the pink and grey peacock crib set, here to demonstrate color disparity. The grey may not be enough or the pink, not light or dark enough. All you need do is use an unrelated piece that's the color you're aiming for. Maybe in a light or bright pink pillow or throw (be sure to remove any pillows and extra blankets from baby's crib when in use). 

Having a piece so close to the 'offender' helps influence our perception of the true colors in your crib bedding. The eye usually hones in on the strongest colors and we tend to 'paint' the not-quite-there bedding in that same color.

Try your hand at it with grey and/or pink bedding or accessory pieces you have anywhere in your home and experiment in how color changes color. Don't give up on that crib set!

Lively Grey and Pink Nursery Crib Bedding Sets

Cotton Tale Poppy 4-Pc. Nursery Set: Pink and Grey Crib Bedding Set for Baby Girls

Going Bold in Your Baby Girl's Nursery

Bold colors mean drama and fun and so it goes for either high-energy, hot pink and grey or like this light pink and grey crib set with large design features for baby girls' bedding sets.
Notice how these sets are 'louder' than their light pink and gray peers I've shown on this page. Hot pink means just one thing: fun. Not all nursery bedding and decor need be on the quiet side,, Venture out of the norm and see what you discover for baby's crib and other decor.
You may be delighted with your discoveries.

Modern Pink and Grey Crib Sets for a Fabulous Nursery that Speaks to Our Senses

Ikat Pink and Grey Nursery Bedding: 4-Pc. Crib Set & Blankets
I've a penchant for modern decor, so I'm in love with the crib set here on the right. The mix of pattern in the model room is amazing.
Hot pink and grey melds warmth with fun, something we fun moms really appreciate for a nursery space you'll both love.
Tissue paper pom pom tutorial is shown below. Enjoy!

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial: Make Light or Hot Pink and Grey Decorations for a Stunning Focal Image

Of all the pink and grey crib bedding here, which do you think you'll remember most?

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Blue and Orange Nursery Crib Sets & Bedding for Baby Girls and Boys

It's time to get excited! This selection of budget-to-luxury, blue and orange crib sets and related nursery bedding for baby girls and boys is a fabulous way to introduce a bit o' blue sky and a blaze o' sunshine to your baby's first room ever.

Your baby's nursery is one exciting venture; it's a first of the many decisions made by us moms, dads, grandmas, aunties . . . well you get the picture. Scroll down for lots of nursery bedding options in this glorious orange and blue color duo, and at the bottom of this post, I wrote my almost unbelievable nursery-theme story.

Luxury Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding: New Arrivals Orange Crush Crib Set

Getting Started with Your Baby's Blue  Orange Nursery Decor: sooOOOOO exciting, isn't it?!

Isn't this orange and aqua blue nursery bedding set fabulous?

This Orange Crush by New Arrivals nursery bedding collection is quite pricey by my cheapskate standards, but the attention to detail and the patterns are eye-catchingly amazing.

Fortunately, the Orange Crush collection is available in several sizes: 2, 3 and 4-piece sets, making affording this luxury brand reasonable. I suggest opting for the orange crib sheet and whatever bedding pieces that will be seen from the nursery's door without having to be right over top of the crib. Pair the orange sheet and say, the aqua blue chevron bedding with wall art similar to the orange and blue picture in the model nursery room here. You can even create your own wall art with orange and blue markers, craft paint or ink for uber-cheap!

Modern Luxury Orange and Turquoise 3Pc. Mini Crib Set: Fishy-Fishy

Modern & Bright: a Total-Happy Nursery: vibrant orange and turquoise blue

I love this 3-piece turquoise blue and orange crib set!

It's highly-visual crib sets like this Fishy-Fishy nursery bedding, that give you a fabulous start to your overall decor and color palette.

Not feeling the price tag? I've included a similar, yet budget-friendly crib set further down.

Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding: Suri 4-Pc Blue and Orange Crib Set

A Delightful Mix of Blue and Orange: Florentine, India & Moroccan 

This orange and blue nursery bedding is available in several of sizes and has lots of accessories for a 'worldly' presence in baby's first space.

For smaller nursery spaces, I would keep to the pieces shown here in this room, pairing them up with solid orange and blue wall art and other decor.

You can create your own wall art as shown using DIY wood trim, gluing it to a piece of wood, then painting--easy peasy!

Aqua Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding: Trend Lab Vroom LaLa Crib Set

About Matching Baby's Blue and Orannge Crib Bedding with Windows: or not

I usually advise against bedding with matching curtains, window panels or other window treatments. BUT, is this too-cute aqua blue and orange stripe window valance not . . . er . . . too-cute?

I'm not sure if my excitement over this blue and orange, Vroom LaLa nursery crib set by Trend Labs overshadowed my command of the English language, but sometimes I see bedding and/or nursery decor like this one and I can't think straight.

Not pricey, but available in 2 and 3-piece crib sets, the cute-as-a-bug-without-a-rug the matching window valance is perfect for even small nursery rooms. I love, love, love the model room here as well! The orange and blue is perfectly balanced. After you've checked that hand-me-down crib for safety, there's a host of spray paints that really stay with the plastic, metal or wood of the crib--they're certainly not the spray paint our grandma's used to contend with. Don't you love this aqua blue crib?

Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding Set by Trend Labs: Levi Chevron

A Bright Spin on Classic Design: orange and blue chevron nursery crib set

Once upon a time in a not-so-distant past, quilts were the chosen bedding from cradle to creaky bed. But moving forward, we've a ton of bedding patterns, styles, colors and density, this sunny-hot and cool-breeze crib set in blue and orange might be what you're after.

The crib comforter is reminiscent of a sweet quilt from yesteryears, but with a modern twist of bright hues--not at all the 'soft' quiet baby blues. Add the stripes and fun zigzags of chevron and you're catapulted into 'Yay, fun!' I love the blue and orange walls, although I would create a white and orange stripe bottom half for added dimension.

Luxury Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding in Orange Bird Theme

Some Luxury Nursery Bedding is Just That: Luxury

Little Orange Birds and Blue Sky Crib Set

I fell in love with this orange and blue little bird, 'Feather Your Nest' crib set and its related nursery pieces.

There's only one issue: there's no way  to make this luxury, blue sky and sweet little orange birds nursery bedding any more budget-friendly. Because the crib set can easily be that gotta-have bedding, you can keep to the crib set and forgo the matching window treatment.

For an unexpected spin on your blue and orange nursery palette, this luxury crib set is definitely it.

Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding: 4-Pc. Airplane Crib Set & Matching Valance

Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding with Matching Window Valance

An orange and blue color palette is a perfect pair but as seen in this bedding set, it may need a bit more orange.

Adding wall art in orange will help balance out all the blue. I'm thinking how easy it would be to create a picture with orange airplanes; you'll only need three segments per  plane. An uber-budget-friendly way to add kinetic art (artwork that moves) is to paint balsa wood airplanes--some in orange, others blue. Hang the lightweight planes from different lengths of fishing line secured to the ceiling. VIOLA!

Orange and Blue Nursery Bedding: Trike Crib Set

Just Plain FuN: Orange and Blue Trike Bike Themed Nursery Bedding--that lasts

The whimsy in this highly-visual nursery crib set with its orange comforter and fun, orange, blue and white dots that will play nicely into any circular pattern in area rugs, and/or wall art.

I suggest a super-cheap lighting option  that will look totally cute: Hang three paper lanterns--one each in white, orange and baby blue--at different levels. Use hanging light kits in each for a fabulous 'work of light' in baby's nursery.

The crib set and lights will convert easily to a toddler room (if you can bear to think that far ahead).

More Blue and Orange Nursery Bedding Sets Below this Uber-Cheap Lighting Idea:

Super-Cheap & Fun Paper Lantern Idea for Baby's Nursery
Here's a nursery lighting idea that will last far beyond baby's first year. The paper lanterns are available in tons of sizes, shapes and colors.

Under $10 Light Kit

Luxury Orange and Turquoise Blue mini Crib Sets: Vibrant & HaPpY Nursery Bedding:

Luxury Modern Turquoise Blue and Orange Dots Mini Crib Set

3-Pc. Luxury Mini Crib Bedding Orange and Blue
I was happy to see the paper lanterns in the model room (above right), although I wouldn't bunch them up like that. Mini crib sets allow penny-pinchers (that would be me) to create a designer look with eye-catching, key bedding pieces, while complementing it with budget-wise accessories.

Opt for cheaper crib sheets in orange or blues like turquoise or teal and pair the sheet with a designer crib skirt. Look for ways to create a complete crib set for less. You'll  be surprised at what you can create!

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Budget-Friendly Crib Set Option: Luxury/Designer Nursery Bedding for Less 

9-Piece Blue and Orange Blue and Orange Something's Fishy Crib Bedding
This blue and orange nursery crib set shares the fish theme and color palette as the luxury/designer bedding I talked about earlier. The price tag is hugely lower and you'll have nine pieces versus the mini set's three! While the model room here features a white wall, it does little for the bedding. If you're able, consider painting your nursery walls in a blue or any hue pulled from the bedding  for a cohesive, pulled-together space (like the wall seen in the luxury set's image).

Included Matching Blue & Orange Nursery Valance

Included Blue and Orange Nursery Wall Art

Which orange and blue nursery bedding crib set do you love?

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Race Car Crib Bedding: Really Race-y Nursery Decor for Less

Super Low Price 14-pc. Race Car Nursery Crib Bedding & Window Valances

A Race Car Nursery: Baby Bedding in Motion 

Race car baby bedding like these super-charged, low-cost (yes, I'm uber-frugal) themed crib sets and related nursery decor are a fabulous way to decorate for baby boys--even baby girl race fans.

Too, race car nursery bedding and themed decor can easily last beyond baby's first year and well into toddler bed days, making for one smart-as-ever nursery-turned-kid theme!

14-piece Race Car Nursery & Crib Set includes:  
  • Crib Comforter
  • Crib Skirt
  • Bumper
  • Diaper Stacker
  • Wall Art & Hanging Toy Holder
  • 2 matching window valances
  • Changing Pad, Diaper Bag, Bottle Case & Accessory Case

A Best-Kept Secret Before We Move On to More Race Car Crib Sets Themed Nursery Decor

Save Money Using Race Car Bedding for Cribs & Toddler Beds
Did you know that toddler beds are designed to reuse your baby's crib mattress?
The great part  about toddler bedding is you can save BIG. Use them for your crib set, too: Save the pillow case and top  sheet for the toddler bed--or, better yet, repurpose these pieces for your crib skirt or fabulous matching window panels in your race car theme!

This 10-piece toddler bedding set includes: comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, dust ruffle, decorative pillow, 3 pieces of wall art and hamper bag

IMPORTANT: Always be sure you don't have bedding in baby's crib that can bunch up and become a threat to safety. 

4-Pc. Race Car Crib/Toddler Bedding Set for Baby to Little Boys

Vibrant Nursery Palettes Might Need Toddler Bedding Pieces

If you  want bright colors instead of the traditional soft, pastel hues: Good for you!

I'm not a fan of complete decorating rehauls every other year, and vibrant colors last the longest with kids' rooms.

I love the race car design with this toddler (crib-size) comforter that will go from crib to bed in the snap of the comforter!

  • Race Car Crib Comforter
  • Printed Race Car Fitted Sheet
  • Flat Sheet (for re-purposing  or later)
  • Pillow Case (for re-purposing or later)

Under $40 Disney Little Racer 4-Pc.Race Car Crib Bedding Set

Mini Designer Crib Sets are a great idea for saving big on your nursery  decor, as you'll have the main crib pieces like these seen in this Disney Little Racer themed nursery is  under $40 (as of my posting).

Later, you can add to your race car theme as you find those 'must-haves.'

Included in this 4-piece crib set:
6-Pc.Race Car Crib Nursery Set: Baby Lil Racer by Disney
  • Race Car Crib Comforter
  • Printed Race Car Fitted Sheet
  • Dust Ruffle
  • Wall Art

This Disney Little Racer crib set has a few more pieces  but costs substantially more.  Being frugal,  I  would go for the mini crib set and find bedding of  similar colors as I decorated.

Begin with a few fabulous pieces of bedding and great color  choices and you'll be off to a great start.

I'm not feeling the blue hue on the walls in this model nursery; the crib's bedding gets lost in the sea of blue.

Don't you think so?


What's Your Style Race Car Nursery Decor?

4-Pc. Cute Race Car Themed Crib Bedding Set by Circo
I've included several styles of race car crib sets in my post from the serious-sport race car theme to this too-cute Rah-Rah Racer nursery set by  Circo.

While your nursery theme might be limited on race cars past the printed sheet, you'll have more decorating options in a host of nursery-friendly colors.  Really, you're walls can be white, to striped, to lots of blue--even grey.

Regardless of your nursery bedding's vibe, keep to its look and feel with your other decor. This crib set has a fun theme, so you would want to keep other nursery pieces a happy one.

Isn't that lil' monkey too cute?

One Grace Place Race Car Crib Bedding Quilt Orange and Grey

Mix & Match Race Car Theme Nursery Bedding and Themed Decor                                            

Well, here's my  absolute fave among the race car crib bedding. The tires suggest so many themes; all you need do is add black and white checks, a race car crib mobile like one of those below, and some fun wall art.

Isn't the large race car tire area  rug amazing? I included a few themed nursery decor pieces including that fab rug!

There's a ton of related pieces at the link and I really had to control my impulse to keep the orange from taking over the page

Large Race Car Tire Area Rug for Baby Nursery on Up

Nursery Room Race Car Theme Window Treatment

Race Car Themed Nursery Crib Mobiles

Race Car Themed Nursery Decor: Race Tire Crib Mobile

Designer Race Car Crib Mobile

Race Car Nursery Themed Decor: Disney Crib Mobile

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